The 45 best things under $25 skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon

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by Christina X. Wood
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Ah, the Amazon hive mind. It is genius at tracking down the incredibly useful, super cool, and astonishingly affordable so the rest of us can find it. Add a little Tik Tok, Twitter, and Facebook trending to the mix, and all you have to do is follow the trend to fill your kitchen, car, and beach bag with the best and most affordable gear out there. If you don’t want to waste your own time surfing social media and Amazon to find the gear you need, check out the 45 best things under $25 that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon.

Maybe you want to plan a camping trip but only if you can pack light and sleep soundly? There’s a camping hammock for that, and it’s small enough to fit in a day pack. Or perhaps you are headed to the beach and want a beach bag that’s sand proof and designed to carry everything from your beach read to your phone? Or maybe you hanker for one of those super popular thermal tumblers that keep your beverage hot or cold but you don’t want to drop $50? That’s why we like the hive mind. It finds the less-fashionable but just as excellent alternative to every trend, including this one.

Save your time. Keep your money. Let the hive mind find it for you.

1. This 3-in-1 flashlight, fan & power bank

Drop this handy gadget into your backpack, bag, or pocket and it will become your most-used accessory. When it’s hot or bugs are biting, whip out the soft-blade fan to cool down and blow away mosquitoes. When it’s dark, the bright flashlight will guide you. And when your phone dies, this will power it up. It’s USB-rechargeable and comes in four colors.

2. An ice maker that never makes you touch ice

If you never want to deal with ice cube trays again, this ice maker is here for you. Fill it like you fill a water bottle and put it in the freezer. Later, press the sides together to break the ice away and fill your glass by pouring ice out of the opening. It’s so much easier and your hands never touch ice. They stack, clean easily, and come in blue or green.

3. A lamp with a built-in magnifying glass

You can stop the endless hunt for your glasses when this clever lamp is on your desk or bedside table because it has a built-in magnifying glass that lets you see small parts, tiny fonts, or your phone, without squinting. The lamp is a dimmable, daylight-colored LED on an easy-to-position gooseneck that will last for years. It magnifies by two or four times.

4. The fruit infuser that makes water delicious

Keep delicious fruit-infused water on hand by filling this pitcher with water and the internal infuser sleeve with fruits, cucumber slices, or herbs. The infuser attaches to the lid, so it’s easy to remove and fill, and the pitcher holds over two liters. It even works to quickly chill water — just add ice to the sleeve instead of flavorings.

5. This weird lounger so you can nap anywhere

Inflate this weird lounger just by holding it in a breeze and you can soon flop down for a nap on a rocky beach, deck, campsite, or even floating in a lake. There are pockets on the side for your phone and water bottle, and it’s comfortable for sitting or lying down. It packs away into its own carry bag, and it comes in six colors.

6. A hammock so you don’t have to carry heavy camping gear

Strip your camping rig down to something portable and light without sacrificing comfort. This hammock weighs just over two pounds and is deliciously comfortable, requiring only that you find a couple of trees to attach it to. Its integrated storage pouch converts to a phone pocket while you rest, the fabric is cool and breathable, and it comes in 26 color combinations and two sizes.

7. The personal shake maker for quick frozen treats

Whip up a perfect 8-ounce serving of milkshake, slush, or smoothie in just seven minutes with this cute frozen treat maker. It takes up the counter space of any regular cup, but turns everything from juice to yogurt to cream (with or without alcohol infusions) into dessert without stirring. Just fill it up, turn it on, and use the enclosed scraper to create your frozen masterpiece.

8. This 2-pack of glam shades at a price you can’t beat

For less than $20, get a cute pair of retro rectangle sunglasses and a back-up pair in case you lose you tend to misplace your sunnies. Each one features UV400 sun protection, and you can choose from lots of lens and frame colors for a custom collection.

