Snowpiercer Season 3: Star reveals the train won't stop anytime soon

"I'll just say it's good news."

Despite years of delays, creative shake-ups, and network changes, the TV adaptation of Snowpiercer was renewed for Season 2 long before Season 1 premiered on TNT. In fact, production on Season 2 was well underway when pandemic-related shutdowns suspended filming on all active TV shows and movies in March.

Actress Annalise Basso, who plays LJ Folger, recently shared some updates on Season 2 to Inverse, as well as some very promising news about the future of the series.


Snowpiercer Season 1 has delivered on its promising premise so far, with chilling twists and a myriad of fascinating characters. As Season 1 nears its end, Basso tells Inverse that Season 2 has nearly finished filming and that the show will return for Season 3.

“We were almost done with Season 2 and then we got shut down. But, I got a call from the executive producer the other day. I can't give too many details, but I'll just say it's good news,” Basso says. “We're just waiting on an official start date for Season 3 and hoping to find some time to go back and finish Season 2.”

Snowpiercer returning for a third season before Season 2 even has a premiere date set is in keeping with the show’s roller-coaster history thus far. At the time of the Season 2 renewal announcement, the post-apocalyptic drama had been shifted to air on TBS, before the decision was made to keep it at TNT. That said, the show is more than likely to return to TNT for its second and third seasons.

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Now that we know the cast were “almost done” filming Season 2, it’s possible that the season will premiere in the spring of 2021. TV and movie productions are slowly starting to resume and it’s likely Snowpiercer could be back to filming by late summer or fall. The show’s sophomore season is also expected to include a new addition to the cast, Sean Bean, aka Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark. Details are still scarce on who he’ll be playing or what his character will be up to.

The good news is that Basso’s LJ survives Season 1. However, it’s hard to gauge where the character might end up at this point. She’s a bit of a wild card and can’t truly be trusted. Basso described LJ as someone who “lusts after” control and power. Whether she’ll finally have that by the Season 1 finale remains to be seen.

Snowpiercer Season 1 airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT.

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