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The Snyder Cut may finally explain 1 major Batman v Superman Easter egg

Robin's suit appeared briefly in Batman v Superman. The Snyder Cut of Justice League may finally offer some backstory.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped a major Easter egg that confirmed Robin’s existence in the DC Extended Universe. However, that was the last we ever heard of Batman's young sidekick. Now that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is officially coming to HBO Max, Zack Snyder is hinting that there might be more information about Robin’s run-in with the Joker in his version of the movie.

The scene showcasing Robin’s suit in Batman v Superman was brief. While in the Batcave, a moody and frustrated Bruce Wayne walked past the Boy Wonder’s suit in silence. Typically bright with red and green hues, Robin’s costume was more than a little worse for wear and dirtied. Up close, parts of the suit look like it was sewn back together and there’s a bullet hole in the upper arm. Painted on Robin’s chest plate were the words, “Ha Ha Ha. Joke’s on you, Batman.”

The movie didn't have to confirm that the Joker was clearly involved. That one moment made it pretty obvious.

On June 16, a fan asked Snyder if there were any plans to delve further into Robin’s death in the Snyder Cut. The director’s response was vague, but he confirmed there was meant to be “a hint” of the Boy Wonder’s backstory in Justice League. Take a look at the exchange below.

Of course, the Robin most associated with Joker’s violence is Jason Todd, who was beaten and killed by the Crown Prince of Crime in the four-part comic book story Batman: A Death in the Family. In 2018, Snyder revealed that it was Dick Grayson’s iteration of Robin who died some ten years prior, flipping the script on the famous comic.

It's been reported that Snyder Cut will be around four hours long and will likely include deleted and unused footage from Justice League, along with some newly recorded audio and CGI. In a deleted scene from Suicide Squad, Batman says the Joker “took something important” from him. That something, or someone, was Dick Grayson. The crumbs were all there and building up to something.

Bruce Wayne keeps Robin's suit around.

Warner Bros.

It’s entirely possible that Dick’s death will be expanded upon, perhaps in an expository scene that works to further explore why Batman himself became so jaded. It doesn’t sound like fans will get a ton of information, but perhaps there was a scene in the script where Bruce explained what happened to another hero's who's dealt with loss, like Wonder Woman or Aquaman. Either way, we may finally see how Robin's death factors into the larger plot and Batman's character development in the DCEU.

The Inverse Analysis — It’s admittedly frustrating that Dick’s death happened offscreen and that the full Death in the Family storyline will only be alluded to instead of being adapted to live-action. That said, the DCEU has yet to officially mention Robin beyond the Batman v Superman Easter egg, so potentially getting a bit more backstory in the Snyder Cut of Justice League is a big step up and one more reason to get excited for the highly anticipated HBO Max release.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League will be released on HBO Max in 2021.

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