Doctor Who Series 14 Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Trailer, and Plot for the Sci-Fi Show

Anywhere in time and space... and the Doctor picks a rainy Welsh day.


Doctor Who has built itself around the personality of the Doctor, the constantly-regenerating Time Lord who travels through time and space. But not every episode has to center around the show’s protagonist. In fact, some of the best episodes, like Season 3’s “Blink,” barely feature the Doctor at all. And Doctor Who Episode 4 will repeat this beloved tradition.

Thanks to Ncuti Gatwa’s other professional obligations, the newly rebooted Doctor Who Series 14 (or Season 1, depending on who you ask) is about to air a folk-horror-tinged adventure carried by Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday. Here’s everything you need to know about Doctor Who Episode 4, “73 Yards,” including the release date, air time, and any plot details we’ve already learned.

When is the Doctor Who Episode 4 Release Date?

Doctor Who Episode 4, “73 Yards,” premieres Friday, May 24 on Disney+. That’s actually a new release day for the series, as it’s traditionally been a Saturday evening release in the UK. But now that the series is streaming globally, a Friday release ensures everyone can watch it at a reasonable time.

The action of “73 Yards” is carried by Millie Gibson’s performance as Ruby Sunday.


When is the Doctor Who Episode 4 Release Time?

The newly-named Season 1’s episodes premiere at 4:00 p.m. PST/7:00 p.m. EST. Disney usually posts new releases at either midnight or 6:00 p.m. PST, but Doctor Who has a unique schedule to ensure a midnight release in the UK. Considering the horror-esque tone of this episode, it may be worth waiting until it’s dark to tune in — if you can avoid spoilers that long.

How Many Episodes are Left in Doctor Who Season 1?

“73 Yards” is the fourth episode of the eight-episode season, meaning it marks the halfway point. There are only two more episodes before the epic two-part finale.

Is there a Trailer for Doctor Who Episode 4?

Yes! You can catch a sneak peek of the new episode below, which brings the Doctor and Ruby Sunday to rural Wales.

What’s the Plot of Doctor Who Episode 4?

Disney+ teases the episode with this ominous description “Landing on the Welsh coast, the Doctor and Ruby embark on the strangest journey of their lives. In a rain-lashed pub, the locals sit in fear of ancient legends coming to life.” But there’s much more to be expected from this episode, including a political rally, a strange monster, and, as expected, Susan Twist.

Doctor Who Episode 4 premieres on Disney+ on May 24, 2024.

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