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Ahsoka’s Coolest Tech May Be From A Mysterious Alien Species

It’s time to meet the Chiss.


Move aside, star destroyers, there’s a new threat in town. Ahsoka introduced us to new characters and new threats, but the most exciting addition was a hyperspace ring called the Eye of Sion. That’s a reference to the Sith lord Darth Sion from the non-canonical Legends timeline, who happened to have a deformed eye.

The Eye of Sion is supposedly the key to bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn back from the distant Unknown Regions. But could Thrawn’s species have contributed to the technology that’s supposed to save him?

The Eye of Sion looks quite different from the technology used by the Republic or Empire, and Redditor O1h_2007 suggests that’s because it’s made by a different culture. Thrawn’s species, the Chiss, occupy the Unknown Regions, and they haven’t played much of a canonical role so far. It’s possible their technology is more advanced than anything the New Republic has.

The bridge of the Eye of Sion looks different from anything we’ve seen in Star Wars.


Ahsoka Episode 2 showed us the Eye of Sion’s bridge, and its interior is quite striking. The episode took particular care to highlight the holograms of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati which, unlike the blue holograms seen elsewhere in the franchise, had a green tinge with gold details. This heavily implies the technology comes from outside of known space, and Thrawn’s species are as good a potential source as any.

Concept art showing Thrawn on the bridge of his ship adds more credence to this theory, as its flowing golden interior looks completely different from the dark and brutal aesthetics of the Empire’s ships. Thrawn is considered a master strategist; it would make perfect sense for him to exploit his own species’ technological advantages.

The Eye of Sion could be used with a little help from Thrawn’s friends.


Morgan Elsbeth is convinced Thrawn was taken to an entirely different galaxy, and that the Eye of Sion is the only way to reach it. It’s conceivable the Chiss would lend their expertise to the effort to relocate Thrawn, which would give our villains a huge advantage over Ahsoka. And even if the Chiss as a whole remain MIA, their tech is clearly set to play a part in the rest of the season.

The Chiss may have been laying low in live-action Star Wars canon, but the Eye of Sion may be the key to adding an entirely new culture — and their imposing technology — to the universe.

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