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Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6 release date, time, plot, and trailer for HBO’s sci-fi show

How will the Avenue 5 escape the missile heading its way?


Captain Ryan is no more. Supreme Leader Ryan is the “new” man in charge. While the Avenue 5’s inhabitants have been busy dealing with internal problems recently, an external threat is coming straight for them. How will they deal with their impending doom this time? Ahead of Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6, here’s everything you need to know.

When is the Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6 release date?

Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6, titled “Intoxicating Clarity,” lands on HBO and HBO Max on Monday, November 14.

What is the Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6 release time?

Avenue 5 airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO and HBO Max.

Judd, Spike, and Billie try to negotiate with those down on Earth.


How many episodes left are in Avenue 5 Season 2?

Avenue 5 Season 2 features eight episodes in total. Following this week’s installment, there will be two episodes remaining in the season.

What is the plot of Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6?

Lucas informs the crew of their impending doom.


Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6, “Intoxicating Clarity,” will show the crew and passengers adjusting to life under their new benign dictator. There still appears to be a missile from Earth on track to hit the ship. However, a lucky discovery might just turn the tide in their favor and give them a way out.

Who is in the cast for Avenue 5 Season 2?

The cast of Avenue 5 is bursting with comedic talent. The sci-fi comedy stars Hugh Laurie (Captain Ryan Clark), Zach Woods (Matt Spencer), Lenora Crichlow (Billie McEvoy), Suzy Nakamura (Iris Kimura), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Rav Mulcair), Josh Gad (Herman Judd), Andy Buckley (Frank Kelly), Rebecca Front (Karen Kelly), Kyle Bornheimer (Doug), Jessica St. Clair (Mia), Ethan Phillips (Spike), Adam Palsson (Mads), and Arsher Ali (Lucas).

Is there a trailer for Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 6?

Yes, there is a Season 2 Episode 6 preview available exclusively on HBO’s website. It shows Ryan patrolling around as the ship’s commander with Iris at his side. Billie and Judd watch resentfully and complain about his leadership position. Matt is becoming increasingly anarchic and potentially trying to stage another uprising. Meanwhile, Rav discovers an asteroid nearby that’s full of lithium, which Judd (dressed up like a character from the fictional TV series about the Avenue 5 for some reason) tries to use as leverage while talking with Lucas.

What happened in Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 5?

In Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 5, “Let’s Play with Matches,” the passengers officially remove Ryan and Judd from being in charge. Ryan, for one, is fine with this, because it means he won’t be held responsible for anything anymore. After sending Ryan and Judd to a storage room, where they will sit in isolation, the passengers organize themselves into committees in order to provide structure and leadership for the ship, but everything quickly descends into chaos.

Elena and Charles go to free Ryan, hoping he can help the situation, and he suggests holding a democratic election to decide who will be the new president of the ship. This plan backfires, though, as the people who step up as candidates are either unpopular or wildly incapable.

Of those running, there’s Matt, Billie, Rav, Iris, Frank, briefly Karen, and Isaac, a charismatic patent attorney. Ryan tries to endorse some of them, but they each end up failing and losing the voters’ confidence. The increasingly popular choice among the passengers, it’s revealed, is Nathan the cannibal, to Ryan’s distress. Isaac then makes the case that everyone should vote for Ryan, with the absurd reasoning that he has the potential to be like “TV Ryan,” the heroic fictional portrayal of him on a television series. Ryan wants anything but being put back in charge, but the crowd loves it and he is swiftly reinstated as the leader.

A missile is headed toward the Avenue 5 ship.


Meanwhile, down on Earth, Lucas is called to meet with a council from the Office of the Other President of the United States made up of young descendants of present-day tech CEOs, such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. They proceed to tell Lucas that they are going to “sunset” the Avenue 5, which essentially means shooting a missile into space to destroy the ship.

Will there be an Avenue 5 Season 3?

Avenue 5 has yet to be renewed by HBO. Show creator Armando Iannucci did say, however, that he is interested in further developing the story of the ill-fated spaceship in an interview with Inverse.

While waiting for more regarding Season 3, you can enjoy the comedic chaos that will no doubt ensue in the final three episodes of this season, which air each week on Monday night on HBO and HBO Max.

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