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Mandalorian Season 2 theory reveals a shocking Ahsoka twist

This isn't going to go the way you think.

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With only two weeks left to wait for The Mandalorian Season 2, cameo rumors have run the gamut, ranging from Boba Fett to Ezra Bridger. Of all of these rumors, one seems especially reliable in this time of speculation: Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano. The question remains—if there's an Ahsoka appearance, what will her role be in the show? One fan theory suggests it might be a lot more emotional than you expect.

Redditor JerpenBeck suggests Ahsoka's role in the show will be one of conflicted mentor—much like Yoda before her, she'll sense the good and evil in the young Force-sensitive child brought to her. There's lots of evidence for some sort of connection between Baby Yoda and Anakin, as they were born in the same year. It's possible they may also share the internal conflict "duel of the fates" as well.

If there is both a Jedi and Sith presence within Baby Yoda, Ahsoka may have to sacrifice herself in order for The Child to dedicate himself to the Light Side of the Force. This may mean, in a conflict with Moff Gideon, she could actually die.

Ahsoka previously died in the Mortis Arc of 'The Clone Wars' but was later resurrected.


It sounds preposterous at first, after all the buildup for Ahsoka's first live-action appearance, she could just get killed off. But this is Star Wars, nobody's ever really gone. Ahsoka could appear as a Force Ghost or in flashbacks as Baby Yoda recalls the training he'll probably receive from Ahsoka once Mando tracks her down.

This would not only provide stakes and motivation for Baby Yoda just as the death of Obi-Wan spurred on Luke Skywalker, but it would provide closure to Ahsoka's journey as well. She wasn't able to save Anakin from the Dark Side, but Baby Yoda represents a second chance to nudge a powerful Force user onto the right path.

Ahsoka confronts Vader in 'Rebels.'


That said, there is some evidence against this theory. Aside from the fact killing off Ahsoka would prove to be quite the anticlimax for fans, Dave Filoni previously stated that just because Rey hears Ahsoka's voice mixed in with a bunch of dead Jedi, it doesn't necessarily mean she's dead. She still could be, but that segment in Rise of Skywalker isn't enough to write her off possible future appearances.

The Inverse Analysis — It's difficult to believe Dave Filoni would kill off his most beloved creation after finally bringing her into the live-action Star Wars fold, but perhaps a non-fatal sacrifice would have the same effect on the story at large and provide some redemption to Ahsoka's arc, with her saving the closest thing she has to another Anakin.

The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres on Disney+ October 30.

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