Clan of Two

The Mandalorian is about to change the way we think about the Jedi forever

A huge plot twist could reveal an unexpected similarity.

The first season of The Mandalorian was rather narrow in scope, focusing primarily on introducing Star Wars fans to a small enclave of characters in the Outer Rim. However, Season 2 of the Disney+ series has taken a more leap into the mythology of Star Wars as a whole — the Jedi, the Force, and the remnants of the Empire. As Moff Gideon closes in on Mando and Grogu, the series will likely foreground the Mandalorian and Jedi creeds, exploring how they differ, and even more importantly, the ways in which they're actually pretty similar.

As Mando seeks to uncover Grogu's origins, the conniving Moff Gideon is tracking them all the way, thanks to a sneakily placed beacon. This was revealed in Chapter 12 of the series, but it wasn't mentioned in Chapter 13. It's obvious Moff Gideon is watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike, and perhaps the next stop on Mando's journey may be the prime opportunity for him to do what everyone fears — kidnap Grogu.

"Where I go, he goes" has been Din Djarin's catchphrase ever since the Armorer made him and Baby Yoda a Clan of Two. This isn't always strictly followed, as he sometimes leaves Grogu with a trusted babysitter like Peli Motto or Mr. and Mrs. Frog. Still, the connection he feels towards his young ward is obviously hugely important.

Moff Gideon in Chapter 12, "The Siege"


Conversely, we now know Grogu was trained as a Jedi for decades before the rise of the Empire forced him into hiding. The Jedi have a polar opposite view of attachment. Force-sensitive children are torn from their families at a young age and discouraged from any relationship that would get in the way of their connection to the Force.

This attachment is demonstrated in Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, "The Jedi." Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu because his connection to Mando is so strong, it fills him with fears. Still, Mando encourages the connection, encouraging him to the point where his Force abilities only work with Mando's help.

Ahsoka Tano and Grogu.


If Moff Gideon kidnaps Grogu, it will finally put to test both Jedi and Mandalorian attitudes toward attachment. The last time Grogu used his powers in a big way to help Mando, they had only been together for a short amount of time. Now they are the sole members of a Mandalorian clan, there's an even stronger relationship. It could motivate Grogu's Force abilities as he attempts to escape his captor, or it could cloud his connection to the Force, prompting Mando to realize their connection may not be helpful to him.

Yes, the Jedi discouraging attachment makes for an interesting forbidden love story when it comes to characters like Anakin and Padme or Obi-Wan and Satine, but putting the same attitudes on a single dad and his adopted padawan son seems cruel. Maybe the Clan of Two is what will finally provide another perspective on what was long considered standard Jedi protocol.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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