'Hotel Artemis' Looks Like a Star-Studded 'John Wick' Action-Comedy

What if 'John Wick' was funny?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the John Wick movies, aside from the excellent gunplay, is the compelling underground world navigated by assassins for hire with hotels that have their extreme rules. Drew Pearce, writer behind Iron Man 3, is building a similar universe with Hotel Artemis in which Jodie Foster’s nameless Nurse runs a hospital for injured criminals operating with its own set of similar rules.

The first trailer for Hotel Artemis debuted on Monday and in it, a star-studded ensemble cast of assassins and other violent criminals take shelter in the titular hotel, which might as well exist alongside the various branches of The Continental hotels in the John Wick movies. In the riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles of 2028, Hotel Artemis is a “secret hospital for criminals” that’s been around for decades because it’s built on “trust and rules.” Among those rules are “no insulting the staff” and “no weapons allowed” but the most glaring is “no killing the other patients.” Yes, these rules sound straight out of John Wick, but instead of just Keanu Reeves, we get a ton of recognizable stars that get to kick ass in what looks like an action-packed thrill ride that could rival even John Wick.

Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) and Nice (Sofia Boutella) share a tense, sexy moment in 'Hotel Artemis'.

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Hotel Artemis takes place seemingly all in one night in which Waikiki brings his wounded friend Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry) in for help after a heist goes awry, but he brings with him some kind of pen-shaped “portable vault” that’s “worth about $18 million.” The Wolf King (Jeff Goldblum) wants it, so he brings his hired muscle Ilya (Zachary Quinto) with him to take it by force, which is bad news for Acapulco (Charlie Day), Morgan (Jenny Slate), and Nice (Sofia Boutella) who are in the hotel that night for treatment. Oh, and Dave Bautista (Draz from Guardians of the Galaxy) plays Everest, a Nurse at the hotel who also serves as its enforcer. Everybody teams up to survive the night.

This whole film looks like utter high-tech chaos with some great action sequences, trading in the dour, depressive tones of John Wick for more cartoonish characters and enough punchlines to keep things light.

Hotel Artemis hits theaters on June 8, 2018 so you’ve got a very short wait if this film’s only just not making its way onto your radar.

Now if only we could get some kind of crossover movie in the pipeline, especially because after John Wick 2, our favorite bearded assassin is going to need somewhere else to get treatment.

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