9. A tool for fast & tasty melon snacks

Just push this windmill slicer into the fruit of a halved watermelon, and it quickly transforms it into bite-sized rectangles that are perfect for freezing or adding to fruit salads. Reviewers say that it’s fast, fun, and weird, and it comes with a stainless steel melon baller. You will be the master of melons this summer.

10. The mesh bag that won’t trap sand & holds tons

This huge beach bag will carry a full day’s worth of beach necessities, and the mesh fabric lets sand fall right out when you pick up and go. There are plenty of external pockets to keep your book, sunglasses, and other essential within easy reach, and there’s a waterproof pocket for your phone.

11. A microwave s’mores maker so you can indulge anytime

The eternal dilemma — you love s’mores but hate camping — is solved. Assemble graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows on the platform of this clever dish, fill the water tank, hold it all together with the little arms, microwave, and your treats will be perfect every time. The water lets you microwave it long enough to melt the chocolate without turning the marshmallow to mush.

12. These citronella scented candles that keep bugs away

Just set these tabletop candles down on the picnic table, light them, and enjoy your meal to the glow of a candle without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Bugs hate the smell of citronella though we humans like it. This is a two-pack and each one burns for up to 40 hours, so this pair will last a long time.

13. A pair of waterproof cases to keep your phones dry

Don’t risk your phone when you go to the pool, waterpark, or beach. These waterproof cases lock your phone into their waterproof interior while still letting you use the touch screen and camera. A lanyard attaches to the case, so you can keep your phone from jumping off the boat or into the lazy river.

14. This speaker you can take into the shower or pool

Bring your soundtrack wherever you go — even if you are going into the shower or jumping in the pool — with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It hangs from a suction cup in the shower, can be immersed in water safely, sounds great, and comes in six colors. Almost 11,500 people give it five stars.

15. A popsicle mold for frozen treats all summer long

Pour fruit juice, cream and flavorings, blended fruit, or whatever inspires you into these silicone molds and turn it into a deliciously frozen treat. The molds are made of flexible silicone, so getting the pops out is easy, and they come with wooden sticks, a funnel, and bags to wrap your finished pops in.

16. This slim, flat water bottle that fits in your bag

The flat shape and spill-proof lid make it easy to slide this slim water bottle into the pocket of a beach bag, purse, or amid your other flat items in a messenger bag without cramping your style. It holds 14 ounces and is made of BPA free plastic.

17. A set of stainless steel wine glasses that won’t break

Toss these wine glasses into a beach bag or backpack and don’t worry that you’ll arrive with a bag of broken glass. They’re made of durable and unbreakable stainless steel that’s also conveniently dishwasher-safe. They are the perfect stemless shape for sipping wine al fresco, and you can use them at the pool, too.

18. An iced coffee maker that brews in minutes

This Mr. Coffee brews iced coffee right into a reusable tumbler, so you can skip the drive-through and sip an icy cup of joe you made at home. It doesn’t require a lengthy cold-brew process or a long wait for hot coffee to cool. Just fill the tumbler with ice, add coffee and water to the machine, and brew.

19. These antiperspirant wipes that stop the sweating

A hot walk to work, case of nerves, or a blistering summer heat can quickly turn that cute outfit into a damp-in-the-underarms mess. Keep a few of these antiperspirant wipes on hand for those occasions, and you can stop fretting about sweating. They will stop the sweat for up to seven days — they are that strong. Over 8,000 people say they get the job done and give them five stars.

20. This two-headed grow light for happier plants

When your indoor plant habit exceeds your dwelling’s window capacity, this grow light with two heads will let you move your plant babies anywhere you want. Find a spot for the base — it clips on — and arrange the lamp arms to bathe your plants in a full-spectrum grow light with adjustable brightness.

21. This cooling towel keeps you from overheating

When it’s hot, you want one of these cooling towels clipped to your pack or beach bag. Each one uses evaporative cooling to lower your body temperature and prevent overheating. There are no chemicals or batteries but it really works. Soak the towel in water, wring it out, shake it, and wear it on your head or neck. Each towel comes in a waterproof bag with a carabiner.

