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How the Andor finale's best twist changes everything in Season 2

Cassian is finally becoming the man we know.

Andor Season 1 had a regimented structure where every few episodes formed an arc. But Episode 12, the Season 1 finale and the halfway point of the entire series, did much more than just finish yet another storyline. It braided together every plot point into one story that cements the Empire as suddenly under threat.

The episode also perfectly set up Season 2 by raising the stakes, establishing relationships, and zooming out beyond Ferrix. Here’s what the ending of Season 1 means for Star Wars as a whole.

In the last scenes of Andor Episode 12, we see the aftermath of the riot at Maarva’s funeral. There are plenty of casualties, but most of the players from Season 1 survive to fight another day. Andor finds Bix, who’s traumatized from the torture she suffered at the hands of the Empire, and manages to bring her to a transport ship heading off Ferrix.

Dedra is shocked to find herself rescued by office worker Syril Karn.


Meanwhile, Dedra Meero is saved from certain death by Andor’s favorite failson, Syril Karn. The two share an awkwardly intimate moment, implying they’ll pair up to hunt down Cassian. There is an open spot in the ISB, as Dedra’s adjutant ended up on the wrong side of Cinta’s knife.

Luthen Rael may have helped Cassian escape Morlana’s CorpSec and join the Aldhani raid, but now he knows too much. Luthen instructed Vel to kill Andor, then went to Ferrix to take matters into his own hands when Vel objected. However, the riot made that impossible, and Luthen bails on the job.

When Luthen prepares to leave Ferrix, he finds Cassian waiting for him with a simple proposition: “Kill me. Or take me in.” Luthen chooses the latter, making Cassian an official member of the nascent Rebellion.

Luthen realizes that Cassian is now completely devoted to the Rebellion.


When Luthen met Cassian, he was a selfish rogue whose skillset made him useful for one job. Now he’s willing to die for the war effort, and understands why that sacrifice could be necessary. Cassian is making the same choice Luthen did 15 years ago: From now on, the Rebellion rules his life.

It’s the perfect moment to end Season 1. We know Season 2 will lead to Rogue One, and Andor’s eventual sacrifice. This scene shows he’s been ready to make that sacrifice for years. When you’ve already made peace with the fact that your war is probably going to get you killed, going out a hero later feels not only inevitable, but invaluable.

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