The 6 best gooseneck tablet holders in 2021

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by Vanessa Spilios
best gooseneck tablet holders

Gooseneck tablet holders give you the flexibility to access an almost infinite number of angles for easy, hands-free viewing, and they’re a major upgrade to your digital life. The best gooseneck tablet holders offer at least 12 inches of bendable length, and they come in a range of styles, so you can attach them to your desk, set them up on the floor, or even suction them to your car dashboard.

The first thing to consider is where and how you plan to use your tablet. The majority of options use an adjustable clamp to anchor the holder to a flat surface like a desk, table, or headboard. These holders are generally more affordable, and they work well for anything from FaceTiming to watching movies in bed to following recipes in the kitchen. That being said, you can also opt for a freestanding holder with a weighted base that sits on the floor, or one that has wheels for more mobility, but keep in mind these tend to be more expensive. If you want to use your tablet in a car, you can opt for a suction-style holder that conveniently attaches to windshields and dashboards for easy navigation while driving.

Next, you’ll want to consider size. Basic gooseneck tablet holders have necks in the 30- to 34-inch range, but you can also opt for one with a neck as short as 12 inches. This will still give you a degree of angling versatility, but it’ll be more compact to store and easier to travel with. Also be sure that the holder itself is compatible with your device. Some can handle tablets up to 18.4 inches large, while others are versatile enough to use with smartphones as well.

No matter where you plan to use your tablet, you can let a gooseneck holder do the work for you, while giving your hands and neck a well-deserved break. Here are six that work for a variety of scenarios.

1. The overall best

  • Key specs: 34.6-inch neck, works with phones and tablets, clamps to flat surfaces up to 2.8 inches

Details: The Lamicall adjustable gooseneck tablet holder boasts a 34.6-inch gooseneck arm that can be bent and twisted into a variety of positions, and it’s wrapped in faux leather, giving it a premium look. The tablet holder is compatible with devices from 4.7 to 10.5 inches, giving you the ability to use it for both big smartphones and most tablets. The spring-loaded holder opens easily via two pulls and rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can switch easily from portrait to landscape mode. The adjustable clamp on the base is lined with a soft rubbery material to protect surfaces, and it can be attached to desks, tables, and headboards as thick as 2.8 inches.

Helpful review: “The build quality of this product is exceptionally good. It easily holds my iPadPro 10.5 steady (even with a thick heavy case installed). The arm has been strong enough for me to use in bed for movies and reading. Actively touching the screen produces a slight jiggle (less than I expected). The arm allows me to reduce the normal fatigue I experience when holding the iPad without it.”

2. The best budget gooseneck tablet holder

  • Key specs: 30-inch neck, works with phones and tablets, clamps to flat surfaces up to 3 inches

Details: This gooseneck tablet holder has many of the same features as the previous pick, but — with a 30-inch neck — is 4 inches shorter (not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your priorities). The adjustable spring-loaded holder is compatible with devices from 4 to 10.6 inches, and it rotates 360 degrees, so you can switch between landscape and portrait mode. The adjustable base clamp can be used on surfaces as thick as 3 inches and is padded to prevent damage to furniture. The glossy finish is sleek, and while it does have a slightly less understated look when compared to the Lamicall, it’s still a great pick for anyone on a budget.

Helpful review: “I used this to hold my amazon fire tablet onto my treadmill. I appreciate the simplicity of the design, and low profile of both the tablet clamp and the arm attachment vice/clamp. I was worried it would shake but so far I have read and watched video while running and it has worked perfectly. Very good product in my opinion.”

