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How Sony's Spider-Woman movie changes Avengers 5 for the better

This new hero could play a big role in an upcoming MCU plotline.

The Marvel Universe has been dormant over the last several months, as the effects of production delays rippled their way throughout the entertainment industry. Now, it looks like negotiations for upcoming films are slowly beginning to resume. Olivia Wilde will direct a female-led Marvel movie, and hinted on Twitter it will feature someone from the Spider-Verse. If she's going to introduce Spider-Woman to the MCU, that could have a seriously mind-blowing impact on the next big team-up movie, Avengers 5.

Spider-Woman's has a murky beginning in in Marvel Comics. After Marvel was sued over a character named Wonder Man, Stan Lee realized gender-swapped counterparts were a hot commodity, and Spider-Woman made her debut in 1977. She wasn't just a copyright hold, though. She was given her own 50-issue series, and starred in her own cartoon in 1979.

Like many superheroes, the Spider-Woman name has been used by multiple individuals, but the original and most prolific of these is Jessica Drew, who had a "spider serum" injected into her by her scientist father. This was later retconned to simply be a DNA ray that affected young Jessica in utero, but in both stories she was recruited by HYDRA and trained in combat.

Jessica Drew's original origin story.

Marvel Comics

Jessica's interactions with the Avengers began with The New Avengers in a 2005 run of comics. After a long bout of powerlessness, Jessica seemed to have her abilities under control and was ready to join up with the New Avengers. This collaboration was ruined when Jessica was revealed to actually be Veranke, a Skrull queen who had impersonated Jessica while the true Spider-Woman was in Skrull captivity.

Considering the Skrull reveal post-credits scene at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it's likely that the Secret Invasion storyline will play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future. It's not too hard to imagine how Olivia Wilde's Spider-Woman movie could move the cinematic Spider-Verse in the same direction.

Empress Veranke revealed as Spider-Woman in 'New Avengers #40'

Marvel Comics

Considering the blatantness of Wilde's tweet it looks likely her upcoming film will in fact feature Spider-Woman, but it's not a sure thing. Spider-Man affiliated properties have always had a tenuous relationship within the MCU due to uneasy relationships between Disney and Sony, but considering Tom Holland as Spider-Man isn't going anywhere, things look good for a hypothetical Spider-Woman.

Spider-Woman's situation prior to joining the New Avengers would be a new take for the MCU. Jessica's had her powers as long as she can remember, so there won't be any learning curve like other Spider-Man incarnations we've seen in movies over the years.

Her use as a Skrull mole also brings in a new element: a dual personality. It would be a challenging role, but countless actresses would jump at the chance to become an Avenger, especially if it means playing a hero and a villain.

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