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Mandalorian Season 3 release date may be sooner than you think, actor reveals

Is the wait almost over? Carl Weathers thinks so.

The Mandalorian is the tentpole of Disney+. Even though the series hasn’t released new episodes for almost two years, it’s existing episodes made a huge impact — Disney+ opened with The Mandalorian as its main selling point, and it’s acted as a blueprint for all the live-action Disney+ Star Wars series that followed in its footprints.

But when can we expect Season 3 to finally premiere? We thought we had a release date, only for it to become ambiguous. Now a tweet from a cast member may be the confirmation we need.

The Mandalorian Season 3 was always going to be a long wait, especially since its spinoff, The Book of Boba Fett, basically included a bonus episode of The Mandalorian. That episode established the main goal for the next season: Forced to renounce his Mandalorian identity, Din Djarin will have to return to the “Living Waters of Mandalore” to be forgiven for his sins.

But when are we going to see this adventure? It looked like we got our official answer in May, when Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau announced at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim that the series would premiere in February 2023. However, when the season’s teaser trailer premiered, there was no release date included.

Was the series delayed? Considering the number of delays we’ve seen with Star Wars TV shows — including Andor getting pushed back almost a month mere weeks before it was set to premiere — it wouldn’t be surprising. The Mandalorian team is aware of the intense fan demand for the show, but Disney+ needs to get their flagship title done right.

However, a recent tweet from Mandalorian star Carl Weathers offered a reassuring note. Weathers, who plays Greef Karga and is appearing in Season 3, tweeted that he “cannot wait until the February 2023 release of [the] new season on Disney+.” He also revealed in a comment to a fan that he’s returning behind the camera as a director.

Can this source be trusted more than the new season’s official trailer? It’s unlikely that Weathers would be given the wrong release date, especially if he’s also serving as a director. It’s possible he was working from outdated information, but the tweet has been up for almost 48 hours, and surely Disney would have been in touch with Weathers if he was raising false hope.

It looks like we can trust Carl Weathers. There could always be new developments, but until then expect to see his affable charm back onscreen alongside Mando in February.

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