65 cheap things with near-perfect reviews that keep selling out on Amazon

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by Allison Bolt
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You know that moment when you’re shopping online and come across a product that’s so good you need to buy more than one? The best-case scenario is that the item is budget-friendly enough to buy two. Pretty much all these cheap things with near-perfect reviews fall into that category, so it’s no wonder they keep selling out on Amazon.

Cozy home items are always an easy go-to, like the weighted blanket I found that comes with a soft, washable duvet cover in lots of colors and patterns. Wrap up in that and set up movie night with the phone screen magnifier that enlarges the screen up to four times. If you're a more practical shopper, I found a key chain that has a lightning USB cable and a bottle opener, so you can always charge your phone or crack open a soda. There are even these reusable and compostable dishcloths for post-dinner cleanups, along with these LED chopsticks that look like lightsabers — all of which have tons of positive ratings.

Add these cheap, popular things to your cart before they sell out. Again, with prices like these, you could even grab two of everything.

1. This 50-pack of velvety hangers with convenient swivel hooks

Reviewers love these velvety nonslip hangers for plenty of practical reasons, but also because they make your closet look so polished and put together. They come in three bulk-pack sizes, hold up to 10 pounds each, and have hooks that swivel 360 degrees for grabbing clothes from tight closets.

2. A lightweight camping hammock with all the accessories for under $25

Not only does this durable and highly rated nylon camping hammock come with all of the hanging accessories, but it also comes in 10 fun colors. Plus, attach the compact carrying case to the side as a pocket, and pop your drink, wallet, or other essentials inside for safe keeping. The best part? It only weighs 24 ounces for easy portability.

3. These heat-resistant oven mitts & pot holders that also open stubborn jars

Made with durable silicone, these oven mitts and pot holders are grippy enough to help you open stubborn jars as well as retrieve things from the oven. They’re heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, waterproof, and even help prevent steam burns. Plus, the oven mitts feature soft cotton cuffs, so they’re comfortable and breathable while you cook.

4. This 2-pack of best-selling flashlights with carrying cases

For a budget-friendly price, you get a two of these best-selling LED flashlights. They’re water-resistant, drop-resistant up to 10-feet, freeze-proof for cold weather, and — to make this quicker — pretty much indestructible. Reviewers also love the carrying cases and the five light settings that offer the perfect brightness for nighttime dog walks and more.

5. A weighted blanket with a removable duvet cover to match your room

If you love the idea of sleeping under a weighted blanket — but don’t like the way most of them look — this weighted blanket is for you. Offering seven layers of comfy fabric and glass micro-beads to relax the mind and body, it comes with a removable and machine-washable duvet cover in your choice of two colors. You can also buy the weighted blanket on its own and attach your favorite duvet.

  • Available weights and sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 2

6. This anti-fatigue mat that cushions feet & joints

This anti-fatigue mat helps your back out by relieving spinal pressure, and cushions your feet with a 0.75-inch layer of dense memory foam. It comes in 14 simple colors to match your home decor, but there are also three unique geometric prints for a bold kitchen accent. These mats are easy to wipe down, and they come in three sizes to fit your space.

7. A set of 3 cutting boards with easy-to-grab handles

Easily pull out these BPA-free cutting boards from your cabinet with the grippy silicone handles that also make transferring chopped veggies to the stove a little less daunting. The set comes with three sizes, and each one has a built-in groove to catch any excess juice when you’re cutting tomatoes, watermelon, and more.

  • Available colors: 5

8. This under-desk shelf for your most-reached-for items

Secure this under-desk shelf with the included durable 3M adhesive or screws for instant storage. The open-front design is perfect for your most reached-for items like your phone or your pen. Plus, tuck away and charge your devices with the cord opening and included cord clip in the back.

9. A magnetic wristband to hold hardware for your next DIY project

Woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts, and home repair aficionados love this magnetic wristband that secures hardware, so you don’t have to keep reaching for a tool bag. This wristband has 10 powerful embedded magnets, and if you don’t want it on your wrist, you can also attach it to your belt.

