35 great gifts for pets that actually make YOUR life easier

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Let's face it: A gift that keeps your pet entertained and happy is also a gift for you. Not only do great gifts for pets keep your furry friend from getting bored, but they also make your life easier by preventing destructive behaviors like chewing and scratching. And it's not just about entertainment — many of these gifts help keep your pet clean and well-fed, and some are helpful for keeping your house clean too.

As you've probably noticed, both cats and dogs can get bored and restless, which often leads to unwanted behavior. To keep your pets entertained, I've included interactive puzzles and toys that encourage mental stimulation and slow feeding, which helps with digestion and prevents bloating. There are also ways for you and your pup to stay active together, like a tennis ball thrower that makes a game of fetch more challenging for your dog and easier for you. There are also lots of gifts that make grooming a breeze. Think: an easy-to-use pet toothbrush, grooming gloves that collect shedding hair while your pet, and a super absorbent dog towel that soaks up water and mud.

Whether you want ways to improve playtime, feedings, or grooming, read on to discover great gifts for pets — all available on Amazon — that are sure to earn you purrs and tail wags galore.

1. This interactive puzzle for dogs

Keep your pup's boredom at bay with this interactive dog treat puzzle. The puzzle has compartments where you can stash treats, and your dog has to nudge and paw their way to a rewarding snack. It's available in multiple styles and different skill levels for dogs of all types and ages.

  • Available levels: 1 (Easy) - 4 (Expert)
  • Available styles: 15

2. A one-handed waste scooper

Cleaning up after your dog is a breeze with this lightweight waste scooper. The spring-loaded scooper makes it quick and easy to pick up waste, and the comfortable ergonomic handle allows you to use it with just one hand. Plus, the scooper is easy to rinse clean after each use. It also easily folds down to half size for easy portability and storage.

  • Available styles: 2

3. A bubble backpack carrier for small pets

Heading out for a vet visit or road trip? This pet carrier backpack makes it easy to tote your furry friend, and the clear window design gives them full view of the outside world. The backpack is made from waterproof material and has ventilation holes, shoulder straps with a chest buckle, and a side mesh opening, so you can reach in as needed. Inside, there's a soft mat and security leash to keep your pet comfortable and safe. This backpack accommodates pets up to 13 pounds.

  • Available colors: 4

4. A dog paw cleaner that washes away dirt & mud

Cleaning your dog's paws after a walk is quick and easy with this portable paw washer. To use, just fill it with water, insert the paw, and twist — the soft silicone bristles gently and thoroughly remove dirt and mud, so your pup won't track any messes into the house. It's available in three sizes and six colors, and you can choose from styles with or without a travel lid that prevents spills.

5. An adjustable dog seatbelt

Keep your pup safe and secure during car trips with this adjustable dog seatbelt. It's made from durable nylon and features a 360-degree swivel snap and elastic buffer design that helps protect your dog in moving vehicles. Available in eight colors, the seatbelt tab fits into the buckle on most cars, and the length is adjustable for various dog breeds.

6. This spray that eliminates pet stains & odors

When a pet accident occurs, this odor and stain remover spray will have your home clean and odor-free again in no time. The spray contains natural enzymes that activate on contact to break down and eliminate stains and smells. The gentle spray is safe to use on multiple surfaces, including carpets, floors, and furniture.

7. These durable furniture protectors that guard against cat scratches

Protect the couch from your cat's claws with these clear furniture protectors. The six durable, self-adhesive sheets come with optional twist pins for added security, and they're easy to install on your couch with no tools required. You can cut them down to cover the little corners your cat loves to scratch the most. For a more temporary solution, you can opt for training tape instead.

8. A fountain that provides fresh water all day

Some cats are fascinated by running water, which means this pet water fountain will keep them happy, hydrated, and entertained. The BPA-free fountain has a 10-ounce capacity that's good for small to medium-sized pets, and it features a quiet, long-lasting pump and three water flow designs, so you can choose the one your furry friend loves most. The fountain uses a triple-filtration system to deliver clean water, and it comes with three replacement filters and a silicone splash pad.

9. A security camera that lets you check on pets from anywhere

Keep an eye on your cats and dogs from anywhere in the world with this pet security camera. The device connects to your 2.4G Wi-Fi network and works with the accompanying smartphone app or web portal (along with Alexa and Google Assistant) so you can easily check in on your pet while you're out. The camera also features two-way audio, night vision, and motion and sound detection, so you can keep tabs on your home after dark.

