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Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 2 release date, time, plot, cast, and trailer for HBO’s sci-fi comedy

The spaceship is headed straight for the Sun.

Hugh Laurie as Ryan Clark in season 2 of the Avenue TV show

Five long months after we last saw the disastrous galactic cruise, things are still a mess for those aboard the Avenue 5. And undoubtedly, the characters of Veep-creator Armando Iannucci’s sci-fi comedy will have more to deal with than just standard space travel mishaps.

As if the revelation that the trip is now projected to be eight years long wasn’t bad enough, the luxury space-liner appears to be traveling full speed on a collision course into the Sun after yet another mishap. Up until now, the crew of the Avenue 5 have managed to keep the majority of the ship’s passengers in the dark about their catastrophic mistakes. However, it looks like the secret is out — and it hasn’t exactly been delivered in the way that the staff had hoped.

Heading into Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 2 to see what else will inevitably go wrong, here’s everything you need to know.

What happened in Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 1?

In Season 2 Episode 1, “No One Wants an Argument About Reality,” Captain Ryan Clark still hasn’t informed passengers about the 8-year, disastrously off-route revelation of last season. And while everyone knows that the journey has been somewhat prolonged, the onboard customers still anticipate arriving back on Earth soon. Given the unexpected travel extension, there’s also a food shortage. Meanwhile, billionaire ship owner Herman Judd mingles among the guests, pretending he doesn’t know anything about it.

In a crew boardroom meeting, Rav, the head of mission control, presents a plan to deal with the lack of supplies, which basically entails starving half of the passengers. With no other options, Rav and Matt, the head of customer relations, decide to reveal their extended trip through passenger Frank’s popular cooking show. In Frank’s cabin, Rav and Matt accidentally reveal to Frank’s wife Karen (who is responsible for the 8-year controls mishap of last season) that she has been locked in her room for the past five months by Frank under the pretense that everyone on the ship hates her, while in reality, no one actually knows of her mistake.

Andy Buckley as Frank Kelly in Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 1.


Back on Earth, associate owner Iris Kimura appears on a talk show to tell everyone that the United States isn’t helping Avenue 5 return home from its perilous journey and that no one aboard the ship knows, because communications are down. It turns out, though, that Iris is actually responsible for shutting down coms, as a way to keep passengers ignorant. A new character, Lucas, discovers this and then takes over operations to bring the ship home, fixing the com delay and inform the new journey length to all of those aboard. Iris tries to warn Judd, but a few passengers overhear and begin to panic.

Meanwhile, as Captain Clark has finally built up the courage to tell everyone, another crisis interrupts him. While on a tour of the engineering back rooms, the spoiled kids of a rich passenger press a bunch of buttons and accidentally lock in the ship onto a route headed towards the Sun. The episode ends with an emergency alert sounding and everything breaking out into chaos.

When is the release date for Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 2?

The second episode of Avenue 5, “What an Unseasonal Delight,” lands on HBO and HBO Max on Monday, October 17.

What is the release time for Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 2?

Avenue 5 airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO and HBO Max.

How many episodes are in Avenue 5 Season 2?

Avenue 5 Season 2 will consist of eight episodes total, released each week on Monday. After this week’s episode, there will be six remaining in the season.

What is the plot of Avenue 5 Season 2 Episode 2?

The second episode of Season 2 will likely deal with the aftermath of the panic caused by the reveal that the Avenue 5 is headed straight toward Sun, as well as the actual problem of the new collision course. With communications back on and a new figure in charge of on-Earth operations, what else will the passengers figure out about the perilous voyage, and how will they respond? It doesn’t bode well for Captain Clark, owner Judd, and the other crew members, who will now have to face the consequences of their shady actions and the wrath of the Avenue 5 passengers.

Josh Gad as billionaire Herman Judd in Avenue 5.


Who is in the cast for Avenue 5 Season 2?

Hugh Laurie stars as Captain Ryan Clark, the man in charge of the ill-fated spaceship. Other members of the comedic cast include Josh Gad as spineless billionaire owner Herman Judd, Zach Woods as Head of Customer Relations Matt Spencer, Lenora Crichlow as second engineer Billie McEvoy, Suzy Nakamura as associate owner Iris Kimura, Nikki Amuka-Bird as head of mission control Rav Mulcair, Andy Buckley and Rebecca Front as passengers Frank and Karen Kelly, and Arsher Ali as Lucas, a new character from the Office of the Other President come to take over Avenue 5 operations.

Is there a trailer for Avenue 5 Season 2?

While there isn’t an Episode 2-specific trailer for what’s to happen next, HBO released a Season 2 promo teasing more of what is to come, including passenger riots, absurd media coverage on Earth, a wedding, and general panic as the ship heads on its burning path into the sun.

Will there be an Avenue 5 Season 3?

No official announcement has been made regarding the renewal of the sci-fi satire series from HBO or show creator Armando Iannucci, though he told Inverse he’d like to keep the series going.

Until anything more about the galactic show comes to light, you can watch how the catastrophic voyage unfolds with each new weekly episode of Avenue 5 Season 2, which airs every Monday night on HBO and HBO Max.

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