Star Wars Deleted Scene Reveals Ahsoka’s Fatal Flaw

A glimpse into the past may change the future.


There’s perhaps no Star Wars character more complicated than Ahsoka Tano. Though she was inextricably tied to Anakin and Obi-Wan, she stuck to her conscience and walked away from the Jedi Order when she was framed for murder. This decision was right for her, but her heartbreaking farewell scene with Anakin made it obvious that it devastated her former master.

Now, an unreleased Clone Wars scene reveals Anakin’s frustrations with Ahsoka, and could serve as inspiration for their confrontation in Ahsoka Episode 5, where Ahsoka and Anakin will meet outside the confines of time and space.

The Utapau Arc was an unfinished Clone Wars subplot later released with simplified animation on the official Star Wars website in 2017. One key scene, reanimated with more detail by YouTuber Cinematic Captures, depicts a fascinating conversation between Anakin and Obi-Wan about Ahsoka’s choice to leave.

“Part of the Jedi way is not letting emotion cloud your better judgement,” Obi-Wan says, “and that’s precisely what Ahsoka did. Even in her most critical moment.” All throughout The Clone Wars, Ahsoka differs from the other Jedi because she trusts and expresses her emotions, while Anakin and the rest of her colleagues stick to their more detached training. That helped her survive, but ultimately it also separated her from the Jedi.

But in Ahsoka and the broader Mandoverse, the Ahsoka Tano we see is inherently different. Battered by the guilt of Order 66 and the trauma of the Clone Wars, she hesitates to reach out to Sabine, refuses to train Grogu, and generally lacks the spunk that made her such a great character. Clearly, something went wrong on her journey through the galaxy. And while Anakin may be gone, he’s back for now thanks to Star Wars’ mystical side, and he has serious issues with Ahsoka choosing to leave him.

Ahsoka’s near-demise could be a healing moment for her.


In Ahsoka Episode 5, where Anakin and Ahsoka reunite, the two can finally sort out their issues with the Jedi Order and their own feelings. Ahsoka has gone through so much without her old master. Now, Ahsoka and the man who essentially raised her both have the chance to find some closure.

Ahsoka may have lost her teenage attitude, but her emotional core is still there, even if time has hidden it. Ahsoka Episode 5 may see her shift into her old self again, and just in time to defeat Thrawn.

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