Every superhero movie in 2020, ranked by hype

Kicking off the new decade are eight superhero movies that could save the world, or die trying.

The first twenty years of the 21st century saw the unstoppable rise of the superhero movie. The Marvel franchise proved audiences are willing to go along with interwoven narratives across different films, while singular films like 2017's Wonder Woman, 2018's Black Panther and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse birthed icons who diverted from the usual white male action figure mold.

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2020 is a year of transition for the aging genre. At a glance, the old ways are still very much in play, but significant change and genuine freshness aren't very far away.

Here are eight superhero movies coming in 2020, all ranked by how hyped we are. And for once, it's not just Marvel and DC who are bringing something to the table. (Although it is still mostly the Big Two.)

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