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‘Midnight Mass’ release date, time, and episodes for the Netflix horror series

Everything you need to about about the new Netflix horror series Midnight Mass.

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Put on your Sunday best because Midnight Mass is about to premiere on Netflix. The new horror series from Michael Flanagan — the mind behind The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor — is his most personal and intense work yet.

Starring Zach Gilford, Hamish Linklater, and Rahul Kohli, Midnight Mass is centered around a Catholic small-town community, where strange things begin to happen when a new priest comes into town.

Before its premiere, here is everything you need to know about Midnight Mass, from its release date and time to a guide of all its episodes. And don’t worry, this is all spoiler-free.

When is the Midnight Mass release date?

Hamish Linklater plays Father Paul in Midnight Mass.


Midnight Mass will be released on Friday, September 24, 2021. All episodes of the limited series will be available to watch on that date.

When is the Midnight Mass release time?

Like most Netflix releases, Midnight Mass will likely release at 3 a.m. Eastern on Friday, September 24. Depending on your time zone, it might or might not be worth staying up to be the first to watch the new horror series.

Netflix typically releases its new shows and movies at 3 a.m. Eastern to make sure they debut on the actual release date on the west coast, where it will be 12 a.m. Pacific time.

Is there a Midnight Mass trailer?

Yes, there is. You can watch the Midnight Mass trailer below.

Is there a Midnight Mass season 2?

Right now, Netflix calls Midnight Mass a “limited series,” meaning that there are likely no plans for another season.

However, if Midnight Mass is a massive success and creator Mike Flanagan has more ideas for this series, Netflix could change their minds and greenlight a second season.

How many episodes is Midnight Mass?

Zach Gilford plays Riley Flynn in Midnight Mass.


There are seven episodes total, each one is fittingly named after a book in the Bible.

What are the Midnight Mass episode titles?

Here are all seven Midnight Mass episode titles, in order:

  1. Book I: Genesis
  2. Book II: Psalms
  3. Book III: Proverbs
  4. Book IV: Lamentations
  5. Book V: Gospel
  6. Book VI: Acts of the Apostles
  7. Book VII: Revelation

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