The Best BBQ Gifts For Dads That Are Actually Useful

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Struggling to find a gift for your dad? That’s OK! We’ve gone through the trouble of researching one of the most tried-and-true categories: all of the grilling tools and accessories he needs to complete the ideal BBQ station, at a price that everyone can appreciate.

Of course, we can’t assume that all of your dads love to grill. But, you know, some do! If your dad enjoys the primal (if stereotypical) pleasures of charring steak or chicken or shishito peppers over a well-tended fire, can you really blame him? Just lean in, and be glad you’re buying a gift for someone with such a defined hobby.

To keep things from feeling generic, the key is doing your research and finding a gift that accomplishes a really specific job. (I promise it’s not a “kiss the cook” apron or a metal brand with his initials.) Most of the below grilling gifts from range from just $5 to $40, so you can customize a BBQ gift pack that suits his needs and your budget. Best of all? Most of these items are available for next-day or 2-day delivery via

Whether you’re shopping for your dad, a fatherly figure, or just someone with archetypal “daddish” hobbies, here are the most useful BBQ gifts from Walmart to buy right now.

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A Grill Grate That’s Handy For Fish & Vegetables

Grilling is about so much more than steaks and burgers. One BDG staffer says her dad loves “a grill grate for fish so it doesn't stick to the grill — and for veggies, too, so the little ‘asparagooses’ don't fall through the grates.”

Indeed, a reusable, hardy grill grate is a life-saver when it comes to cooking up more delicate fare like asparagus, shrimp, or a tender piece of fish.

This one from Kingsford comes with a nonstick coating:

This Weber version has 4.5 stars on with 65 ratings. It’s more of a grilling basket, which makes it ideal for fussy little vegetables like fingerling potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes:

A BBQ Cleaning Brush That Gets The Job Done

Every pitmaster knows that keeping one’s station clean is the true mark of a professional. For less than $5, you can get him a cleaning brush that will keep his most prized possession in tip-top shape. “My dad loves his grill cleaner brush more than anything,” says the same BDG staffer.

Here’s another option from Cuisinart that has 4.5 stars on with 55 ratings, with reviewers calling it “sturdy” and “strong,” especially praising the dual-grip functionality:

Grill-Friendly Pizza Accessories

This 3-in-1 pack was a “HUGE hit” with another staffer’s dad, with a solid 4.2 stars and 33 ratings on to back up his assessment. This pack is a great deal: for only $40, you get a 13-inch pizza stone, a pizza cutter, and a “peeler” (aka, large spatula), which is very helpful for the safe transport of pizza from grill to table.

Here are some more options if you’re looking for different variations on these individual items. Below, a 15-inch pizza stone if you want some more surface area:

This pizza peel has an attractive wood handle and 4.5 stars on with 142 ratings.

Grilling Sets That Cover All The Essentials has a lot of comprehensive grilling sets if your dad’s toolkit is need of a complete overhaul. Here are some well-priced options from Cuisinart:

A Pair Of BBQ Gloves That Can Take The Heat

BBQ gloves allow you to maneuver with ease (and peace of mind) when grilling, smoking, or cooking over a campfire. Whether you choose a pair rendered in food-grade silicone, leather, or suede depends on your dad’s preference and BBQ lifestyle. (A more in-depth guide to BBQ gloves here.) Note: all of the below options are currently available for 2-day delivery and are rated 4.5 stars or above.

Leather and suede will convey that old-school feel (aka, they look cool!) and offer great protection against hot coals, grill surfaces, and tongs; just be aware that they are not meant for directly handling food or getting wet:

Fabric gloves with silicone grips offer good protection with a bit more dexterity.

An Essential Meat-Smoking Cookbook

If your dad has graduated from grilling to the finer arts of BBQ, get him an in-depth guide that helps him maximize his skill set. This book is co-written by legendary pitmaster and James Beard Award-winner Aaron Franklin of Austin Franklin’s Barbecue. A staffer shares, “This is basically the Bible for anyone who wants to smoke things.”

A few more books are eligible for 2-day delivery, like this 10th anniversary edition of Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue! Bible.

Or this book from Myron Mixon — five-time BBQ World Champion, celebrity chef, and judge on BBQ Pitmasters:

A Whole New Grill

If you have a very healthy budget (or a bunch of siblings to split the bill with), you can always get your dad a brand-new grill. There are so many on the market — ranging from propane to pellet to charcoal — that you should likely consult the giftee before making this purchase. (If he’s heavy into BBQ, he’s sure to have a strong opinion on which grill is optimal.)

Below, some BBQs from that are still eligible for 2-day delivery.

This holy-grail option from Traeger can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ. If your dad wants a Traeger grill, he has probably dropped a few hints about it. Note that you’ll need to buy the wood pellets to go with it as well.

For a more user-friendly option, here’s a top-selling five-burner Cuisinart gas grill that allows you to grill, griddle, or smoke.

Another propane Cuisinart option that’s on sale right now, with similar features but fewer burners.

Lastly, a portable charcoal option if your favorite pitmaster is fond of taking his show on the road (think: tailgating, camping, and so on).

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