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Hawkeye release date spells bad news for Ms. Marvel

2021 is suddenly getting very crowded with Disney+ shows.

The MCU is at a crossroads, and that’s not just because there’s a multiverse now.

In the weeks between Loki and What If...?, the future of Marvel’s franchise remains up in the air. While there are two series slated for a 2021 release, the calendar is quickly filling up. Recent news of Hawkeye’s release date is a relief for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop fans, but it puts the future of Ms. Marvel, also a possible Young Avenger series, in question.

Hawkeye gets a release date

Entertainment Weekly released a first look at Hawkeye, showing Clint and his new protégé Kate Bishop doing some target practice. Along with this brand new image came the announcement of its release date: November 24.

For those keeping track at home, that’s the day before Thanksgiving. A premiere right before a holiday makes sense but leaves the other big 2021 MCU series, Ms. Marvel, in the lurch.

How does Hawkeye’s release date affect Ms. Marvel’s future?

Ms. Marvel was previously announced for a premiere in late 2021, but because of Hawkeye’s premiere date, the schedule for the rest of the year is a bit cramped. The next MCU series, What If...?, premieres on August 11 and consists of ten episodes; hence, the finale will be on October 13. That only leaves a five-week gap before Hawkeye.

It’s still unclear how many episodes Hawkeye will have, but it will probably be between six and eight, meaning the show will probably run until the end of the year. This means one of three things for Ms. Marvel:

  1. The show will release before Hawkeye, with an overlap
  2. Both shows will release at the same time, possibly on different days
  3. Ms. Marvel will release in 2022

Could Ms. Marvel be pushed into 2022 to make room for Hawkeye?

Marvel Studios

The first solution is unlikely because Marvel Studios tends to promote their projects in chronological order; the release date for Ms. Marvel would be announced first if it was premiering first. The second option is also improbable because late 2021 is when the Star Wars series The Book of Boba Fett is slated for release, meaning there will already be two big releases a week. There probably won’t be room for a third.

This also has huge implications for the story of Hawkeye. If Hawkeye airs before Ms. Marvel, it could introduce the Young Avengers during its run, and then Ms. Marvel could join the squad whenever her series comes out. Considering the other possible recruits for the Young Avengers we’ve seen in the MCU shows so far (Kid Loki, Eli Bradley, Billy and Tommy Maximoff-Vision), the introduction of the super squad feels like not a question of if, but when.

It’s only the first step in the next phase of Marvel television, but it’s a sign that Marvel isn’t going to slow down its TV releases just because the movies are getting theatrical releases again. Disney+ Marvel shows are here to stay.

Hawkeye will premiere November 24 on Disney+.

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