10. A slow feeder dog bowl that promotes good digestion

This slow feeder dog bowl prevents your pup from devouring their meal, so they're less likely to overeat and experience digestive issues. The BPA-free dog bowl is available in four sizes and six styles for various breeds, and each one features ridges that promote slow feeding. There's also a non-slip base to keep the bowl in place and prevent food spills. Plus, the bowl is top rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

11. This bell your dog rings when it's time to go out

Want to make your dog feel like a genius? Train them to ring this dog potty communication doorbell when it's time to use the bathroom, and say goodbye to them whining and pawing by the door when it's time to go. The water-resistant bell mounts to the door or wall with a 3M adhesive strip and requires no batteries or wires — all your dog has to do is apply gentle pressure with their nose or paw to make it ring. Choose from four volume levels and 38 tones.

12. A tracker that reminds you to feed the dog

This handy meal tracker for pets lets everyone in the house know whether or not the dog has already been fed, thanks to the convenient sliders for every day of the week. The easy-to-use color-coded tracker mounts anywhere with the included adhesive squares, and the sleek silver design blends in with any decor.

13. This dog water bottle with a built-in bowl

Keep your pup hydrated on the go with this dog water bottle. The leakproof BPA-free bottle comes in two size options and features a built-in bowl, so it's easy for your dog to drink, and any leftover water goes back into the container at the touch of a button, reducing waste and conserving water for long hikes.

14. A window perch for sunny cat naps

Give your feline friend a place to soak up the sun with this cat window perch. Featuring large suction cups, stainless steel cables, and durable fabric, the perch can hold more than 40 pounds, so it's comfortable for cats of all sizes. A soft flannel mat is included for extra coziness.

15. A car seat cover that protects against pet hair & messes

This quilted car seat cover protects your vehicle from pet hair, messes, and more. The cover is made from soft waterproof material with non-slip backing, and the anchors attach it to car seat headrests to keep it securely in place. Plus, seat belt openings allow people and pets to be buckled in safely. There are also two storage pockets where you can stash small items.

16. These grooming gloves that lift hair while you pet

These pet grooming gloves feature 255 silicone tips that help you gently brush away shedding hair, and you can also use them to give your pet a soothing shampoo during bath time. The glove set is one-size-fits most and each one has an adjustable strap at the wrist, so you can find a comfortable fit.

17. These calming dog chews that can reduce stress-related behaviors

Made with natural ingredients like chamomile, organic ginger root, and L-tryptophan, these calming dog chews may help relieve your pup's symptoms of stress and anxiety. Just give the duck-flavored treats to your pup at least 30 minutes before a stressful situations like vet visits, road trips, or 4th of July fireworks to help prevent hyperactive behaviors and aggression.

18. A licking mat that's great for spreadable treats like peanut butter

Licking can be calming for dogs, and these Lickimat slow feeders are a great way to feed your pup a treat while soothing them and keeping them entertained. The food-grade rubber mats come in three styles suitable for different foods, from kibble to pumpkin to peanut butter, and each one encourages your dog to eat and lick slowly. The textured surface also promotes fresh breath and healthier teeth and gums.

19. A UV flashlight that detects dried pet stains

If you suspect there's a dried pet stain on your rug or furniture, find it easily using this pocket-size UV flashlight. You can use the flashlight to detect pet urine and food stains that aren't visible to the naked eye, so you know exactly where to clean. Three AA batteries are required (sold separately).

20. A laser toy that automatically plays with kitty

This interactive laser toy can keep furry buddies entertained even when you're out. It’s rechargeable via USB, has two play modes, and four ways to hang on a wall depending on your (cat’s) preferred distance. Plus, the toy is motion-activated and gets the party started when pets are near, so you can just plug it in and let your cat have fun all day. It turns off after five minutes to avoid overstimulation.

21. A tennis ball launcher that upgrades your game of fetch

Take your game of fetch to the next level with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher that's earned more than 10,000 reviews and a 4.8-star Amazon rating. The lightweight launcher enhances your throw, so your dog can run faster and farther each time, and it allows you to pick up the ball without bending over. The launcher comes with a bright tennis ball and works with standard tennis balls too.

22. A highly absorbent dog towel that soaks up water & mud

This super absorbent microfiber towel can help you clean and dry your dog in no time. The soft chenille fabric towel dries dogs faster than cotton, and it soaks up large amounts of water and mud, so it's great for post-playtime cleanups. Plus, the dual hand pockets give you a better grip while drying your pup.

