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The best sci-fi movie of 2020 is this hilarious TikTok video

Tik Tok star Jeff Wright turns an alien invasion into sketch comedy, with an incredible kicker at the end.

Young astronaut vs dangerous alien tentacles. Astronaut with weapon fighting monster at cosmos vecto...

Look, the bar is admittedly low. After all, not a lot of movies have come out in 2020 so far since all the movie theaters closed in late-March to stop the spread of coronavirus. That said, even if every movie scheduled to release so far this year had actually come out, this short sketch about an alien invasion from TikTok star Jeff Wright would rival them all as the best sci-fi story of 2020.

Like most of Wright's videos, it's a tightly edited clip in which he plays multiple characters; in this case, a normal human being encountering a pair of alien invaders. The aliens explain that Jeff is the first person they saw so they transformed themselves to look like him, assuming everyone on Earth was identical. They quickly reveal that they plan to terraform the planet and give humanity the boot. They also ask some bizarre questions about the human species, including why we have two nostrils.

I won't give anything else away. Check out the video for yourself:

Wright packs a ton of jokes into a very short amount of time, and it all feels totally logical. Of course, aliens would ask strange questions about human anatomy that a normal person would have no answer for. And, of course, they'd feel no remorse at dooming us all.

The best part, though, is that last line. Wright's videos often end abruptly as TikTok's 60-second time limit kicks in. In this one, however, he squeezes in one last joke. When the aliens ask if Jeff is humanity's leader he initially says no and begins to say Donal Trump's name. Then, he thinks twice and realizes how badly Trump might bungle a situation like this. It all happens in an instant, but Wright's expressive face tells the entire story to perfection.

If you're just hearing about Jeff Wright, there are plenty more TikToks to check out, ranging from sketches about visiting heaven and hell to imagined meetings between different airlines and social media companies. Wright is clearly doing just fine on TikTok, but this alien sketch is proof that he could be doing even more. Someone give this guy a Netflix comedy special, a Hulu show, or at the very least a Quibi contract.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Jeff Wright's TikTok for future sketches. It's the best thing we've got until Hollywood revs back into action.

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