22. A raft that keeps your beverages handy while you float

Hit the pool or lake with everything you need at your side. Inflate this drink holder, climb onto your own floaty, and enjoy some rest and relaxation on the water with your phone and enough drinks to last all afternoon. There are four deep spots for beverages and two for phones. It makes the perfect coffee table between two lounge floats.

23. This botanical sunblock you can keep in a pocket

If you are headed into the sun, keep this botanical zinc sunblock in a pocket so you can apply it quickly to your nose, lips, ears, and any place else that’s exposed. The broad-spectrum sunscreen provides 80 minutes of water-resistant coverage with SPF 30. It’s also hypoallergenic, reef-safe, and plant-based with avocado, shea butter, and jojoba.

24. A genius sun shade for a cooler pool or porch

Stretch this triangle-shaped shade over your porch, garden, or pool to protect everything underneath from the harsh summer rays. It hangs easily, accommodates a wide variety of environments, and has a fine weave that filters out the harsh rays of the sun. Choose from three colors and six sizes to perfectly accommodate your situation.

25. This bag that’s perfect for hiking & dog walks

What do you want with you when you and the pooch head out onto the trail? A water bottle, your phone and keys, and maybe a few snacks for the pair of you. This clever bag is designed to carry all of that — and keep it handy — without being more bag than you want to carry while hiking. It even insulates your water and makes it easy to sip right from the bag. It’s super organized and comes in three colors.

26. A blender with a travel lid for to-go smoothies

Make your morning smoothie in this blender, snap on the lid, and go. The blender jar is a travel cup and its stainless-steel blades and 175-watt motor chop up ice and fruit easily. It comes in five colors and both the jar and its lid can go in the dishwasher.

27. This bizarre powder that shaves like you’ve been waxed

This shaving powder is designed for people with skin so sensitive that shaving gives them razor bumps and burn, but it has morphed into a waxing alternative after going viral on social media. Make a paste from it, spread it on, wait, and it takes away all the hair — even down there — according to reviewers.

28. This multi-tool so you don’t have to touch germy surfaces

Keep this multi-tool in a pocket or on your keychain, and you won’t have to touch that filthy door handle or press an elevator button that who knows how many others have already put their hands all over. There is a stylus, a grabbing hook, and a loop to attach it to your keychain. This is a necessary accessory for modern times.

29. A projector that creates an underwater wonderland

Turn out the lights, fire up this projector, and enjoy a watery experience as you — or the kids — relax under one of the eight projection modes and three colors (red, green, blue) of this sleep-inducing ocean experience. Since you will quickly fall fast asleep, set it to turn off automatically in one, two, or four hours.

30. This cute grill that creates fast snacks

Want a quick snack with virtually no clean-up? This little grill has you covered. Drop a burger on it, some cheese between two slices of bread, or a breakfast sandwich and then close the lid. Both sizes of the grill heat up quickly to cook your snack fast. It’s adorable, comes in six colors, and over 20,000 people give it five stars.

31. These ultra-soft pillow cases that stay cool

One side is a soft cotton, the other a cooling, silky texture so you can turn this luxurious pillowcase to the side you need. The surfaces are super soft and gentle on hair and skin, too. This is a two-pack, and they come in six color options.

32. A tap that turns a watermelon into a drink dispenser

Install this tap into a watermelon — or a pumpkin — after you have removed all the fruit, then fill it with the cocktail or soft-drink of your choice and let people fill their own drinks. It’s fun and makes for a great party trick. It comes with a coring tool that makes the right size hole for the tap.

33. The giant sand-proof blanket that packs up small

This beach blanket is lightweight, packs up super small, opens to a surface big enough for the entire family, and does not hold sand. In short, it’s the perfect blanket to keep in your beach bag for quick outings. It’s water resistant, comes in six colors, and has its own carrying bag for easy toting to the beach, picnics, festivals, and more.

