The Most Innovative Sci-Fi Movie of the Century is Getting an IMAX Release

Try to avoid the front row.


Everything Everywhere All At Once was the definition of a sleeper hit. After premiering at South By Southwest, the movie was given a limited theatrical release in March 2022. Strong word of mouth helped it secure a July re-release, and then it was re-released again in January 2023 after it picked up 11 Oscar nominations.

Now, more than two years after its first release, you can once again catch Everything Everywhere All At Once in theaters. It will only be available for a day, but if you show up, you can watch the multiversal adventure in the most mind-blowing format imaginable.

A24 is collaborating with IMAX to release three of its films on IMAX screens across the United States: Midsommar on June 20 (the summer solstice, of course), Oasis: Supersonic on July 16, and Everything Everywhere All At Once on August 28. Tickets are now available on the IMAX website. It’s not the first time old A24 hits have returned via IMAX this year: Ex Machina, Hereditary, and Uncut Gems were released on IMAX for a single night this March, April, and May, respectively.

See the IRS’ offices on the biggest screen imaginable.


Everything Everywhere All At Once actually had an IMAX release before, playing for one night only on March 30, 2022, before returning for a whole week in April to meet demand. But considering the commercial and critical journey that took it from niche sci-fi darling to Best Picture winner since then, this summer is likely the first (and potentially last) time many fans will get the chance to see it in such a bombastic format.

It’s apt timing, especially for Michelle Yeoh, who’s experiencing a bit of a career renaissance after her barnstorming performance. She’s slated to star in a new Blade Runner series, a new Star Trek movie, and the next three Avatar movies, which will keep her busy until 2031. This re-release further proves she has the draw to bring in big genre audiences.

This summer’s new A24 offerings are limited to Tuesday, Janet Planet, and MaXXXine, but now you can supplement those titles with some compelling re-releases, especially if you’re an Oasis superfan who loves sci-fi about intergenerational relationships. Mark your calendars now, and prepare to devour a whole lot of popcorn.

Everything Everywhere All At Once is now streaming on Netflix.

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