The Mandalorian may have just killed off Obi-Wan's secret child

Did Bo-Katan confirm a beloved character died off-screen?

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 was full of surprises. Bo-Katan made her live-action debut, Ahsoka was finally name-dropped, and Baby Yoda realized tadpoles hatch from frog eggs. However, one of the biggest shocks of the episode was hidden in a line you may have missed and concerned a very minor but incredibly intriguing Mandalorian from The Clone Wars animated series.

Korkie Kryze is introduced in The Clone Wars as the nephew of Bo-Katan and Duchess Satine Kryze. He was a brilliant cadet and sought to follow in Bo-Katan's footsteps. This makes her insistence that she's "the last of her line" in The Mandalorian all the more confusing because she has a nephew who already exists in Star Wars in canon. Could this mean Korkie died sometime between his Clone Wars appearance and The Mandalorian?

The implications of Korkie's character get even wilder when you consider an old fan theory. Redditor u/_DarthSyphilis_ resurrected an old theory that while Korkie called Satine "Aunt Satine," she was actually his mother. In reality, he is the secret lovechild between Satine and... Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Korkie Kryze in 'The Clone Wars.'


Satine and Obi-Wan did have palpable tension in The Clone Wars, but there wasn't any evidence of the Kryze sisters having any other siblings, so it does seem plausible. The most concrete evidence is purely visual: Korkie looks exactly like a combination of Satine's delicate features and Obi-Wan's chiseled gingerness.

It seems that either Korkie is dead, or Bo-Katan is mistaken in thinking he is. She considers herself the heir to the Mandalorian throne, and even the title of Chapter 11 was "The Heiress." However, this theory suggests her estranged nephew may have a bigger claim to the throne than she does — if he's still alive.

Korkie and his aunt (or possibly mother) Satine.


The Clone Wars established that in order to lead Mandalore, you must wield the Darksaber and defeat its previous owner in battle. Darth Maul took it from Pre Vizsla and killed him in a duel on Mandalore, and Darth Maul in turn was killed by Obi-Wan. Therefore, if Mandalorian society still follows these rules, then as Obi-Wan's son, Korkie would have a more rightful claim to the Mandalorian throne than his aunt.

That still doesn't answer the question of what happened to Korks. Possession of the Darksaber can only be earned through ritual combat, so he may have challenged Moff Gideon for it sometime after he stole the saber from Bo-Katan and... fallen short, or Bo-Katan may have just lost track of him over the years.

The Inverse Analysis — Regardless of whether or not he's the rightful heir to the Darksaber, Korkie would be the perfect addition to The Mandalorian. If he's truly Obi-Wan's son, it would make for a handy link to the original series without having to rope in any major characters, plus, it would tie together the two parallel storylines running all throughout this season — the ways of the Jedi and The Way of the Mandalore.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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