75 gifts under $30 with near-perfect reviews that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon

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by Christina X. Wood
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Getting me to write an Amazon review for a product — even one I like — is nearly impossible. It takes love. It requires me being so obsessed with the thing that I have become willingly evangelical about it. So when I see products that get thousands of reviews, my eyes get hooded, my hackles go up, and I go in — looking for the fakes. But when I can’t find any grifters, I get interested. If that many people are obsessed, do I need this thing, too? And, if it’s not something I can use, would it make a good gift? Often, I order it to find out. More often than not, I am impressed. These 75 gifts under $30 with near-perfect reviews that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon are a sampling of precisely that kind of product.

Sometimes people get so obsessed that the reviews are hilarious works of art that make it clear this product is deeply appreciated, as in this sandwich maker that practically has a cult following. Occasionally, this form of obsession chooses strange and silly items — such as this blanket that makes you look like a burrito — to elevate to popularity. And, once in a while, a product is just so elegant and mind-blowing while also being useful that it’s easy to see why so many have fallen for it. In those cases, just click order and join the club because resistance is futile. Read on and find your next obsession.

1. A personal blender with a built in to-go bottle

Toss some fruit, greens, and supplements into this cute little blender and blend them up for a morning smoothie. Then screw on the sipping lid and go — breakfast is that easy. It’s also great for making quick salsas, dressings, and dips.

2. These lavender-infused spa socks

After a long day, pull on these soft and fuzzy socks that are infused with lavender and vitamin E to soothe your tired feet. These socks have grippy dots on the soles so there will be no slipping or sliding, and they are warm and comfy.

3. An engraved cutting board to commemorate a date

When you aren’t sure what to give, why not give this cutting board with the names of your recipients names and an important date carved into it. That way, every charcuterie they serve will be super personal. Just fill in the names, date, size, and wood type in the drop-down menu at checkout.

4. A lounging blanket that turns you into a mermaid

Is there any human that does not long to be a mermaid, as long as they can stay warm, dry, and curled up one the couch? This mermaid tail blanket is how to achieve this goal. It is knitted from a soft yarn and comes in four colors so that becoming a mermaid is a simple matter of pulling it on and tucking your feet into the tail.

5. This sandwich maker that turns out a complete breakfast in minutes

It doesn’t seem possible that a machine could take a muffin, egg, ham, and cheese and turn it into an excellent sandwich all on its own, but according to the almost 16,000 five-star reviews, that’s exactly what this breakfast sandwich maker does. People are thrilled with the easy, quick, and tasty sandwiches it churns out.

6. A treatment kit for deeply moisturizing hands

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with this lovely collection of Burt’s Bees hand treatments tucked into a mesh bag. The almond and milk hand cream smells delicious as does the lemon butter cuticle cream. With the hand repair cream, which features moisturizing shea and cocoa butters, and cotton gloves, you’ll soon transform work-roughened hands into baby-soft ones.

7. These aromatherapy steamers for shower people

Relaxation and aromatherapy isn’t exclusive to baths. Every shower can be a luxurious, mood-altering event if you toss a shower steamer in the water as you get in. This collection of shower steamers looks beautiful and comes with six scents: lavender, peppermint, vanilla and sweet orange, menthol and eucalyptus, pomegranate and rose, and lemongrass and coconut.

8. This color-changing light that’s also a Bluetooth speaker

This little light is perfect for a bedside table, but its rechargeable battery means you can also take it camping or to outdoor parties. Just tap it to change the light’s color, brightness, or mode. It’s also a Bluetooth speaker so you can connect your phone to it and listen to music or audiobooks.

9. A beard-grooming kit with everything you need

Know someone with a beard? This beard-care kit has everything needed to care for it, including a comb, brush, scissors, beard wash, conditioner, oil, and balm. It also comes with an e-book full of know-how on beard care. You, or whoever you give this kit to, will be completely empowered to discover what works best for that beard.

10. A solar-powered hummingbird decoration for the garden

These hummingbirds look pretty during the day, while they soak up the rays to charge their battery, and they make a soft chime sound in the wind. And when the sun goes down, the LEDs within light up to create a glowing decoration wherever you hang them in the garden.

