Your First Look At The Chaotic Characters Of Peacock’s Live-Action ‘Twisted Metal’ Series

Starring Anthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Will Arnett, and Joe Seanoa, 'Twisted Metal' is now streaming only on Peacock.

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Twisted Metal fans, rejoice: the live-action series based on the classic video games is nearly here. The high-octane, action-packed comedy is now available to stream only on Peacock. Here’s everything you need to know about the series, including a first look at the characters that run amok throughout its tumultuous universe.

Peacock’s iteration of Twisted Metal features a season of half-hour episodes packed with humor, chaos, action, and incredibly dynamic characters. Wise guy delivery driver John Doe (Anthony Mackie, Inverse’s latest cover star) has an opportunity to level-up in life – but only if he’s able to successfully travel across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to deliver a suspicious package. Along the way, Doe enlists the help of an enigmatic car thief named Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz), who is hungry for revenge. As they attempt to survive a ridiculous journey scattered with vultures, demented clowns, and wicked villains, Doe and Quiet have to navigate their thorny relationship.

Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz in Peacock’s Twisted Metal.


Viewers will also meet Agent Stone (Thomas Haden Church), the austere highway patrolman who is quick to prosecute even the tiniest infractions with the harshest punishment. Nothing can get in the way of Stone’s pursuit of law and order in the “Divided States of America,” even if it means killing those who get in his way. (What could possibly go wrong for Doe and Quiet?)

Thomas Haden Church in Peacock’s Twisted Metal.

Sweet Tooth (voiced by Will Arnett and embodied by Joe Seanoa), on the other hand, drives a doomsday ice cream truck, rocks a chilling clown mask, and has a penchant for chaos.

Will Arnett and Joe Seanoa join together to bring Sweet Tooth to life in Peacock’s Twisted Metal.


Enter the orderless world of Twisted Metal, now streaming only on Peacock.

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