You've Probably Never Heard of These Random, Clever Things That Are So Damn Useful & Have Near-Perfect Reviews

Why bother with anything less than rave reviews?

Written by Veronika Kero
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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of picking up an item that you never knew existed but instantly fixes little headaches, covers eyesores, and makes household tasks easier — and that joy is exactly why these products all have tons of five-star ratings and glowing reviews. Whether you’re looking for clever home improvement products or even things that make hosting easier, this list has everything you didn’t know that you needed. But make sure to act fast: These random-but-beloved products are all so budget-friendly that they won’t stay in stock for long.


This Mini Table That Clamps onto Your Couch

Keep your phone, remote, and drink close with this sofa arm table that slides over the arm of a chair or couch to create a sturdy, stable surface. There’s no assembly required and reviewers report it works well for couch arms that run six to eight inches in width.


These Wireless LED Lights That Run for 100 Hours on a Set of Batteries

You don’t need to hire an expensive contractor — just pick up this three-pack of wireless LED lights that come with screws and adhesive tape (use whichever you prefer). They’re just over one inch tall, so they almost disappear under cabinets, along stairwells, or in your closet. They last 100 hours on three AA batteries and can be controlled with the included remote and even set on a timer.


This Pack of Steamers That Make Your Showers Better

Up the spa vibes of your bathroom by placing one of the aromatherapy shower steamers in this variety pack in the corner of your shower. The six essential oil-based scents they release include lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and more. The steamers are safe for your drains and won’t stain your tub or tile.


A Popular Sticky Cleaning Gel with 64,000+ Reviews

This useful cleaning gel can be used to detail your car by getting into tiny cracks and crevices to fish out dust and debris. It’s also great to use on vents or keyboards, leaving behind a light and sweet fragrance. One reviewer raved, “I cleaned the computer keyboard, the phone buttons, my calculator, the keyboard for my iPad, the keyboard for my laptop, the credit card terminal, the TV remote, the cupholder on my car, you name it.”


A Soothing Joint & Muscle Cream Reviewers Describe As Amazing

Made with nourishing ingredients like vitamin B6 and arnica, this unscented joint and muscle cream soothes discomfort without leaving behind a greasy residue. Reviewers reported using it to manage arthritis or carpal tunnel but it can also be used on the back, shoulders, knees, or feet. One fan raved, “I have had this product for less than 48 hours and I am absolutely amazed at how well it works! [...] I would absolutely recommend giving this a try.”


This Reusable Fur & Hair Remover with 103,000+ 5-Star Reviews

This pet hair remover slides over fabrics and other surfaces to remove fur and hair from upholstery and clothes with ease. There are no sticky sheets to fumble with (or pay for) and the roller can be emptied straight into the trash. A whopping 103,000+ reviewers have given it a five-star review, including one fan who wrote, “Now I have the secret weapon needed to finally battle the fur and win!”


This Compact Charging Dock That Comes with 5 Cables

Neaten your desk or bedside table with this non-slip charging dock that comes with five short (tangle-free) cables, including two AP USB cables, two micro USB cables, and one type-C cable. Each port is separated by removable dividers to hold devices in place and is equipped with an LED light that indicates when the battery is charged.


These Easy-to-Use Tablets That Deep-Clean Your Dishwasher

This dishwasher cleaner powers through limescale and mineral buildup to improve your dishwasher’s efficiency. Run one of the tablets through a wash cycle to clean everything from the machine’s pump and valve to the internal hoses (and the tub). The pouch contains six tablets, which should last six months with the brand’s recommended monthly use. One reviewer commented, “Super impressed how it cleaned my dishwasher in one go - and we have very hard water.”


A Mildew-Resistant Bath Pillow That’s Machine Washable

Equipped with six strong suction cups on the back, you can (literally) rest assured that this bath pillow won’t budge. The quilted mesh drains well to avoid growing mold and mildew, and it comes with a bag for cleaning it in the washing machine to keep it fresh. Maximize airflow between uses by hanging it from the hook at the top.


This White Noise Machine Reviewers Say Is Worth Every Penny

Pick up this compact white noise machine to make it easier to sleep — even while traveling. It’s less than three inches tall, weighs under six ounces, and can be powered via the included AC/USB power cord or AA batteries (not included). You can choose between six different sounds and set it on a timer. One reviewer wrote, “I have had this machine for almost a year and it was worth every penny! [...] It can get very loud or be extremely soft.”


A Touch-Control Lamp That Can Charge 2 Devices

There’s no fumbling around looking for a switch with this bedside lamp; tap the wooden base to turn it on and off and adjust the brightness between three different levels. With a 4.6-star overall rating, this popular lamp will streamline your end table too — it can charge two devices via two USB ports built into the base. Its modern design comes in 11 different colors.


