20 Must Have Pet Gifts This Holiday Season

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Before you say “It’s too early to think about holiday shopping,” hear us out. If you buy everything you need right now, you’ll be patting yourself on the back come Black Friday/the entire month of December. Think about it: No lines, similar deals, less last minute stress.

Now that we have you convinced, it’s time to remind you that you most certainly cannot forget your furry friends when gift shopping. After all, what’s cuter than a dog ripping open a present and getting wrapping paper everywhere? Or a kitten snuggling up in its brand new bed? Nothing!

If you yourself don’t have a dog or cat, in addition to the items on the list that any animal would love (think: plenty of toys and cozy blankets), we’ve included an assortment of products that will make any of your pet owner friends happy.

From an adorable plaid coat and a GPS pet tracker to a convenient travel bag and a soft bed you’ll wish came in adult sizes, ahead find 20 purr-fect gifts to scoop up before they sell out.

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