10. This frying pan screen that blocks oil splatter

This stainless steel splatter screen stops grease and oil from going everywhere while you cook but doesn’t trap steam, thanks to the mesh design. It’s dishwasher-safe, has a heat-resistant plastic handle, and reviewers love the feet on the bottom that keep the screen elevated on your countertop while you check your food.

11. A waterproof mattress protector that’s actually breathable

The breathability of this cotton terry-backed mattress protector offers a cool night’s sleep, but it doesn’t stop it from being waterproof. It won’t change the feel of your mattress and even protects against allergens like dust mites. It has a 4.6-star overall rating after 200,000 reviews, and one buyer wrote, “It's soft and there is no crinkly sound.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king

12. This pet deshedding tool that even detangles stubborn mats

This two-sided deshedding tool with nine teeth gets rid of excess pet hair from your fur baby’s coat, and it even detangles stubborn mats — no need to reach for an extra brush. Plus, it has a grippy handle, and it comes with a free pet tag that can be engraved

13. These glass salt & pepper shakers with a countertop holder

These aesthetically pleasing glass salt and pepper shakers come complete with stainless steel tops and a sleek matching countertop holder. The tops twist off for easy refills, and there are three coarseness settings, so you can customize the grind. Plus, the clear glass is perfect for showing off your favorite pink Himalayan salt.

14. An oversized umbrella that folds up small

This oversized umbrella collapses to just 11 inches and weighs less than a pound, so you can take it anywhere. It has a break-resistant fiberglass frame for durability, and comes in 15 colors and patterns, including basic black, pastels, and polka dots, so you can find the perfect color to fit your vibe. One reviewer even called it the “best umbrella I’ve ever owned!”

15. This memory foam seat cushion you can travel with

This memory foam seat cushion gives you lots of support in your office chair, thanks to the high-density memory foam and contoured design. It has a nonslip bottom that stays in place all day and a soft velvet cover that can be removed and washed. Reviewers also love it for their cars, sofas, and sports games.

16. A soft microfiber comforter with thousands of fans

This wrinkle-resistant brushed microfiber comforter has 24,00 five-star ratings, and the Amazon reviews section is filled with people writing multiple paragraphs about just how great it is. The super soft, pre-washed comforter features corner loops and a zipper closure, and comes with two matching shams.

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 16

17. A portable car vacuum with a cord that reaches the trunk

Thanks to an included filter cleaning brush that maximizes effectiveness, you won’t have to constantly restock filters with this portable car vacuum. It plugs into your car’s outlet and features 16-foot cord that reaches all the way to the trunk. Plus, it comes with three nozzle attachments for tackling all kinds of car-cleaning tasks.

18. An armband wallet that reviewers love for workouts & travel

Made with moisture-wicking nylon and spandex fabric, this armband wallet is built for the gym or going on runs, but reviewers also love it for travel, so they don’t lose their phone or money. It has a secure zipper closure, reflective accents, and one reviewer even wrote they forget they were wearing it because it’s just that comfortable.

19. This battery organizer with an easy-to-see clear cover

Slide this battery organizer into a drawer or keep it in a cabinet, and you’ll always be able to find just the battery you need. It has space for different varieties of batteries and even comes with a battery tester. Plus, unlike most battery organizers, this one actually comes in cool colors, including blue, purple, green, and more.

20. A smart plug so your Alexa can turn the lights on & off

Let your Amazon Alexa know that you’re leaving the house, and have her quickly turn all of your lights or devices off with this highly rated smart plug. You can also use this compact plug to set routines and schedules from your phone, like turning on your coffee pot in the morning (who doesn’t want pre-made coffee?).

21. A bacon grease keeper with a strainer for flavorful cooking

Pour your extra grease from frying or browning food into this stainless steel grease keeper instead of putting it down the drain, and you’ll have flavorful oil next time you cook. It comes with a perfectly fitted mesh lid that traps food scraps, so you don’t have to do any of the dirty work. It has over 4,000 five-star ratings, and the unique kettle design is complete with a handle.

