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This incredible Loki Easter egg may reveal Sylvie’s shocking true identity

Sylvie may be related to Loki, just not like you think.

Sylvie’s a Loki variant. Or she’s Enchantress. Or she’s just a random rogue pretending to be Enchantress. Or maybe...

Honestly, we’re not even sure anymore. But one thing is for certain. Sylvie shares an irrefutable link with Loki that surely means they have some tie to one another, be it familial, multiversal, or even romantic.

Now, a bold new theory suggests they may share a lot in common, but Sylvie may not be the Loki variant we think she is. In fact, she could actually be a variant of Thor. Confused? It all boils down to one incredible Easter egg in Loki Episode 3.

A huge though possibly coincidental parallel between Loki and Thor has been drawn by TikToker @straw_hat_goofy. In Loki, Sylvie gets angry, yells, symbolically flips a table, then sits down. Loki sits down next to her, they talk, and then Loki suggests something that makes her walk away. In Thor, Thor yells, literally flips a table, then sits down. Loki sits down next to him, they talk, and then Loki suggests something that makes him walk away.

On the surface, it’s a clever Easter egg that subtly establishes the familial connection between Sylvie and Loki, but could it be something more?

Considering the parallels, could Sylvie not be a Loki variant... but a Thor variant? If Sylvie’s a multiversal Lady Loki, as we currently believe, there’s no denying there could also be Thor variant could that presents as female and displays Loki-like traits.

The resemblance between Sylvie and Loki is slight, but Sylvie and Thor? They could be siblings. Remember that Sylvie’s family told her she was adopted, meaning she knew her origins all along — just like Thor, and unlike Loki. In fact, Sylvie could even be a reverse-Loki, meaning she’s a variant of Thor raised in an adoptive family, giving her something in common with both brothers.

And if Sylvie’s a Thor variant... well, it certainly would make that weird tension between her and Loki less creepy. (Remember, they’re not technically related.)

Loki offers counsel to Sylvie, just like he did with his brother.

Alternatively, this parallel could just mean the dynamic between Sylvie and Loki is identical to the one between Sylvie and Thor. While they may clash and fight, these two are undeniably linked (albeit through some iffy methods) and at the end of the day have been loyal to each other, with some key exceptions (see: Battle of Manhattan, Roxxcart fight.)

The Inverse analysis — Does it matter which brother Sylvie is a variant of? She asks, “What makes Loki a Loki?” Could someone be a Loki without technically being born as a variant of the trickster god? If she’s a Thor variant, Sylvie could just be a rebellious sort who wants to cause a ruckus given her upbringing, which was similar to Loki’s.

What makes Loki a Loki? We may never know, but hopefully next week we’ll learn the answer to a much bigger question: what makes Sylvie a Sylvie?

Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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