“Everything Has Changed.” Repo Man 2 Will Tackle the Internet, Director Says

The movie will take place in modern times with a focus on hacking, and stars Angela Sarafyan alongside Kiowa Gordon, Alex Cox tells Inverse.

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Recently, news broke that the 1984 sci-fi cult classic Repo Man is getting an official sequel from original writer-director Alex Cox. Now, Inverse can reveal more details about the plot, cast, and production schedule of the movie, straight from Cox himself.

“The advent of incredible technology means, for the repo man, that everything has changed — and nothing has changed,” Cox tells Inverse via email.

While that logline might not reveal much, Cox goes on to explain how the story picks up in Repo Man 2: The Wages of Beer. After his intergalactic journey, which begins at the end of the original Repo Man, Otto (now played by Kiowa Gordon) returns to Earth in the present, having only aged 90 minutes. Introduced to the information age, he quickly finds a new way to make money.

“Otto used to spend all night cruising around bad neighborhoods looking for cars,” Cox continues. “Now he spends all night on the internet doing the same thing. Instead of hotwiring the vehicle, Otto takes control of the onboard computers and directs it to the repo yard, or the sheriff's substation. Yet this is not enough for Otto, who has only aged by 90 minutes in the last 40 years. He yearns for past simplicities: beer, booty, and no nuclear war.”

Alex Cox in 2009 for the release of Repo Chick.

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As diehard Repo Man fans likely know, this isn’t technically the first sequel. Cox and his collaborators previously tried to make a second film with the original cast (and Willem Dafoe) titled Otto's Hawaiian Holiday, which eventually became the graphic novel Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday. There’s also Repo Chick, a micro-budget CGI-heavy movie set in the “repo world.” But Cox seems confident that this new movie will be the best attempt yet to update the original cult classic to modern times.

“Back in the 1990s, I tried my hand at a different sequel to Repo Man: Otto's Hawaiian Holiday,” he says. “That was of its time. The Wages of Beer is the repo world of 2024.”

Finally, he adds that in addition to casting Kiowa Gordon as Otto (replacing Emilio Esteves), The Wages of Beer has also confirmed Angela Sarafyan (Westworld, Reminiscence, Repo Chick) as Lagunitas, Otto’s office manager.

Finally, while the movie does not yet have a release date and is currently being shopped to studios, Cox is hoping to start filming this summer.

“If all goes well, shooting in June/July of this year,” he says.

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