22. This shower seal that keeps your bathroom floor dry

Prevent that post-shower pool of water you always find on your bathroom floor with this shower door seal strip. It attaches to your frameless glass shower door without tools or adhesive, and you can even cut it to fit your unique shower. It's made of durable vinyl PVC that firmly grips the glass, while the soft bottom lets you easily open and close the door.

23. A memory foam pillow that's uniquely designed for your knees

So many reviewers have recommended this memory foam knee pillow that supports hip and spine alignment for a comfortable night’s sleep. The ergonomic shape supports multiple sleeping positions, and the rounded edges won’t catch on your sheets. It has a machine-washable zippered cover, and reviewers have reported it’s a “game changer” and won’t flatten overnight.

24. A compact USB hub with illuminated power switches

This USB charging hub plugs into your laptop’s port, giving you four USB ports for all your accessories. Each port has its own on and off switch, so you're only charging the devices that you want, and since the switches are illuminated with LEDs, they’re easy to see in the dark.

25. These Command hooks that wrangle your cables

You get eight of these Command hook cord organizers for a great price, and reviewers can't stop raving about how well they organize cables. They have unique clips that secure around your cords and adhesive backing that allows you to attach them to walls, appliances, desks, or entertainment centers. One reviewer wrote, "These are an organizational dream!”

26. An LED alarm clock with charging ports & a simple design that reviewers love

Reviewers love the simple design of this LED alarm clock that has a huge display, classic snooze settings, and brightness adjustment. It has a built-in USB port for charging a phone or tablet, and a backup battery in case the power goes out. Plus, you can set dual alarms for lots of convenience. So many reviewers are using words like “minimalist” and “aesthetic” to rave about this sleek alarm clock.

27. A 2-pack of blue light-blocking glasses in so many color pairings

With two in a pack, you have so many style options with these blue light-blocking glasses. They’re helpful for filtering the blue light from your digital screens that may interfere with sleep, so slip them on before working or late-night phone scrolling. They come in options like transparent, tortoiseshell, black, ombré, and so many more.

28. A Bluetooth receiver for phone calls & streaming music in the car

No Bluetooth in your car? You can get it on the cheap with this Bluetooth receiver that simply plugs into your AUX port and lasts for up to 16 hours before needing to recharge. It’s compact, and you can pair two devices at once with it. Besides allowing you to take calls, stream music, and listen to navigation, it reduces road noise and wind while you’re trying to hear your navigation.

29. These LED chopsticks that look like lightsabers

These LED chopsticks are quite possibly the most unique chopsticks around, thanks to their LED light-up design that makes them look like colorful lightsabers. They’re made of BPA-free plastic and come with batteries, so you can get to eating right away.

30. A comfy headband with speakers for the ultimate white noise setup

This Bluetooth headband with built-in headphones is made of comfy fabric that’s moisture-wicking so you can both sleep and work out in them. And the speakers won’t stop you from machine-washing the headband — they’re fully removable. Side sleepers can’t get enough of this soft headband since the speakers don’t dig into the ears, and there’s a built-in mic and volume controls. Choose from 10 colors.

31. A screen magnifier & stand for a movie night on your phone

Have a fun movie night on your phone with this screen magnifier that props it up and has a lens to magnify your favorite movie three to four times the size of your phone screen. It folds up flat, so you can take it with you anywhere, doesn't require batteries, and can even be used to read an e-book on your phone without squinting.

32. These ballpoint pens that double as levels, screwdrivers & so much more

So many reviewers love buying these multitool ballpoint pens because they have almost every small tool you could ever think of, including a level, two screwdrivers, stylus, ruler, bottle opener, and LED light. (You can also write with them, of course.) Some reviewers also bought these handy tools for themselves and were happy to report that they’re “very useful.”