3. The best compact option — & one that’s great for travel

  • Key specs: 12-inch neck, compact for travel and storage, only works with tablets, clamps to flat surfaces up to 3.5 inches

Details: If you want the angle-adjustment options of a gooseneck holder, but in a more compact package, this 12-inch tablet holder is a great pick — and one that takes up minimal space in a bag, making it a convenient choice for travel and commutes. Due to the shorter length of the gooseneck, the spring-loaded holder can accommodate larger devices than most options on this list — anything from 7 to 18.4 inches. The tablet holder can be rotated 360 degrees for viewing versatility, and it can be tightened to prevent sagging or drooping with heavier devices. The twisting clamp mounts to surfaces as thick as 3.5 inches, but there’s no mention of padding to prevent furniture damage. In addition to travel, this tablet holder is also good for use on exercise equipment or desktops where height is not a priority.

Helpful review: “Perfect. I have a Galaxy 10.1 tablet and it fits perfectly. It is rock solid. The gooseneck is indeed difficult to bend but once in place, it's going nowhere. No matter what position you place your tablet (even upside down) it will remain in place. [...] In short, easy to assemble, looks great, practical. An easy five stars.”

4. The best gooseneck tablet holder for cars

  • Key specs: 13-inch neck, works with phones and tablets, suction mounts to windshields and dashboards, anti-vibration stabilizer

Details: If you use a tablet to help you navigate when driving, this suction-style tablet holder mounts to windshields and dashboards to make it easy to view your device at eye level. The spring-loaded holder is compatible with all smartphones and tablets up to 11 inches, and it can be rotated 360 degrees if you want to switch between portrait and landscape view. The aluminum neck is 13 inches long and can be bent or straightened to suit your viewing preferences and space. Plus, an anti-vibration stabilizer on the gooseneck can be placed on a dashboard or against your car’s tech panel to enhance steadiness while driving.

Helpful review: “Used for navigation and streaming videos on my large tablet, but can also be used with my cellphone. The provided support is needed while driving but the extension works well without the support when watching movies in my camper. The suction is tight on the windshield and hasn't failed. This mount also works on high gloss cabinet doors and on the Fridge door.”

5. The best freestanding gooseneck tablet holder

  • Key specs: freestanding, weighted base, works with phones and tablets, height-adjustable from 51.2 to 63 inches

Details: Boasting an impressive 4.6-star overall rating after more than 1,800 reviews, this freestanding tablet holder has a 12-inch base that allows you to easily view your tablet anywhere you have free floor space — no need to find a flat surface for attaching a clamp. Built from sturdy stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the stand is height-adjustable from 51.2 to 63 inches, which means it can be brought to eye level, even when you’re standing, making this a truly versatile pick. The 10.6-pound weighted base ensures stability, and the spring-loaded holder accommodates devices from 4.7 to 13 inches, so it’s compatible with both phones and tablets alike. The clamping section of the holder rotates 360 degrees, so you can change up the viewing mode and angle at any time.

Helpful review: “This stand, while much more expensive, it built like a rock. It's heavy, so it's not going to fall over; but it's also just beefy in it's construction. The arm is stiff, so it takes a little effort to arrange the position, but it holds that position, even with a large tablet. [...] For the extra expense, this stand is well worth it.”

6. The best gooseneck tablet holder on wheels

  • Key specs: freestanding, weighted base with casters, adjustable height from 46 to 60 inches, only works with tablets

Details: If you want a standing option with lots of mobility, this rolling gooseneck stand is supported by a 10-pound weighted base and four swiveling casters, making it easy to move from room to room. The diagonal tablet holder rotates 360 degrees and can accommodate devices from 7 to 13 inches. The telescoping pole is height-adjustable from 46 to 60 inches, and the 12-inch jointed gooseneck can be tilted and bent to help you find your optimal viewing angle. The wheels can be locked, but keep in mind this option is best used on hard surfaces and low-pile carpet for smooth rolling.

Helpful review: “It features a metal gooseneck for positioning the iPad, and the base allows for adjusting the overall height. The stand keeps the iPad very stable and it's quite possible to type on it without the iPad bouncing or the entire stand tipping over. It sits on four caster wheels, making it possible to drag your Facetime conversation wherever you go!”

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