This TikTok-Famous 2-in-1 Touchscreen Cleaner

You’ll want to keep this touchscreen cleaner in every bag, car, and drawer. Use the cleaning spray to de-gunk screens and the microfiber wiping tool to leave behind a streak-free surface on your phone, laptop, and tablet. One reviewer wrote, “I saw so many videos on #cleantok with influencers using this gadget. Well worth the money and works super well.”


A Fan-Favorite Bamboo Charcuterie Board with a 4.8-Star Overall Rating

This is not your ordinary charcuterie board; it has a slide-out drawer equipped with four stainless steel cheese knives, and side grooves to keep your food in place. This scratch-resistant bamboo board is popular with reviewers as a gift and one reviewer noted, “The board is well made and looks super nice. Love the hidden utensils drawer it's a really nice touch.”


This Under-$30 Sheet Set with 104,000+ 5-Star Reviews

With over 104,000 five-star reviews, you can’t miss these microfiber bed sheets. The set comes with four pillowcases and a flat and fitted sheet. Each of the six sizes has deep pockets to fit mattresses that are up to 16 inches thick. The soft fabric will keep you warm in the winter but is breathable enough for the summer. Choose between seven different neutrals that won’t fade in the wash.


This Drink Dispenser That Can Be Used With One Hand

Instead of lifting a heavy jug of juice or milk, use this drink dispenser to easily fill any cup or bowl. The pump fits most bottlenecks, and because all you have to do is tap, you can refill your glass with one hand. The trigger lock makes sure that nothing accidentally leaks or spills. It would also work well for parties and a three-pack is available in the same listing.


A Set of Weatherproof Flashlights with Magnetic Bases

This set of two magnetic flashlights can help you get a variety of jobs done — their strong bases can stick to metal surfaces (like a grill or car hood) and their flexible goosenecks direct the LED light exactly where you need it. They’re weather-resistant so you can use them outdoors and the set includes six AAA batteries to power both flashlights.


A Stackable Velvet Box That Protects Sunglasses, Jewelry & More

This velvet glasses box prevents scratches and keeps glasses, sunglasses, and other small valuables organized. The long slots are perfectly made to fit sunglasses but can also be used for watches or smaller jewelry as well. It’s made to be stackable and there are lots of different options within the listing to hold rings, earrings, necklaces, and more.


This Energy-Saving Draft Stopper That Can Be Trimmed to Fit

Your electricity and heating costs will drop thanks to the thick foam in this draft stopper that seals the gap beneath your door — it can adjust to cover gaps of up to 1.3 inches. And because it’s attached with a Velcro strip, it’s easy to transfer from door to door or remove between uses. It can be trimmed to fit any door with a width of up to 36 inches and is available in four colors within the listing to match your door.


This Ergonomic Mat with Nearly an Inch of Supportive Padding

With almost an inch of cushioning, this anti-fatigue mat gives your feet a supportive base while you wash dishes or work at your standing desk. The foam core is durable but flexible to handle daily use. And thanks to the beveled edges, it won’t trip you either. It’s available in four sizes and six colors within the listing.


The 24-Karat Gold Undereye Masks Reviewers Call a Game-Changer

These soothing undereye patches can smooth and brighten the delicate skin under your eyes. They can be used on any skin type: just leave them on for 20 minutes to reveal a beautiful glow. One shopper wrote, “This product is a game changer. I’m Obsessed. AMAZING. [...] I keep my eye “masks” in the refrigerator. [...] They work! Puffiness, wrinkles, etc.. improved exceedingly.”


A Clamping Colander Reviewers Say Is Their Favorite New Kitchen Tool

This silicone strainer takes up half the space while doing the same job as a traditional colander. The strong side clips clamp onto any pot, pan, or bowl and the food-grade material is heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’re done, it’s safe to pop it in the dishwasher. One reviewer wrote, “My absolute favorite new kitchen gadget. [...] I [love] the color options. Very easy to clean.”


A Compact Ring Toss Game With a Bottle Opener

This ring toss game takes just five minutes to set up and can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s easy to learn but is a challenge to master and it features a built-in magnetic bottle opener that collects caps. There are 10 other designs available within the listing, including tabletop versions.


A Surprisingly Slim Wallet That Can Still Hold 11 Cards

This slim wallet somehow has enough room to store 11 cards and cash in its attached money clip. It’s equipped with RFID-blocking technology and comes in an array of 14 different colors and finishes, including one with a fun orange interior. This fan-favorite has over 75,000 five-star reviews.


An Eye-Catching Umbrella That Can Stand on Its Own

This reverse umbrella has a beautiful floral decoration or pop of color on the interior and an inverted folding frame. It stands on its own to drain, has a break-resistant fiberglass frame, and has a rustproof handle made of durable steel. One reviewer wrote, “This inverted umbrella makes getting in and out of your car a breeze- the water stays inside the umbrella and not all over you like traditional umbrellas. The quality and workmanship are excellent.”


