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Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld gets real about Deadpool 3

The comic book creator behind Deadpool, Cable, Domino and more returns to Inverse Social Hour to discuss 'Planet the Apes,' Archie comics, and 'Deadpool 3.'

Rob Liefeld holding a microphone while speaking about Deadpool 3
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Rob Liefeld never seems to stop working. The legendary creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and many other Marvel comic book characters has spent the coronavirus pandemic developing an original new series, launching a podcast, and promoting his new G.I. Joe comic book Snake Eyes: Deadgame.

As the latest guest on Inverse Social Hour, he also answered a few personal questions about his career, from his bucket list of comics he still wants to write (the answer will surprise you) to the one person he owes most for his current accomplishments. Of course, we also asked about Deadpool 3, and Liefeld has more bad news for any fans hoping for another Ryan Reynolds superhero movie.

Check out the full interview above, and read on for a breakdown of some of the best moments from Inverse Social Hour with Rob Liefeld.

00:35 Rob makes a toast to a Marvel villain.

1:15 He pours one out for a classic movie franchise.

3:10 Why the character of Snake Eyes was a bucket list dream.

4:45 Time to show off teen Rob’s action figure collection.

6:25 Snake Eyes vs. Deadpool: Who he thinks is more likely to win in a fight.

7:20 The obscure Archie comic book characters next on his bucket list.

9:20 The comic book legend and ‘70s rock band he would love to have a drink with.

10:20 He dishes on his extensive knowledge of the prolific Jack Kirby.

12:10 His insight into the cinematic future of Deadpool.

5:15 An Amazon show he can’t recommend enough for its extremely high production value.

16:00 The advice he has for young comic book writers.

17:00 Why he owes Jim Valentino for furthering his career in comic book writing.

18:50 The plans he has for his next project. (Hint: He’s been watching A LOT of Westerns.)

20:25 Everything to know about the five-issue Snake Eyes: Deadgame limited series.

21:30 Where to find his new podcast, Robservations with Rob Liefeld.

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