23. An easy-to-use brush that lifts pet hair from furniture

With this reusable pet hair remover, it's easy to remove those pesky stray pet hairs from your furniture. The tool uses a brush to trap hair in an easy-to-empty receptacle, so you never have to replace sticky tape, and there's no power source needed — just brush away the pet hair and you're good to go.

24. A finger toothbrush that keeps your pet's breath fresh

Help your furry friend avoid kibble breath and have healthier teeth and gums with these finger toothbrushes for pets. The pet toothbrushes feature a curved bristle design so you can clean hard-to-reach areas, gently removing plaque and tartar. Choose from two sizes for smaller pets and large breeds.

25. A fur remover squeegee that lifts pet hair from carpets

Remove pet hair from carpets, floors, and more with this versatile fur remover squeegee. The fur remover has an extendable handle and natural rubber brush that attracts and collects pet hair, making it easy to clean the house without getting out a vacuum. Plus, the squeegee edge allows you to clean windows, showers, and spills on the floor with ease. Also great: The brush is removable for easy cleanup and storage.

26. These foldable steps for pets that need help climbing

If your pet needs a little help climbing onto furniture or into the car, these foldable pet steps make it easy and comfortable. Each step is equipped with a non-slip pad to give their paws traction, and the steps fold flat for easy storage. When opened, the steps measure 17.5 by 14 by 14.5 inches.

27. An adjustable IQ treat ball that keeps your pet entertained

This IQ treat ball keeps your pet entertained and rewards them with a well-earned snack. Just insert treats, and your dog can bat it around until one is released. Not only does the toy keep your pet mentally stimulated, but it also promotes slow feeding for better digestion. Plus, the toy comes in two sizes for different breeds, and you can adjust the difficulty level to keep your furry friend engaged.

28. A mat that traps cat litter

If you've got a feline friend, a cat litter mat is essential for keeping stray litter contained. This one is made from soft, durable material with a honeycomb design that traps stray litter around the box, ensuring it doesn't get tracked around your home. To empty the mat, you can either pour litter into the trash or vacuum. It's also waterproof and washable. Choose from two colors and two sizes.

29. An automatic feeder for your fish

This automatic fish feeder takes care of mealtime in the tank for you. The large-capacity bucket works with a variety of fish foods, including flakes, granules, and powders, and you can set up to four feedings a day. The feeder can be USB- or battery-powered, and the adjustable base fits glass walls up to 24 millimeters thick.

30. A dog leash that attaches to your bike so you can exercise together

Your pup can safely run alongside your bike and set the pace with this dog bike leash. The flexible leash is compatible with all bikes and comes with a 15-inch guide pole that keeps your dog at a safe distance from the wheels. It's easy to install on your bike, and the leash easily detaches when you want to use it for a walk.

31. A snuffle mat that encourages dogs to sniff & hunt

This snuffle mat for dogs encourages your pup to use their smelling instinct and sniff out hidden treats. The machine-washable mat is made from durable Oxford fabric and soft fleece and features 11 layers of petals and grass with hidden pockets for stashing treats. You can purchase the mat on its own or get five add-on puzzle toys for extra entertainment.

32. A cat track toy that stimulates hunting instincts

Stimulate your kitty's hunting instincts with this cat track toy. The sturdy, scratch-resistant tower has a non-slip base to help it stay in place while kitty bats around the balls on each track. If you've got multiple cats, this a great toy to keep them all entertained at once.

33. A fake grass bathroom mat for potty training pets

If you want to potty train your pet, this artificial grass bathroom mat is an easy and unique way to do it. It features a three-layer system with fake grass on top and a detachable grid tray that allows liquid to drain into the bottom base tray. The trays are a breeze to clean with soap and water, and your pet always has a place to go to the bathroom when you're not around to take them outside. It comes in two sizes, and replacement grass pads are available.

34. A rechargeable dog nail grinder with 35,000+ reviews

Take it from more than 35,000 Amazon reviewers: This USB-rechargeable dog nail grinder makes it easy to trim your pup's nails at home. The nail grinder is quiet to help pets stay calm, and it has two speeds and three ports for small, medium, and large breeds, so you can choose exactly the right settings for your dog.

35. A spray & scrub brush that simplifies bath time

Simplify bath time with this grooming sprayer and scrubber. The soft silicone brush comes with a flexible 8-foot hose and adapters that connect it to either your shower and garden hose, so you can use it in the yard or in the bath. The sprayer/scrubber has low and high settings that you adjust with the click of a button, making it easy to control the water flow and wash your dog with one hand.

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