11. The wall shelf that makes a festive wine statement

This wall shelf turns your wine collection into decor. It has room for five bottles of wine, a compartment to save corks underneath them, and a stemmed wine glass rack underneath that. It also comes with wine glass charms, so everyone knows which glass is theirs.

12. This blanket that looks like a burrito wrap

Curl up in this soft and cozy fleece blanket and take a nap. But be careful — you will look so much like a burrito when you do it that people might douse you in salsa. This blanket is wildly popular with over 38,000 five-star reviews because who doesn’t want to have fun while they’re being cozy.

13. The light that turns your toilet into a beacon

This toilet bowl night light is funny but it’s also super useful. You hook it over the rim of the toilet and tap it to choose a color. When you stagger into the bathroom in the middle of the night, it senses you coming and turns on, lighting the interior of the toilet so you can find it and see what you are doing. It turns off a few minutes after you leave.

14. These classic shower slides that make great loungewear

Who doesn’t crave a pair of super comfortable shoes you can slide into and wear with or without socks to take out the trash, run a few errands, or mow the lawn? And, if you go to a gym, these Adidas slides are must-have for the showers. They’re an undisputed classic, and reviewers give them over 52,000 five-star ratings.

15. This herb garden kit for your kitchen

This herb garden kit has everything you need to grow chives, basil, cilantro, and parsley in a cute windowsill sized garden. There are four pots, seeds in waterproof packets, labels, a soil disk that expands to fill the pots, and complete instructions. There is even an herb grinder for using the fruits of your garden.

16. A slim leather wallet that comes in so many colors

This slim wallet comes in over 30 colors, and at this price you could gift one to every person on your list who has been carrying the same tattered wallet for years. The leather Tommy Hilfiger wallet has enough slots to hold your daily EDC of cards and cash. Almost 24,000 people give it five stars.

17. A karaoke microphone with fun voice effects

Connect this cute, rechargeable, and cordless microphone to your phone and sing along to songs in any music app you like. You can even alter your singing voice and add reverb and other effects. It comes in four bright colors.

18. This realistic moon light for a soft glow

This glowing orb has a topological map of the real moon 3D printed on it so it is a realistic representation of the moon. It’s also a stunning, rechargeable ambient light that throws either yellow or white light — just touch it to change the color or brightness — and can rest in the wooden frame that comes with it. It is so much more than the task it does, rising above lamp and venturing into art.

19. A tactical pen so you can survive anything

With this tactical pen pocketed, you can go into your day ready for anything from giving autographs to surviving an apocalypse because it is so much more than a pen. Hidden in its slightly beefy pen-like form hides a glass breaker tip that can free someone trapped in a car, a screwdriver, a small saw, an LED flashlight, a bottle opener, and a functional ballpoint pen.

20. A pair of whiskey glasses that have been “shot”

This pair of whiskey glasses is like a freeze frame in a Western where bullets are flying and two of them have hit these glasses. They are perfect for anyone who loves Westerns, guns, or drinking whiskeys. They are also a fine, clear, heavyweight highball glass.

21. These aviator glasses that look terrific on everyone

These aviator glasses come in a classic shape that suits most people, so it’s no wonder these have over 17,000 five-star reviews. The mirrored lenses come in 20 different color options and a few frame finishes.

22. A portable & waterproof speaker that goes anywhere

This compact Bluetooth speaker is super portable, which means you can hang it from a hook in the shower or clip it onto a backpack when you head out for the day. Because it’s waterproof, you never have to worry that it will fizzle in a downpour. It has a built-in lanyard, plays for 12 hours on a charge, and comes in six colors.

23. This milk frother for foamy coffee drinks at home

Anyone who has been going to cafes to get cappuccinos, lattes, and other foamy milk drinks will be thrilled to discover that they can make those easily at home with this powerful frother. Just heat the milk and push the button, and this high-speed whisk will turn that milk into frothy goodness. Almost 46,000 people give it five stars.

24. This set of packing cubes for an organized suitcase

When you pack your clothes into packing cubes, it makes your entire trip easier. You can even live out of your suitcase because your clean shirts will be in one cube, underwear in another, and pants in another. This set has thought of everything — including a laundry bag and shoe bag — so you you can put everything in its place and dirty items will not contaminate clean ones.

