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Jessica Alba’s New Conspiracy Thriller Doubles Down on a Weird New Netflix Trend

Jessica Alba partners with the streamer for its latest female-led revenge thriller.

Jessica Alba as Parker in Trigger Warning

Netflix has become a hub for revenge-focused B-movies, for better or worse. Some become surprise hits (think Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction saga) while others could be considered misses. There are some merits to films like The Mother, Damsel, Kate, and even Interceptor — namely in the way each of these films embraces blistering action sequences and, refreshingly, put A-List actresses center stage — but story-wise, these films typically leave something to be desired. Then again, sometimes it’s nice to turn your brain off and watch a no-nonsense anti-heroine wailing on a bunch of baddies... and Netflix might understand that better than most.

The streamer’s efforts to keep this particular genre alive have created something of a cottage industry, and with its latest entry, Trigger Warning, that world gets a little bigger. Jessica Alba stars as Parker, a commando who returns to her hometown after the passing of her father. Now the owner of her family’s local bar, Parker wastes little time digging into the mysterious circumstances. Her impromptu investigation sees her crossing paths with her ex-boyfriend, now the town sheriff (Scott Pilgrim’s Mark Webber), and his well-connected dad Senator Swann (Anthony Michael Hall).

With corruption lurking behind every corner, Parker is forced to rely on her Special Forces training to uncover a potential conspiracy. Check out the trailer below.

Trigger Warning is just the latest in a long line of Netflix-backed revenge flicks, but it’s got enough lo-fi thrills to deliver an entertaining original story. It’s also heartening to see Jessica Alba returning to the big screen. The actor most recently starred alongside Gabrielle Union in Bad Boys spin-off series L.A.’s Finest, but has otherwise been absent from high-profile films and shows. It’s clear her appetite for action hasn’t dimmed: Trigger Warning sees Alba going full-blown vigilante, doling out blows and duking it out in burning buildings.

Whether the film will inspire a franchise, as a handful of Netflix’s actioners have, remains to be seen. It’d be the first female-led action thriller to really connect with the streamer’s audience, after a handful of swings and misses. (Mother was allegedly a hit, but good luck finding someone you know who actually watched it.) But even if it doesn’t sire sequels and spin-offs, it’s exciting enough to see Alba take a stab at the genre.

Trigger Warning hits Netflix on June 21.

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