33. A UV sanitizing want to disinfect anything & everything

Stick one of these UV light sanitizer wands in your entryway, under your counter, and in your suitcase, so you’re never without one. It kills 99% of germs with a UV light, and reviewers are disinfecting everything with this wand, including makeup brushes, cabinet handles, doorknobs, and more. One reviewer even raved, “Great disinfectant without chemicals.”

34. A selfie stick & tripod for a super professional photo setup

Snap selfies, vlog, and more with this Bluetooth selfie stick and tripod that gets you set up like you’re a professional. The extendable arm has a built-in stabilizer, so your shot always stays smooth. Plus, it even has a compact remote control for taking long-distance selfies, and reviewers say it’s similar to much more expensive options but at a fraction of the price.

35. These cushioned & colorful refrigerator mats for spills

These cushioned refrigerator mats come in a colorful pack and make spill cleanups so much easier while the soft texture helps to prevent produce bruising. The grippy surface is perfect for precarious and breakable items, and if they don’t fit your fridge, you can cut them down for the perfect fit.

36. This 2-pack of super handy silicone drain stoppers

Pop these silicone drain stoppers over any drain in your house — they have a large universal size that works in both tubs and sinks. Plus, they suction to the surface for a tight seal, and the silicone is food-grade for washing dishes. They even come in five color pairings, so you can match the porcelain or add a pop of color.

37. These absorbent dishcloths that are compostable

After reusing these absorbent dishcloths and machine-washing them over 100 times, reviewers love tossing them in their compost bins because they’re biodegradable. You get 10 in a pack, and with all the uses you get out of them (doing dishes, wiping down counters, and more), they’re a practical buy you’ll use all the time. Plus, you can choose from eight fun colors.

38. This sleek plug-in deodorizer that also sanitizes the air in your home

Think of this sleek and compact pluggable air freshener as a tiny cleaner for all the air in your home. It gets rid of unwanted smells (like when your pet desperately needs a bath) while the UV light eliminates airborne germs and bacteria. It comes with four auto timers, plugs directly into a wall outlet, and you don’t even have to worry about replacing a filter.

39. This pack of airtight stretchy lids that even fit over fruit & veggies

For a budget-friendly price, you get seven of these airtight lids that stretch to fit over your bowls and containers to keep your leftovers fresh. In fact, they can even stretch to cover fruit and veggies (think: half a watermelon or grapefruit). Plus, reviewers love that they’re dishwasher- and freezer-safe and that the thick silicone lasts a super long time.

40. These rust-proof stainless-steel hooks for the shower

These super strong stainless steel hangers are rust-proof, and reviewers love them for holding their razors and washcloths in the shower. Backed with adhesive for hanging, the two-pack can also be used to hold towels, chargers, cords, and even cooking utensils for easy access. Choose from matte black and silver finishes.

41. A 4-pack of scrubbers that fit onto a standard drill

This heavy-duty cleaning pack comes with three scrubber brushes and a soft sponge that all attach to your drill for easy and powerful scrubbing. They’re perfect for cleaning tiles and countertops all over your house, and reviewers swear by them for deep-cleaning a tub in record time.

42. These suspenders that keep the fitted sheet on the bed

Attach these stretchy bands with strong metal clips to the fitted sheet on your bed to stop it from popping off your mattress. Plus, these clips give your sheets that perfectly fitted, crisp, and wrinkle-free look that makes you feel like you’re at a fancy hotel.

43. A sneaker laundry bag that snaps to the door

Pop your sneakers in this mesh laundry bag, zip it up, and use the velcro straps to attach it to your washing machine or dryer door. Why? It stops that dreaded loud banging sound of your sneakers bouncing around in the dryer, so you can finally clean your shoes in peace and quiet.

44. These Velcro refrigerator door handle covers that fend off fingerprints

These refrigerator door handle covers attach with Velcro, so you won’t have to wipe down the handles five times a day anymore to remove fingerprints and smudges. And since they’re double-sided, you can flip them over once they get dirty, and then throw them in the washing machine for a refresh.

