The Ending of 'Castlevania' Doesn't Feel like One

Why are there only four episodes to the the first season?

A screenshot from the Netflix's Castlevania of the lead trio

The highly anticipated Castlevania debuted on Netflix July 7th, but the anime — adapted from a popular video game — confused fans with it’s extremely truncated run. With only four half-hour episodes and total runtime of 94 mins, many fans reached the end of Episode 4 wondering where the rest of it was.

*Mild spoilers for the show below.

While the pilot set up backstory for the show, and the subsequent three episodes introduced and brought together the show’s main trio, the series cut to black right before the team could do any real damage in the fight against Dracula and the army he raised from Hell. The four episodes felt like Act One of an epic tale, more of which was needed immediately. Netflix basically gave fans the heroes, but not the hero’s journey.

The good news is that Season 2 will not be OVA length, it’s confirmed for eight episodes already. There is no release date however, so it might be a while before fans see the magical Speaker, the Son of Dracula, and a Vampire Hunter try and save what’s left of Wallachia. No one knows whether Dracula will succeed in avenging the death of his human wife — or even whether the illustrious trio will even make into his castle for which the show and the game are named — but what we do know is that four episodes wasn’t nearly enough.

If Netflix is smart, they won’t won’t wait long to release Season 2, the last thing fans need is an Attack on Titan level hiatus with years passing between seasons. Until then, all we have are all the original games and these sad and confused tweets.

Castlevania is now streaming on Netflix.

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