Poor Things Is Coming to Blu-Ray and Will Probably be Even Weirder

If you want more exciting brothel action, this is the physical release for you.

Searchlight Pictures

It’s rare for creators to find something truly new to say about science fiction, especially when they’re riffing on such tried-and-true stories like Frankenstein. However, Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things managed to paint a twisted, alternate-history sci-fi world with a funny and touching coming-of-age story at its center. Now, in the wake of an impressive 11 Oscar nominations, you’ll soon have the chance to get another glimpse into its unique world.

Searchlight Pictures has announced Poor Things will be available digitally on February 27, and will receive a Blu-Ray release on March 12, two days after the Oscars ceremony. The physical release’s bonus features include a behind-the-scenes featurette focusing on the details of the production, from the set dressing to the costumes and prosthetics.

The Poor Things Blu-Ray, available March 12.

Searchlight Pictures

There are also three deleted scenes titled “Brothel Doctor,” “Alfie’s Chapter,” and “Bella’s Notebook.” There are no details about their contents, but going by their titles, it looks like they’ll flesh out the movie’s back half. “Alfie’s Chapter” is especially intriguing, as it would expand on Christopher Abbott’s woefully short performance as Bella’s quasi-husband Alfie Blessington.

The “Brothel Doctor,” meanwhile, suggests we’ll see more of Bella learning about her body while working in a Parisian brothel, a chapter mostly glossed over by the film. Poor Things had to cover years in one sitting, so things naturally had to be left on the cutting floor, but these clips could provide some intriguing context.

One deleted scene promises more of Christopher Abbott’s Alfie Blessington.

Searchlight Pictures

Poor Things changed the Frankenstein story and how we see women come of age on film, so any opportunity to see more of that story is worth exploring. Whether you’re an avid Blu-Ray collector or just want to see Emma Stone toddle around a Victorian mansion again, it should be worth marking your calendars for this one.

Poor Things will be available digitally February 27 and on Blu-Ray March 12.

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