New Matrix 4 trailer reveals the Chosen One isn't who we think

New TV spots for 'The Matrix Resurrections' have arrived, and they could confirm a wild theory about the movie's secretive plot.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in Matrix attempting to bend a spoon

If you weren’t already on the hype train for The Matrix Resurrections, now is the time to come aboard. While marketing for the sequel briefly paused after the explosive first trailer, we’ve recently been treated to a wave of slick posters and, more importantly, new TV commercials. Footage of the 4th Matrix installment continues to keep plot details to an absolute minimum, but this latest preview could reveal an incredible change to the franchise’s core story.

While the focus may primarily be on Neo’s eventual reawakening, it looks like Resurrections is hinting at the uprising of Trinity. We’ve seen Trinity perform her own incredible feats (resurrecting Neo in The Matrix and taking on the Merovingian’s underworld are just scratching the surface). Now, in the latest selection of TV spots, Neo offers up the first hint to dissect: “I never believed I was The One, but she did.”

This could be taken as a poignant moment of reflection, but crucially, this line is spoken by Neo in the real world. So now that we can confirm Neo will escape his imprisonment in the simulation, his moment of recollection might just be inspired by a new era in the anomaly of The One. In the first Matrix Resurrections trailer, the goal of characters like “Morpheus” and Bunny seems to be rejuvenating Neo’s consciousness, but Trinity is trapped in the same simulation.

“Morpheus” appears in these new clips, stressing the importance of the moment. “This is it. This is your last chance,” he proclaims to Neo within the confines of the dojo. At this point, it’s clear Neo can hold his own in a fight and display new telekinetic abilities. But is Morpheus’ new mission to unlock Trinity’s pathway to The One, rather than Neo’s?

The tale of the Matrix trilogy is as old as time itself — the hero’s journey. The noble, yet unaware Anderson-turned-Neo overcoming the impossible, just as the prophecy’s seemingly foretold. Yet, we came to learn in The Matrix Reloaded that Neo’s destiny was never going to be this cut and dry. He was merely a pawn in The Architect’s master plan. Trinity never witnessed this event directly, but now, she is essential to uncovering the secrecy of the simulation.

Neo is “alive” in the new Matrix Resurrections trailer.

Warner Bros.

Neo isn’t the only character traveling to mysterious facets of the Matrix either. Trinity is revealed to be accompanying him, dropping an even bigger hint to their mission. “We were on our way to remake your world,” she says, speaking to the youthful gang of Red Pills in the original film. By this point in the story, Neo and Trinity have reconnected, but just how much they have remembered about their past remains to be seen.

Neo himself has shown he is capable of reshaping certain aspects of the Matrix and even redefining how the simulation works. Even Agent Smith was able to corrupt the system like a virus, nearly escaping into the real world as well. But what will a full-powered Trinity unleash? We’ve already seen her using new powers in the trailers, and Matrix lore reveals she shares the same enhanced genetic code as Neo. Maybe Mr. Anderson wasn’t the chosen one after all...

The prophecy of The One may have been wrong, but a new tale is on the horizon. And our iconic heroes are back to free your mind.

The Matrix Resurrections jacks into theaters (and HBO Max) on December 22.

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