This Drink Dispenser Set That’s Less Than $30

This budget-friendly set of gallon-sized drink dispensers comes with a strong metal stand, so you’ll have everything you need for your next party or gathering. The glass jars can be filled with batch drinks like lemonade, sangria, or cucumber water. Your guests will appreciate that the pumps are easy to control with one hand.


A Pet Brush That Attaches To a Hose Or Showerhead

This dog (or cat) bath brush offers a gentle flow that is more convenient than using a cup for rinsing. It comes with two different adapters so you can attach it to a hose or showerhead. The wraparound silicone piece has an adjustable strap, and pet parents say it works well for long fur and double-coat breeds. One fan wrote, “The nozzles [...] get down to the skin and underneath [our border collie’s] dense coat. [...] It's really easy and fast to use.”


This Electric Kettle That Boils Water in 3 Minutes

This electric kettle boils water in as little as three minutes. One reviewer raved, “We have gone through about a million electric kettles at this point, and this by far has the smartest design,” before going on to explain that the glass spout and interior parts don’t gather limescale like similar models. Its stainless steel parts (the filter, lid, and heating plate) prevent off flavors and it has a wide opening for easy cleaning.


A Stick & Place Shelf That Holds 15 Pounds With 22,000+ 5-Star Reviews

A whopping 90% of reviewers on Amazon gave this sleek shower caddy a five-star review. It’s made from stainless steel to resist rust and scratches, and it comes with a strong adhesive strip that can hold up to 15 pounds. It can also be used to hold spices and kitchen tools, and it comes with four removable hooks that are perfect for hanging spatulas and spoons.


This Donut-Shaped Pillow with a Washable Cover

This ergonomic donut pillow is a great addition to any chair. Its unique shape relieves pressure and can even improve your posture. It’s filled with thick memory foam and covered in gel grooves (for a cooling effect) and velour (for additional softness). The cover can be removed and washed so that it always feels and looks as good as new.


These Highly Rated Non-Slip Socks That Come in Lots of Colors

Not only are these cotton no-show socks designed to be breathable, but they also prevent sliding on hard floors. Covered in non-slip grips from toe to heel, they’re the perfect pair to wear to your next barre or pilates class — or lounging around the house. They’re available in 14 different color combinations and four sizes to fit shoe sizes ranging from 6.5 to 13.


The Pasta Maker Reviewers Have Fallen in Love with

Make spaghetti and fettucini noodles ranging in thickness from two to six millimeters with this steel alloy pasta press. A table clamp keeps the machine in place as you use the smooth-turning crank. One reviewer wrote, “I’ve definitely fallen in love. [...] This is a great tool to have in your kitchen and I definitely recommend you add it to your collection.” Pair it with a ravioli stamp to try even more recipes.


This Foot Peel Mask Reviewers Call a Miracle

Slip into a pair of these foot peel masks to rid your feet of calluses and cracks. These sock-shaped masks are easy to move around in and take just an hour to begin to slough away dead skin so that you’re left with baby-smooth heels within as little as one to two weeks. One shopper wrote, “I recently had a deep crack develop in my heel and it hurt like crazy. [...] IT IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE. After one application, my feet have [...] beautiful smooth skin!”


These Pimple Patches with 86,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Pat on one of these pimple patches to soothe acne while you sleep. The nearly translucent hydrocolloid stickers absorb gunk so that you wake up with a flatter and less irritated blemish. One fan wrote, “It drains them safely and quickly. They also serve as a ‘bandage’ to prevent picking/touching, getting infected, or friction or sweat from wearing masks.”


Some Trimmable Oven Rack Shields to Protect Your Arms

To prevent accidents, wrap these trimmable oven rack protectors over the outermost bars. The heat-resistant silicone will shield your arms and hands from getting burned when reaching in to pull out food. This pack comes with three pieces so you have enough to cover each rack.


These Sheets That Make Produce Last Up to 4 Times Longer

Simply place these food-saver sheets near your veggies, fruits, and greens to keep them fresh for up to four times longer. Each piece contains botanicals and they are food-safe, as well as BPA- and plastic-free. They can be used in the fridge or in a fruit bowl and each sheet lasts about a month, meaning the package should last eight months.


An Over-The-Door Dispenser That Can Hold up to 30 Bags

Keep things tidy with this grocery bag dispenser that can hang over any cabinet door. It’s easy to fill from the top and grab bags from the bottom. The sturdy stainless steel comes in a satin nickel or bronze finish, and the brackets are padded to protect the finish of your cabinet.