25. A hammock for super lightweight camping

If you pack a hammock instead of a bedroll when you camp, you can shed so many pounds out of your pack. This hammock weighs only 1.6 pounds and you need only a couple of trees to find a comfortable place to sleep. When hanging, the attached storage sack becomes a pocket for your phone or water bottle. It comes in 12 colors.

26. This backup battery that’s powered by the sun

Whether you are headed into the wilderness for some nature or nature is threatening to turn off your power, this battery backup will keep your phone powered up. It charges via USB for times when you have access to the power grid, but when you don’t, just expose the solar panel to the sun’s rays to charge it up. It’s also a flashlight.

27. The book that helps you move past negativity

We live in an era of toxic positivity, where everyone else’s lives appear so idealized in social media that we find ourselves casting a critical eye on our own messy living room, test score, or work ethic. This book attempts to put all of that in perspective so you can focus on things that are important and not stress about small things that don’t matter — in the big picture — as much as you might think.

28. A stuffed avocado that eases aches & pains

This cute avocado is more than a friendly face to hug when you are sad. Pop it in the microwave and the unscented clay beads that fill its body will stay warm for over 30 minutes, so you can take it to bed with you to warm up, curl up with it to relax, or hug it against cramps or sore muscles. You can even add a few drops of a favorite essential oil to the beads to add an element of aromatherapy.

29. This handsome succulent for your indoor garden

This small succulent will brighten a desk or kitchen and is so easy to take care of because it’s the kind of plant that thrives on neglect. Water the 4-inch plant only occasionally and it will flourish and grow, bringing a little bit of nature indoors. It comes with everything you need, including a decorative pot and soil.

30. The tray that keeps everything handy while you soak

There is nothing more relaxing than a long soak in a hot tub, and this bamboo bathtub tray keeps everything you want to have with you right at hand. Slide it open and rest it over the tub, and you’ll have a spot for a candle, wine glass, soap, and a snack. There is also a tablet stand so you can watch a movie or read.

31. This gold-plated pendant you can personalize with an initial

Just choose the letter you want on this on-trend gold-plated pendant from the list and click order. People will think you spent a lot more money. It comes with a 22-inch gold box chain that closes with a lobster clasp and gets over 22,000 five-star reviews.

32. A ring light & tripod kit for better photos

When it comes to snapping photos or shooting video, lighting is everything. And this ring light and tripod kit lets you get the lighting you need — white, warm white, or yellow — while holding your phone or camera for you so you can frame your shot perfectly. The telescoping tripod converts easily to a selfie stick, too.

33. These wireless headphones that are waterproof

These wireless earbuds travel in their own carrying case so you can keep them stashed in a pocket or bag until you need to take a call or listen to music. These waterproof ear buds connect to each other and to your phone wirelessly, and the case charges them so they get a total of 30 hours of playtime.

34. This microwave popcorn popper for healthier snacks

If you love the microwave popcorn that comes premixed in bags, you will like this popcorn popper even more. You add your own kernels and oil, and then add flavorings after it’s popped for a custom bowl of popcorn. You’ll save money and skip the single-use packs, too.

35. The acupressure mat that hurts so good

The first time you lie down on this acupressure mat and pillow, you might wonder if you are on a bed of nails. But, according to reviewers, the results are worth it. The pressure points stimulate nerves and increase blood flow so your muscles relax. And 24,000 reviewers give it five stars, including one who raved, “the tension relief is real!”

36. A stainless steel can for watering plants in style

Keep this stainless steel watering can amid your plants, and it’ll blend it as decor and make it easy to water your plant friends. The narrow spout pours accurately into the soil for less spillage and it does so from the bottom of the can, so you only have to tip it slightly to pour. It comes in six colors and sizes.

37. An insulated cocktail shaker that’s dishwasher-safe

When you whip up your martinis in this insulated cocktail shaker, the ice will not cause the exterior to get icy cold or covered in condensation. All of that will happen safely inside the insulated shaker. And if you don’t drink the entire mix, the ice will stay frozen for hours so it won’t dilute your drinks. The top doubles as a jigger.

