Dune 2 Will Premiere on Max in Spring 2024

The spice will soon flow into your living room.

Warner Bros.
Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two is bringing back the sci-fi blockbuster with style. After Dune: Part One was released on streaming the same day it came out in theaters, the theatrical success of the second film seemed to be in question. But after multiple delays, the sequel has more than proven itself to be worth the wait, earning the biggest opening weekend since the behemoth that was Barbie.

Its epic visuals are perfectly suited for the big screen, but the question of when the movie will start streaming remains. Thankfully, Warner Bros. Discovery head honcho David Zaslav revealed a hopeful answer to those who want to watch for the first time from the sofa, or those who just can’t wait to revisit Arrakis again and again.

Dune: Part Two is making a splash at the box office, but will still be streaming soon.

Warner Bros.

As part of Warner’s latest earnings call, Zaslav discussed big releases across Warner’s platforms, including House of the Dragon, The Penguin, and the upcoming Dune series. Zaslav then teased the arrival of some major theatrical releases to the Max streaming platform. “Wonka will join the service on March 8th,” he said, “followed by Dune: Part Two in the spring.”

While there are no more specifics, a spring streaming release is on the early side for a movie that premiered in March. Warner Brothers recently transitioned from a 45-day theatrical window to a “case by case” basis, leading to smash hits like Barbie taking all of five months to hit Max. Dune: Part Two, however, could premiere on Max as soon as next month, or late May at the latest.

Sand gets everywhere. Including, soon, your home.

Warner Bros.

This feels like a good balance between letting the sequel rack up big numbers at the box office and still getting it into fans’ homes within a reasonable time frame. We’ll have to wait for specifics, but if you’re really impatient, don’t worry: The movie will probably be available to buy or rent digitally before it joins the Max catalog.

Dune: Part Two is in theaters now.

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