Sam Wilson’s New Captain America Suit Teases a Return to Cap’s Roots

Sometimes, classic is best.

Marvel Studios

At this point in the Marvel Universe timeline, America is looking for a hero. In May 2024 in the MCU, John Walker’s dubious claim to the Captain America title ended with a bang when, hopped up on Super Soldier Serum, he brutally murdered a civilian with the shield that Steve Rogers carried for decades.

At this point in our world, John Walker is being teased as U.S. Agent in Thunderbolts and Captain America’s title is where Steve Rogers wanted it — with Sam Wilson. We now have our first look at Sam Wilson’s newest look as Cap, and it teases a return to what made the name great in the first place.

Empire Magazine has released a first look at Sam Wilson’s new suit (or at least the first non-Happy Meal version of it) and it’s radically different from the version we saw in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

While the red goggles have carried over from his original Falcon supersuit, much has changed. Gone is the white cowl and detailing, replaced with the deep blue that Steve and John wore under the same name. It seems like while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier wanted to prove that Sam Wilson was a new kind of Captain America by echoing the new suit Sam wore when he took on the title in Marvel Comics, Captain America: Brave New World is trying to prove he’s just as worthy of the name as Steve Rogers himself.

Some of the changes to this radically new suit are practical — the original cowl often bent and wrinkled, meaning VFX had to be used to adjust it. But the color scheme change is completely new and a distinct turn away not just from Sam’s original appearance, but also from how Sam appears in the comics. It’s likely the story will diverge just as much.

The original suit was meant to pay homage to Sam’s supersuit from the comics.

Marvel Comics

While the white suit was important to establish the image of Sam Wilson as Cap, Captain America: Brave New World is the latest in a long line of the Captain America series, so it only makes sense the suit would be updated to be more in line with what came before. But along with the new suit may come a whole new take on the character — we’ll just have to see.

Captain America: Brave New World premieres in theatres February 14, 2025.

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