Rebel with a cause

Andor theory reveals the dark side of a classic Star Wars hero

The senator secretly fighting the Empire may be forced to make a terrible decision.

Andor may be the story of Cassian Andor, Rebel hero and Rogue One martyr, but it’s also about the birth of the Rebellion. One of its founders is Mon Mothma, the stately senator who’s busy shmoozing Imperial generals and Palpatine’s allies even though she dispises their ideology.

Within Mon Mothma’s story, all the pieces are in place for a no-holds-barred spy thriller. But will that mean severing ties with a major ally? This fan theory suggests just that.

Mon Mothma finds a kindred spirit in Chandrilan banker and old friend Tay Kolma, seeing him as a possible financial fixer for the Rebel effort. She speaks to him carefully, ensuring no one at her party — not even her husband — overhears them. He seems receptive to the suggestion, but the stakes are high.

Mon Mothma reconnects with old friend Tay Kolma.


The ISB is cracking down on rebellious behavior in the wake of the Aldhani heist, which indirectly gets Cassian six years in prison. But Mon Mothma is more likely to feel the direct effects. It’s clear they’re looking for her collaborator, Luthen, who the security bureau has nicknamed Axis.

Redditor Optix_au suggests Mon Mothma will either actively or passively steer investigators into believing that Tay is Axis. Mothma’s husband, Perrin, is already suspicious of her relationship with Tay, albeit probably for typical jealous husband reasons, not guerrilla warfare reasons. Still, he may try to get Tay into trouble, which Mon Mothma will have to tolerate and even encourage to keep Luthen safe.

This would be both a heartbreaking decision for Mon Mothma, and an excellent thematic decision for the series. From the start, Andor has been about how its characters prioritize their support for the burgeoning Rebellion. Is it worth giving up a friend? An ally? A life? Throwing Tay under the AT-ST may be just what Mon Mothma needs to realize how important this movement is... and how committed she is to it.

Perrin looks suspicious of Mon Mothma and Tay.


It’s sad that Tay, the well-meaning philanthropist, may become part of the Rebellion’s collateral damage, but Mon Mothma knows the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance. Innocent people will have to suffer, but the Rebels will see that as a small price to pay when millions are suffering under the Empire.

Considering the seriousness of this theory, it’s unlikely to unfold until the last few episodes of Andor, but we may see some hints over the next few weeks. Rebellion is a dangerous business, and these characters will likely learn that the hard way.

Andor premieres new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

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