The Most Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Saga of the Decade Is Finally Coming to TV

It’s time for a TV show about a robot who just wants to watch his own TV shows.

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Between the corporate satire of Severance, the alternate history of For All Mankind, the post-apocalyptic dystopia of Silo, and the classic vibes of Foundation, Apple TV+ has become the go-to streamer for science fiction. It’s all but cornered the market on pulpy sci-fi stories that would be risky on other platforms, but are giving Apple’s sci-fi-loving audience more of what they crave.

But being on top doesn’t mean you can stop trying, and Apple’s latest foray into sci-fi will adapt an exciting and experimental book series that could give them another genre hit.

Deadline reports Apple TV+ has picked up Murderbot, a ten-episode series based on the popular Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. The books follow a security robot whose AI has become aware of itself and its surroundings. While it encounters and empathizes with humans, and ultimately goes on a wide variety of adventures with them, it really just wants to watch the vast archive of soap operas it has access to. It can also fight when called upon, although it’s less murderous than its name implies.

The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Murderbot Diaries.

Tor Books

It seems the TV series will keep the books’ comedic bent, as American Pie co-directors Paul and Chris Weitz will serve as writers, directors, and producers. Succession scene-stealer Alexander Skarsgård will executive produce, and star as the Murderbot itself.

The Weitzs have the chops for the series’ dramatic side, too. Chris Weitz wrote the screenplays for Rogue One and The Creator, while Paul Weitz wrote and directed the 2009 fantasy film Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. This combination of tones should make them a solid choice to oversee such a unique sci-fi story.

Alexander Skarsgard will play the dour but well-meaning Murderbot.

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Murderbot gives Apple TV+ another established brand to work with, while sticking with the tone of golden-age science fiction that’s worked well for it so far. Only time will tell if this is another hit, but of all the sci-fi shows Apple has on the go, this might just turn out to be the most intriguing.

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