Everything you need to know about Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part One from our review and director interview to explainers and the latest on Part Two.

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Dune: Part Two release date, cast, and plot for the epic sci-fi sequel

Here is everything you need to know about the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune.

Walk Without Rhythm

The secret reason Christopher Walken was destined to play the Emperor in Dune: Part II

The casting of Shaddam IV was foretold... in the year 2000.

Cowboys and Time Travel

Outer Range does time travel better than Back to the Future for one brilliant reason

What happens when you don’t have a time machine?

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Everything we know about 'Dune: The Sisterhood'

Brush up on your Bene Gesserit.

Video Game Previews

Dune: Spice Wars feels lost in the sands of Arrakis

There’s such a thing as too complicated.

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Dune: Part 2 finds its perfect Princess Irulan with Florence Pugh

The Dune sequel just cast its most important character.


It's time to abolish the fat villain trope

From Dune's Baron Harkonnen to Star Wars’ Jabba the Hutt, pop culture has a long history of demonizing fat people.

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Why Dune could — and should — change Oscar award history

A science-fiction film has never won best picture. Is Dune the chosen one?

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2022 Oscar nominations: Science fiction fans have already won

In a competitive year, Denis Villeneuve's fantasy epic swept the technical categories, but can Dune win best picture?

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'Boba Fett' finally confirms a mind-blowing Star Wars-Dune connection

The similarities between Star Wars and Dune are endless, but 'The Book of Boba Fett' just revealed arguably the most important one yet.

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'Dune' Blu-ray special features reveal Part 1’s secret weapon

Boba Time

'Boba Fett' is finally fixing the most annoying trope in Star Wars history

Star Wars has always been the story of the Skywalkers. 'Boba Fett' is changing that for the better.

Boba Time

Boba Fett is finally fixing the worst thing Star Wars stole from Dune

44 years later, The Book of Boba Fett is fixing one of George Lucas’ biggest mistakes.

Game Awards

Everything you need to know about the Dune: Spice Wars video game

A Dune RTS for a new generation.

The Trek Must Flow

Star Trek canon just stole the best thing from Dune

In "Choose to Live," the fiercest Romulan warriors have new layers.

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Dune (2021) trailer: Release date, rumors, leaks, and everything we know

The trailers must flow. Here’s everything to know about the highly-anticipated trailer for the sci-fi blockbuster.