34. This chewing gum that cleans teeth & freshens breath

Each of these sugar-free chewing gum pellets has eight milligrams of zinc to alleviate dry mout and xylitol to clean teeth. The citrus and mint flavor freshens breath. Keep a few of these blister packs on hand for a post-lunch or on-the-go refresher.

35. These cup and gear holders you stick in the sand

These cup holder stakes are a great place to set down your drink when you are sitting in a beach chair. As long as you are sitting on sand, grass, or any kind of soft ground, just push the stakes into the ground, and set your cup, phone, sunscreen or whatever down in the cup. They are stable and have room for both a phone and a drink on each stake.

36. A cute air popper for fast, easy popcorn without oil

Prepping the popcorn for movie night is so easy with this adorable air popper. Just measure the kernels into it, press a button, and popped kernels exit the popper and land in the bowl you set under it. The measuring cup on top melts the butter, so all you have to do is pour and eat.

37. This big thermal tumbler that’s super affordable

This giant thermal tumbler holds 30 ounces of liquid and keeps it hot or cold for hours. Fill it with ice and water, and the ice will stay frozen all day. Fill it with hot coffee and sip for hours, and every sip will be hot. It’s designed to fit in a car’s cup holder, comes with a no-spill lid, and is available in 11 colors.

38. A piece of scientific art that tells you the temperature

This is functional art that uses Galileo’s theory of relative density to show the ambient temperature. As the room warms or cools, the liquid surrounding the colorful bubbles expands or contracts, changing its density, so the precisely weighted bubbles sink or float. The one at the bottom tells you the current temperature. It’s 11 inches tall and accurate to within two degrees.

39. A cute, tiny phone charger so you always have power

Tired of searching for an outlet so you can charge your phone? This cute, lipstick-sized accessory carries enough power to recharge your phone while you are still using it. The Lightning connector is long enough to work even with a case on your phone, and you can charge it and your phone at the same time.

40. The drink-carrying tray that never spills a drop

Set a steaming mug of hot coffee on this genius beverage carrier and feel free to speedwalk across the room. You won’t spill a drop because of physics. Just hold it by the carry strap, and it will adjust to your shaking, swinging arms, or whatever antics you throw at it.

41. This mini microscope you can carry in your pocket

If you have a curious mind, you might want to know what that bug on your arm looks like under a microscope or to see the details of how plants operate. Despite it’s tiny, fit-in-a-pocket size, this little scope magnifies 20 times and unlocks the tiny world that’s all around you.

42. A massage ball that provides serious deep-tissue relief

Attack all those aches and pains — even the ones that are impossible to reach with your hands — with the multidirectional roll of the high-density Orb massager. It provides a focused massage so you can target specific areas to reduce fatigue and promote flexibility. A manual is included that illustrates easy exercises for back and leg pain relief.

43. This stand that keeps gadgets at the right height & angle

Neck pain from hunching over your laptop, distractions from a phone you have to pick up to see, and a laptop that overheats all have one simple solution, and it’s this adjustable stand. It holds your laptop screen at a height and angle that lets you sit up, keeps your phone screen where you can glance at it, and allows air to circulate around you laptop.

44. This rapid chiller to turn hot coffee or warm wine cold

You want an iced coffee but you just brewed a pot of hot. You want a cold glass of wine but you didn’t put a bottle in the fridge. If this HyperChiller is stashed in your freezer, you can make any beverage ice-cold in seconds. Just pour the liquid in, wait one minute, and then pour your now-cold drink into a glass.

45. These pit pads that keep your clothes sweat-free

When you fear that your pits will be sweaty and wet when you don’t want them to be, attach these absorbent pads to the inside of your clothes. You can walk fast, sit in the sun, respond to things that make you sweat nervously, and never let it show. The set brings 100, ultra-thin, highly absorbent stick-on pads.

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