'American Horror Story' Season 8 Finale Spoilers: Title Cards Reveal Clues

The four final episode titles have been revealed.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

With just over half the season complete, American Horror Story Season 8 has already been a wild ride. Apocalypse will feature just 10 episodes and after last week’s blockbuster crossover in “Return to Murder House,” fans likely have high hopes for the rest of the season. Now, we’re learning a bit more about the remaining episodes thanks to the release of their official titles.

At this point in Season 8 of AHS, viewers know that Michael Langdon is the Antichrist, and likely brought about the end of the world. In previous Apocalypse episode flashbacks, the warlocks at a school he attended tried to have him confirmed as the new Supreme, but many of the witches of Coven mobilized to try to stop his slow march towards ultimate apocalyptic power. These events may have set the stage for the final episodes, and hint at what their titles could signify.

AHS Season 8, Episode 7: Traitor

In a promo for the seventh episode of the eighth season of AHS: Apocalypse, it seems the witches and warlocks are at odds. The warlocks may even be trying to kill members of Cordelia Goode’s coven.

The title of the episode could imply that the warlocks betray the witches or the other way around. Or, perhaps a member of one of the factions betrays the rest of their group.

Of course, a totally different character, separate from the magic battle of wits, could be the “traitor” of episode 7 as well. Maybe it’s Mead, who Michael seems to trust. Or maybe there’s yet another flashback in this episode where we see Michael betray someone else. Anything could happen.

AHS Season 8, Episode 8: Sojourn

A sojourn is a “temporary stay,” or “to stay as a temporary resident,” according to Merriam-Webster. This could mean just about anything on Apocalypse.

For example, the students of the warlock school of the past are only there temporarily, and the residents of the outpost in the “present” timeline may not be there much longer either. But the title of this episode might not have anything to do with that location at all, and maybe some of the characters journey somewhere else and only stay briefly. That happened in “Return to Murder House,” after all.

AHS Season 8, Episode 9: Fire and Reign


This episode likely involves Michael’s rise to power between the flashbacks this season and the more current, apocalyptic timeline, or how his “reign” as the Antichrist began. I’m going to go ahead and guess that hellfire is a part of it, since the son of Satan is involved and all.

Reddit user knightsofavalon suggested that “I personally think that it’s also possible that “Fire and Reign” explains how the apocalypse was caused and what the cooperative is.” And many Reddit users believe this episode will fully return the show to the end of the world timeline after more flashbacks in Episodes 7 and 8.

AHS Season 8, Episode 10: Apocalypse Then

Likely a play on Apocalypse Now, most fans seems to agree this final episode of the season will be the big showdown between Michael and his adversaries, or explain how the witches thwart the end of the world that he’s brought about.

Many theories about how American Horror Story Season 8 will end involve time travel, hence the play on Apocalypse Now by replacing “Now” with “Then.”

“I’m thinking as “Apocalypse Then” is a clear play on “Apocalypse Now” maybe something is going to be done to change the past and stop the apocalypse before it even happens, rewriting history,” Reddit user PlasticWillow suggested.

Reddit user Boneil0898 wrote on the same thread that they believe, “Apocalypse Then” will have no flashbacks at all. It’ll dedicate the entirety of it’s runtime to the Witches v. Michael.”

In any case, the final episode of Apocalypse will probably be a big one, since it’s the finale and it’s not likely all the storylines that have been set up in these flashback episodes will be wrapped up entirely before then. The “Apocalypse Then” title opens up all sorts of possibilities that fans will have to form their own theories about before it finally airs.

American Horror Story airs at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on FX.

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