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Mandalorian Season 2 leak reveals Ahsoka's debut episode

Ahsoka Tano's live-action debut is sooner than you think.

She's no Jedi. The Mandalorian Season 2 has already delivered one massive cameo, but Lucasfilm has never been content with just one atunning surprise. Since speculation about the Disney+ series began last year, one name has been on everyone's lips — Ahsoka Tano. The protagonist of The Clone Wars seemed like the perfect addition to the show, especially with Star Wars visionary Dave Filoni co-showrunning the live-action series with Jon Favreau.

Finally, we have our first clue as to when Ahsoka will appear, thanks to Season 2's writing credits.

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Disney has kept details about Season 2's casting and plots under a tight lid, leading to shock appearances like Cobb Vanth and Boba Fett in the Season 2 premiere. However, the Writers' Guild directory reveals who is writing each episode of the new season. While six of the eight episodes listed are written by Favreau, there are two exceptions. Episode 7 is written by returning writer and director Rick Famuyiwa, and Episode 5 by Filoni himself.

Ahsoka Tano was lovingly hand-crafted by Filoni for Clone Wars and developed over seven seasons—and numerous episodes of Rebels. If anyone's going to introduce the character to the world of The Mandalorian, it's Filoni. So if episode 5 is when we'll finally get a glimpse of the former Jedi, what will happen in episodes 3 and 4?

A glimpse at Chapter 11 from the trailer.


The third episode of Season 2, or rather, Chapter 11, seems to be the easiest to guess about, as it's picking up where the series left off previously. Mando's passenger, "Frog Lady" has yet to be reunited with her husband on the planet Trask, and Mando has to still get the information on the Mandalorian covert promised in return for the safe transport. Additionally, we'll probably see that enigmatic Sasha Banks cameo teased in the trailer.

Cara Dune, Mando, and Greef Karga.


That could lead Mando right to Ahsoka's doorstep, as Chapter 12 doesn't seem like it will have much to do with him at all. Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Karga, revealed in an interview with ET Canada that he's directing the fourth episode of the new season. Assumedly, that episode centers on the adventures Greef and Cara Dune get up to while Mando and Baby Yoda are off seeking the Jedi.

If fans have to wait two more weeks for Ahsoka, it still will be worth it. A relatively early introduction into the series means more time for her live-action depiction to develop and have screentime with Baby Yoda, who presumably will learn much at her hand. It also means by the time the season is over, she'll be well equipped to assist Mando and pals with the climax, and possibly giving the world the highly anticipated live-action lightsaber vs. darksaber duel.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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