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New details about every lightsaber in Star Wars will finally be revealed

A new book called The Lightsaber Collection has been announced, and it may contain detailed secrets fans have wanted to know for decades.

There are really two kinds of cool Star Wars books: There are awesome stories written about stuff that happens in the Star Wars galaxy, and there are books that let you look at cool Star Wars stuff in ridiculously minute detail. Ever since the introduction of the Visual Guides, fans have been given all sorts of awesome glimpses into everything from the details about all of Amidala's handmaidens to Ben Solo's calligraphy set. But we've never had a book entirely devoted to lightsabers. Until now.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2020, a panel on the future of Star Wars publishing revealed a massive book called The Lightsaber Collection. And it sounds incredible.

After several updates on comic books about Darth Maul, young adult books in the High Republic, and the next From a Certain Point of View anthology, Lucasfilm Senior Editor Robert Simpson dropped a quick reveal about a huge tome in-progress called The Lightsaber Collection.

"It's going to be a comprehensive book. If anyone has seen the Harry Potter wands book, this is sort of a partner book to that; of every lightsaber hilt, throughout all nine movies, all the TV series. [The book will feature] beautifully rendered, new portraits of each lightsaber-wielder, as well as in-depth looks at the creation of each of their lightsabers."

This news is pretty cool for a lot of obvious reasons, but there are a few things that stand out. In theory, this book will actually explain a few loose-ends about the creation of some lightsabers that we're actually not aware of. For example, there's actually not an in-canon story for how and when Anakin Skywalker constructed his second, super-famous lightsaber. After he lost his lightsaber in Attack of the Clones, he built a new one, but we know nothing about the origin of when he made it.

Why does this matter? Well, because that specific lightsaber was such a big deal in the sequel trilogy (it "called" to Rey) its origins must be equally interesting. In other words, it feels like The Lightsaber Collection will give us tantalizing new canon details about how these lightsabers were made, otherwise, the description of the Skywalker lightsaber would just be a bunch of stuff we already know: Anakin had it, Obi-Wan grabbed it, Luke used it before his hand got cut off, and they Rey got it after Maz Kanata picked it up somehow. The Lightsaber Collection can't just leave the history at that. We've got to know more!

Obviously, there are other cool lightsabers that will surely get plot-twists in their origins, but the most famous lightsaber of them all will be the one we have our eye on.

There is no publication date for The Lightsaber Collection at this time.

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