The 3 best BBQ gloves

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by Vanessa Spilios

The science is in, and the delicious smoky flavor of barbecuing really can’t be beat. But cooking barbecue is a hot job. Between opening lids, handling hot food, and potential flare-ups, hands and forearms are often exposed to temperatures far exceeding what an oven mitt or towel can withstand. The best BBQ gloves offer a comfortable and heat-resistant alternative, so you can safely navigate your barbecue with confidence.

When shopping for any grill gloves, the most important rating to look for is your gloves’ heat-resistance, which should protect you from average barbecue temperatures (hint: While many grills max out at 550 degrees Fahrenheit, some can get as hot as 700 degrees Fahrenheit). Multi-layer gloves made from leather or flame-retardant materials are usually your best bet, but you can also find soft, flexible options made from materials like neoprene, which are often waterproof. Thanks to their flexibility, these give you a bit more dexterity when handling metal barbecue accessories like skewers or grill pans, and tend to be easier to clean.

Keep in mind, the best gloves don’t just protect your fingers and hands, but your forearms as well. Any glove over 10 inches in length will provide good coverage if you reach into a barbecue or graze a hot surface, and some can be folded back if you prefer a shorter style. Long gloves also offer the benefit of helping you safely grip and reposition logs in a fire pit or fireplace, making them a super versatile option to have around the house.

Editor’s note: When cooking with high heat, always follow the safety instructions on both your grill and your gloves, and use caution.

No matter where you’re using your barbecue, the best BBQ gloves can protect you from unpleasant burns, and help you feel confident working around a fire. Keep scrolling, they’re rounded up below.

1. The overall best BBQ gloves

The multi-layer construction of these gloves from RAPICCA includes a double layer of Kevlar leather padding, composite, and flame-retardant cotton to defend against temperatures as high as 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The generous 16-inch-long construction makes them ideal for super-hot barbecues or fire pits that can otherwise scorch wrists and forearms, and they can be used to handle hot grill grates, surfaces, tools, and even food. RAPICCA offers one of the highest-rated pairs of heat-proof gloves available, and the durable design is even rated for use by welders and tradespeople who handle super hot appliances.

According to one reviewer: “These barbecue grill gloves have been tremendous working with cast iron roasting pans and cooking in general. The heat does not seep through and they are very flexible. They are a suede like material, so we have avoided contacting anything wet.”

2. The runner-up: A slightly cheaper option

Also rated to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, these slightly more affordable grill gloves are another great option, albeit, not quite as well reviewed. Made from genuine leather and Kevlar-insulated fabric, these gloves are 16 inches in length similar to the pair above. Like the RAPICCA grill gloves, these are even safe for use by welders working in extreme temperatures. These come in two lengths, including a 14-inch and a 16-inch length, so you can find the perfect one for your hands. These gloves are a hair thinner than the pair above (1.2 millimeters in thickness, compared to 1.5 millimeters), so they’re a bit less durable and resistant to tearing or punctures. But, they come with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you run into any issues.

According to one reviewer: “I work in a restaurant and I use these to fix the grill when I need to I can put them on and fix it without turning the grill off its between 550° and 700° and it's on 16 hours a day so I got these and I have no chance of burning my arms I use them at least once a day. Definitely a good purchase.”

3. The best neoprene BBQ gloves

Made from non-flammable neoprene, these waterproof, BPA-free barbecue gloves from Heatsistance are another option to consider. Available in two sizes (large and extra-large) and in 14- and 18-inch lengths with a foldable cuff, they’re versatile enough for all-purpose grilling and smoking jobs, as well as handling flames, hot surfaces, and even baking pans. The fingers of the glove have a nonslip textured surface so you can maintain control, even if items are wet or greasy. Heatsistance’s glove are rated to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be washed if dirtied with marinades or fat.

According to one reviewer: “These work very well for BBQing. Very heat resistant. You can take the meat directly off the smoker. I have very large hands and these fit perfectly.”

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