A Pair of $6 Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves with Anti-Slip Grips

There’s no need to expose your hands to cold weather to send a text with these touchscreen gloves. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are made with conductive, touchscreen-friendly yarn and the palm of each glove is covered in silicone grips. They’re available in 12 colors within the listing.


These Cheap Clog-Preventing Drain Stickers

To keep your pipes clog-free, grab these virtually invisible drain stickers. The strong adhesive on each sticker can last up to three weeks as it catches strands and allows water to flow through. This pack comes with 25 disposable pieces that end up costing less than 50 cents each. They also keep pests from coming up through drains.


A Durable Stainless Steel Milk Frother with 2 Speeds

Make your own fancy beverages at home with this milk frother. The handle is made of stainless steel and it has two different speeds to froth milk, beat eggs, mix matcha, or blend protein powder. Unlike other frothers, it can stand on its own on your counter.


A Cordless Water Flosser That Runs for 40 Days on Each Charge

This water flosser offers up to 40 days of gentle and effective cleaning (that removes 99.9% of plaque) off a single charge. The device has four different pressure levels and comes with six tips to target different issues, including a periodontal tip that focuses on the gums and jet tips for deep cleaning. It comes with a one-year warranty.


This Wood Repair Kit with Wax Sticks to Hide Scuffs

Use this wood repair kit to make your tables and chairs look new again. The kit comes with six markers and six wax crayons in a range of shades like cherry and mahogany — and a sharpener for the crayons. You can layer colors for a custom mix to fill in holes and scuffs and cover up discolorations and scratches.


These Rug Corner Grippers That Can Be Lifted for Cleaning

Pick up these rug corner grippers to keep rugs in place. They are made with three layers — a rug-safe adhesive, stiff plastic, and a sticky gel. The slip-free gel can be refreshed at any time with a swipe of rubbing alcohol. The foam tips let you lift the corners to clean around the edges of a rug with ease.


These Popular Floating Shelves That Can Be Used All over the House

These five-tier corner shelves can be stacked together or used to create multiple smaller shelving units. Each level can hold 11 pounds of toiletries in the bathroom, picture frames in the living room, or spices in the kitchen. They come in eight finishes, including a unique rustic blue, and they have earned over 41,000 five-star reviews.


These Mesh Wash Bags That Protect & Clean Sneakers

The honeycomb design of this mesh wash bag cleans stains and marks from sneakers in the washing machine. Water can easily flow in and out while the soft fabric protects shoes from damage and tangled laces — they also keep rubber marks from ending up on the walls of your washer and dryer. As a bonus, reviewers report it cuts down on noise during drying as well.


These Color-Changing Pouches That Make Fires Spectacular

Whether you’re in your living room or camping under the stars, these color-changing flame pouches will instantly make the night more exciting. Each of the 12 included pouches lasts an hour, and you can use up to three pouches at a time to increase vibrancy — larger sets are available in the listing. One reviewer noted that the “absolutely gorgeous colors get ooohs and ahhhs every time.”


A Highly Rated Drying Rack That Rolls Up When You’re Done With It

To keep counters clear and maximize space in your kitchen, stack dishes on this popular roll-up drying rack that drains right into the sink — it has a 4.8-star overall rating after 32,000 reviews. It rolls up neatly for storage and its strong steel bars are coated in silicone to make it slip-free, as well as rust- and heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Shoe Deodorizer to Keep Feet Smelling Fresh

This shoe deodorizer can be kept in your gym bag, car trunk, or even on your shoe rack. Its botanical ingredients include seven essential oils and 11 herbs like peppermint that freshen shoes. One reviewer noted that the scent isn’t overpowering, writing, “This spray neutralizes the odor and the fragrance is earthy woodsy peppermint.”


This Pantry Organizer That Makes Use of Wasted Space

This 24-slot over-the-door organizer can hold anything from small packets and bottles to larger items that fit in its three-inch-wide clear pockets. The top hooks are adjustable to fit over almost any door; it can also be used in a linen, bathroom, or bedroom closet to organize small items.


This Toiletry Bag That Even Holds & Organizes Full-Size Bottles

Hang this toiletry bag by the top hook to reveal the three tiers of products within — it’s even tall enough to hold full-size bottles. It has three zippered mesh pockets and an open main compartment to keep things organized, and the back of the bag opens to reveal multiple zippered pockets and Velcro and snaps to keep jewelry safe and tangle-free. Models without the jewelry organizer are also available within the listing.


This Knee Pillow For a Better Night’s Rest

The contours of this popular memory foam pillow can help with spine and hip alignment and it won’t lose its shape, even with daily use. The soft zippered cover is removable and machine washable. “I like the small size so it is easy to turn with. It is thick enough to allow my knees to almost touch without any pain,” wrote one shopper.

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