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Rings of Power Episode 7 release date, time, plot, cast, and trailer for Amazon’s LOTR show

Is Halbrand really Sauron in disguise, and who’s cleaning up that epic Mt. Doom mess?

Joseph Mawle as Adar in the 'Rings of Power' show

The penultimate episode of The Rings of Power is upon us and although the journey has at times been fairly slow and arduous, the crisis in Middle-earth is gaining momentum leading into Episode 7.

As Adar’s army invaded the Southlands and the origins of Mordor were revealed, let’s first take a step back to briefly explore last week’s tumultuous events in “Udûn” before charging into a peek at The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 7, from release time to plot and lots more.

What happened in The Rings of Power Episode 6?

Precious fluids were spilled when berserker orcs attacked Bronwyn and her fellow humans, Arondir launched into the fray with acrobatic style, and Sauron’s explosive plan to detonate a volcano to scorch the Southlands and lay the foundation for his evil domain of Mordor arrived.

As orcs overran the settlement and stronghold keep, Bronwyn got pierced by an orc’s arrow and was bleeding out until Arondir cauterized her injury. Theo gave up Sauron’s broken hilt to Adar to gain mercy and when all hope seemed lost, Galadriel and the Númenórean cavalry stormed in to save the day and slayed legions of the nasty creatures hellbent on blood.

When Adar fled the battlefield pursued by Galadriel, Halbrand intercepted his path and tripped the mutated elf’s horse. As they came face-to-face, Adar hinted that he and Halbrand met before. Might this imply that Halbrand is Sauron in disguise? Is he lying? But Adar claimed under interrogation that he murdered Sauron as punishment for the inhumane experiments performed on elves by Morgoth.

Mt. Doom erupts with epic fury in The Rings of Power

Amazon Studios

Meanwhile, Waldreg activated the evil sword hilt with his blood and inserted its key-like blade into a rock opening, which triggered the destruction of a dam whose contents flooded a subterranean cavern filled with lava. The clash of water and molten rock caused a volcanic eruption that rained onto the Southlands, leaving us with a cliffhanger ending with pyroclastic clouds engulfing Galadriel.

Shall we wipe off the dust and soot and descend into this week’s fresh chapter?

When is The Rings of Power Episode 7 release date?

Episode 7 of The Rings of Power envelops the airwaves on Friday, October 7, 2022.

When is The Rings of Power Episode 7 release time?

Amazon treats us with new episodes at midnight Eastern time each Friday (or 9 p.m. Pacific)

How many episodes of The Rings of Power Season 1 are left?

The debut season of Amazon Studios’ The Rings of Power rises up with eight episodes total. After this penultimate outing appears, there is only one episode to behold.

Galadriel witnesses chaos in the Southlands in The Rings of Power

Amazon Studios

What is the plot of The Rings of Power Episode 7?

In the aftermath of all hell breaking loose for the Orcs vs. Humans showdown last week in “Udûn,” we’ll no doubt be sorting through the casualties wrought by the spectacular eruption of Mt. Doom to learn exactly who survived and who perished.

Last week centered only on the Battle of the Southlands so we’re destined to check in on Nori and the Harfoots and their mysterious Stranger once more to learn more about his purpose and identity. Then there’s the uneasy alliance between Elves and Dwarves that was explained earlier, with heavy doses of the luminous ore Mithril unveiled to be the salvation of the dying Elves.

And lest we not forget, expect the true Sauron to make his face known prior to the season’s end.

Who is in the cast of The Rings of Power?

The Rings of Power is blessed with a provocative cast that features Morfydd Clark (Galadriel), Joseph Mawle (Adar), Robert Aramayo (Elrond), Ismael Cruz Córdova (Arondir), Lloyd Owen (Elendil), Maxim Baldry (Isildur), Charlie Vickers (Halbrand), Daniel Weyman (The Stranger), and Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Queen Regent Miriel).

Accompanying them on the journey are Benjamin Walker (High King Gil-galad), Charles Edwards (Celebrimbor), Markella Kavenagh (Nori), Owain Arthur (Prince Durin IV), Nazanin Boniadi (Bronwyn), Ema Horvath (Earien), Tyroe Muhafidin (Theo), and Sophia Nomvete (Princess Disa).

Is there a trailer for The Rings of Power Episode 7?

Amazon does not provide full episode teasers beyond a few morsels shown after each episode airs. From those quick tidbits, we see the Harfoots reaching their destination, Elrond and Prince Durin talking about digging too deep in the mines of Moria (foreshadowing a Balrog awakening perhaps?), and Galadriel staggering amid the smoking red ruins of the Southlands’ valley.

Will there be a The Rings of Power Season 2?

This is just the beginning of Amazon Studios’ big plans for their epic Lord of the Rings prequel. Showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne have previously stated that they have scheduled the over-arching storyline to run for an estimated five seasons to satiate fans with Middle-earth lore.

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