38. The mid-weight fleece hoodie that has a fan club

Reviewers love the mid-weight warmth and soft comfort of this Champion hoodie. They love it so much, in fact, that it has racked up over 31,000 five-star reviews. The cotton-polyester hoodie is roomy and comes in 30 colors.

39. These satin pillowcases that are wildly popular

If you are waking up with serious bedhead, try switching to these silky satin pillow cases. Cotton and flannel fabrics can tug at hair and skin. Instead, satin is gentle, smoothing, and won’t strip your face or hair of its natural moisture. Choose from 23 gorgeous colors.

40. A pair of elegant & modern wine glasses

When sipping an adult beverage, the glass is a big part of the experience, and this pair of square-edged wine glasses feels totally modern for your favorite white wine. With long stems and clean, geometric lines, these crystal glasses stand out.

41. These double-wall glass mugs that keep your coffee hot

Upgrade your coffee mugs to this pair made of insulating double-wall glass. The buffer of air between the inner and outer layers of these mugs insulates whatever liquid is in the mug so that it stays the same temperature — hot or cold — till you finish your drink.

42. A travel friendly AeroPress for great coffee anywhere

This AeroPress coffee maker brews a great cup of coffee quickly. It’s similar to a French Press but it steeps for a shorter time and brews right into your cup. You coffee is ready sooner and is smoother. It packs up easily for travel and comes with the press, funnel, a scoop, a stirrer, 350 microfilters, and a filter holder.

43. A chunky scarf to warm up any outfit

Wrap this soft, extra-long scarf around your neck and take your ensemble into colder weather. This oversized scarf comes in at 79 inches long so you can wrap up in it. It’s made of soft acrylic and the plaid pattern lends itself to matching with outfits in several hues. There are 12 variations to choose from, and over 4,000 people love it and give it five stars.

44. This roomy bag for all the cosmetics

This roomy, trendy checkered bag is big enough to hold all your cosmetics or toiletries. Or use it to keep a tablet and accessories in order in your travel bag. The water-resistant bag has several interior pockets, a bright red lining so you can easily see what’s inside, and a smooth and durable zipper.

45. A foot scrubber you can stand on in the shower

Keep this foot scrubber hanging from a hook in the shower until your feet need some love. Then drop it to the floor, squirt some body wash in it, and rub the soles of your feet on the hundreds of bristles for a foot massage that also softens, exfoliates, and cleans that hard-to-reach spot.

46. This lighted mirror so you can get your look right

Bring out this folding, lighted LED mirror when you want to get your look just right for the light you will be in. Headed into bright lights? Tap the button on the front to bring the lights all the way up. Is your destination dim? Tap to bring the brightness down. It’s rechargeable, comes with a stick-on magnification mirror, and people give it almost 5,000 five-star reviews.

47. This classic pour-over coffee maker for an excellent brew

The shape of this simple pour-over coffee maker is ideal for brewing a delicious cup of coffee quickly and easily with minimum cleanup. Just scoop the grounds into the included reusable filter and pour your hot water over them, slowly. The removable cork band allows you to lift and pour the carafe without feeling the heat.

48. This hand warmer that’s also a battery backup

If you are headed into the cold, pocket this rechargeable handwarmer and keep your hands from getting icy. It has three heat settings so you can use it for gentle warmth or crank it up till it’s almost too hot to touch without gloves. Almost 11,000 people give it five stars, and when your hands don’t need the warmth, it will charge your phone.

49. The strip lights that do creative lighting effects anywhere

This strip of over 16 feet of stick-on LED lights is easy to install, and its effects are limited only by your imagination. Create a TV backlight, light the inside of cabinets or the underside of your desk or bar, or use them to trim the room with a subtle glow. The lights come with a remote for changing the brightness and colors.

50. A folding chair with a built-in beer cooler

You will always have a cold one within reach when you’re seated in this comfortable, folding beach chair because there is a handy cup holder on one armrest and a four-can insulated beer cooler built into the other. A side pocket holds your phone or reading material and it comes in four colors.

51. This hand-crafted Moscow Mule kit for homemade cocktails

This handmade set of two copper mugs comes with two copper straws, a straw-cleaning brush, and a jigge, so you have everything you need to make classic Moscow Mules. With an impressive 4.7-star rating after more than 3,000 reviews, one shopper raved, “Best gift to yourself or to somebody else!!”

52. A tiny waffle maker for quick, mini waffles

Whip up some delicious mini waffles in just a few minutes in this tiny waffle maker. It’s easy to store, the waffles are just 4 inches in diameter, and it will turn everything from hash browns to mac and cheese into crunchy waffle-shaped snacks in minutes.

53. This big alarm clock with a mirror display

The big, clear numbers on this mirror-finish alarm clock are easy to read even when your eyes are bleary from sleep. You can set the duration of the snooze on the alarm and the brightness of the display by tapping a few buttons. Plus, there are two USB ports on the side for charging your devices.

54. A moisturizing coconut body scrub with Dead Sea salt

Take your shower up a notch by exfoliating and moisturizing your entire body with this coconut-scented body scrub. It features hydrating ingredients, like aloe vera and argan oil, and shea butter and coconut oil for deeply moisturizing skin; fine-grain Dead Sea salt gently exfoliates. It feels invigorating while cleansing, nourishing, and eliminating rough and dead skin. It comes with a wooden spoon and a loofah pad, too, for easier application.

55. This rechargeable light for brightening every dark corner

Eliminate the dark corners in your kitchen, on the stairs, inside closets, and in cabinets by sticking these versatile, rechargeable LED lights in there. Set them to motion sensing and they come on only when you are looking for something in the closet or the bathroom is too dark. The lights mount magnetically and come with a stick-on metal base, so it’s easy to pull them off to recharge.

56. These bins that are perfect for organizing cupboards

Bring order to the stacks of tea boxes, packets, and snacks in your pantry with these bins in an array of sizes that are perfect for the task — they maintain an impressive 4.9-star rating. They can go in the fridge to sort out small items in there, too. Instead of digging around in the cupboards or fridge for the thing you want, bring out the entire bin and find it easily.

57. A big insulated tumbler that comes with a straw

Fill this big 30-ounce tumbler with coffee and it will keep you going — and stay hot — for hours. Or make yourself a cold beverage and sip it slowly because it can keep your beverage chilled all day, too. It comes with two stainless steel straws and a brush to clean them, as well as a leakproof lid that makes it all super portable.

58. A stick blender that’s also a chopper & whisk

Blend smoothies right in the glass, blend soups while they are in the pot, or mix a batch of margaritas right in the pitcher. An immersion blender is a kitchen necessity that saves so much time and cuts down on dishes. This one has attachments that also turn it into a chopper and whisk, so you will use it even more.

59. An infuser bottle for creative water infusions on the go

Drinking plain water can get monotonous but this water bottle lets you add fruit, tea, herbs, or cucumber to infuse it with flavor. An inner tube keeps seeds and leaves separated and makes getting the flavorings in and out easy. It’s all made from durable Tritan plastic, so it won’t break or warp.

60. This mounted opener so you can open any jar

End the struggle, once and for all.This jar opener mounts to the underside of a cabinet and is ready to open any jar of any size. Just push the lid in until it catches on the edges of the triangle and turn. You can use both hands to hold large jars or open small ones single-handed with ease. Almost 12,000 people give this invention five stars.

61. A highly-rated dry bag for all your water sports

If you are headed out onto the water — kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, or rafting — or anywhere that might involve a serious dousing with water, stash your gear in this dry bag so your wallet, electronics, and towel stay dry. The straps work as a shoulder bag, cross body, or backpack or you can just grab the side handle. Choose from five sizes and nine colors.

62. This fondue set for delicious parties

Turn on this little fondue set, fill the bowl with chocolate — or queso — and prep some strawberries, marshmallows, crudités, or pretzels to dip. It keeps the chocolate (or any dip) at the right temperature, without making it too hot, and comes with four dipping forks. The bowl is removable for cleaning.

63. A double-headed massage gun for all your aches & pains

The two heads on this massager do double duty when it comes to massaging your sore neck, back, or muscles. And it comes with three sets of interchangeable massage heads for different effects and an extra long cord so you aren’t trapped next to an outlet. You set the speed with a slider for exactly the pressure you want. At this price, it’s no wonder it’s earned over 4,000 five-star reviews.

64. A stylish ID tag for your fur baby

These pet tags are so easy to order and so much cuter than the ones you find at most pet stores. Just choose a finish and image from the pop-up menu, and type in your pet’s name and your phone number. You can even add up to four lines on the back for more information, in case your pet ever strays from home.

65. This book so your recipes finally have a home

If you find yourself digging around in drawers, boxes, books, and file cabinets looking for your favorite recipes with all the notes and modifications you made, maybe it’s time to give them a home that is worthy of all that test-kitchen research? Customize this wooden book with a name, art, paper color, and more, and create a go-to kitchen reference that will last for decades.

66. This match holder & striker so you can always find a light

Fill this gorgeous, handmade ceramic match holder with your favorite matches and keep it near the candles. It looks pretty and you can customize the colors in the pop-up menu and order strike-anywhere matches to come with it. It also has a striker built-in so you can light any match with it.

67. A cup warmer so your beverage is always at the right temperature

This simple mug warmer sits on your desk so you can set your coffee or tea on it, switch it on, and stop worrying that you’ll get distracted and let your beverage go cold. It will be warm when you reach for it but it won’t burn or overheat. Over 2,000 people give it five stars.

68. This pillow that’s a cup holder for the couch or car

Set this clever pillow down in the back seat of the car or on your couch and create an instant spot to set a drink that won’t tip over. You can use it to keep track of the remotes, too. It even insulates your drinks so they stay cold or warm longer.

69. A neck pillow for more comfortable car rides

This neck pillow straps into your car seat and provides the support for your neck that you have been craving. The high-density memory foam conforms to your shape and quickly bounces back for firm support while the shape cradles your head so you don’t arrive at your destination with a headache or aching neck.

70. The charcoal-infused seat cushion that saves your butt

If your chair is hard or you are experiencing leg or back pain from sitting, the slow rebound memory foam core in this orthopedic seat cushion offers support that feels soft but is firm enough to protect you from the impact of a hard surface. The soft, breathable, charcoal-infused cover keeps you from overheating and the handle makes it easy to grab and take with you.

71. The classic game of Uno in a sturdy metal tin

With this Uno game that comes in a classic tin box, your deck will remain safe and undamaged. It makes your game easy to take on trips, easy to gift, and easy to store, so it will last through hundreds of game nights. This game set gets over 32,000 five-star ratings because everyone loves Uno.

72. A great knit beanie at a buy-several price

This knit beanie is stylish and keeps you warm, and it comes in 27 colors so you can have several of them to go with your many looks. It’s stretchy, machine-washable, and works folded over for a snug fit or unfolded for a slouchy look.

73. Play cards anywhere with this waterproof deck

If you want to play poker poolside or bridge on a boat, this is your deck of cards. The cards are clear but no one can see your hand. And they are waterproof so an errant wave or dripping swimmer won’t make them pucker. You can even create your own games that involve tossing cards in the water for extra fun.

74. A pair of walkie talkies to take your comms off grid

When you want to drive in a caravan, play games in the woods, or stay in communication range without connecting to a cell tower or router, these two walkie talkies are the easy, old-school way to do it. Just connect to the same band and push a button to talk. Great for kids or Oceans 11-style criminal opps.

75. A wine aerator that takes every glass up a notch

Pour every glass of red wine that you drink through this aerator and it will take the flavor up a notch. This takes the idea of letting a wine “breathe” into the fast lane by exposing the wine — quickly — to air, which softens the flavors and releases the aromas, making for a better sipping experience. It you love your red wine — especially inexpensive bottles — this will make every glass tastier.

76. A popular set of colorful drawing pens

Add a pop of color to any page with this 18-pack of fine-point art pens. The #1 best-selling product in the drawing pens category on Amazon, they have garnered more than 70,000 reviews and an overall 4.7-star rating. They feature a 0.38-millimeter tip and nicely pigmented water-based ink that's ideal for everything from drawing to journaling.

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