45. These 3 stainless steel shower caddies with all types of storage options

Get all your shower storage in order with this three-pack of stainless steel shower caddies. The set comes with two large baskets for skin-care or shampoo bottles and a small bar soap holder with hooks. Available in silver and black finishes, they have a clear adhesive backing and are resistant to rust.

46. These satin pillowcases that feel so luxe

These machine-washable pillowcases with a satiny feel are guaranteed to not let your pillow slip out because they have envelope closures. Reviewers love how they keep their hair and skin moisturized (unlike cotton), and many are raving about buying them in multiple colors.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 22

47. This toilet cleaning set made with tough silicone

The sturdy silicone bristles of this toilet brush don’t hold onto water and dry quickly, and unlike plastic bristles, they keep their shape over time. The sleek white holder matches the brush, and the entire set is under $15. Plus, there are over 8,000 five-star ratings, and reviewers say this durable brush “lasts forever.”

48. This unique triangle-shaped bag to store closet hangers

This storage bag with a unique triangle shape is built to store your closet hangers if you’re moving or if you just have extra hangers cluttering your closet floor. It’s complete with carrying straps, folds up flat, stands up straight, and holds its shape even when it’s empty.

49. This faux marble peel & stick paper that comes in so many roll sizes

Even if you’re looking to cover an entire wall in this faux marble wallpaper, you’ll find a size option that works, including a roll that’s 196 inches long to cover a huge DIY project. The shiny finish of this vinyl wallpaper lets you wipe it down, and reviewers swear by it as a simple background for hanging pictures, but you can also use it to line shelves, cover furniture, or create backsplashes.

50. These shelf dividers that reviewers love for clothes & even books

Clip these shelf dividers onto your shelves without any tools and organize your clothes, books, records, and more. The metal clips are adjustable for a secure fit, and the soft but durable cloth material won’t scratch your favorite book covers or snag your sweaters.

51. An anti-wrinkle spray that works without an iron

Not only does this crease release anti-wrinkle spray remove wrinkles from your clothes without an iron, but it also has a scent profile of lily of the valley, jasmine, sandalwood, citrus, and musk. Just spritz on your clothes and use your hands to smooth the fabric. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, biodegradable, and the minimalist and elegant bottle looks great in your laundry room.

52. These cedar blocks that keep your clothes fresh & moth-free

These small 100% natural red cedar wood blocks work to keep your closet fresh while fending off mildew, moths, and other pests. The pack comes with ten spheres for drawers, and 30 rings that loop onto your clothes hangers. One reviewer wrote, “I especially like the rings, which attach easily to my coat hangers and don’t adversely affect the spacing between clothing items.”

53. A rain showerhead that comes in super luxe finishes

This rain showerhead comes in all the elegant colors to upgrade your bathroom, including silver, gold, matte black, brushed nickel, and polished brass finishes. Grab it at a wallet-friendly price and get a luxurious rain shower experience. Plus, you can get your new spa-like setup within five minutes and without using any tools to install it.

54. This solar-powered portable power bank with 2 USB ports

You won’t need to have access to a wall outlet once you have this portable power bank because it’s solar-powered. It has two USB ports, a durable carrying clip, an LED flashlight, and it’s waterproof. Plus, it even works on cloudy days, and you can still power it up by plugging it into a wall outlet for a faster charge.

55. An under-desk headset hanger that swivels 360 degrees

To store your headphones, this hanger clips onto your table, desk, or shelf with a padded spring clip, and reviewers say it’s the perfect addition to their gaming setup or to declutter a work-from-home space. The hook swivels 360 degrees and has an included cord clip to wrap up and neatly store cables.

56. These rechargeable battery packs for Xbox

You won’t run out of gaming batteries anymore with these rechargeable battery packs specifically designed for your Xbox controllers. They come with a super sleek charging port, and each of the four batteries gives you 10-15 hours of game time. For convenience, the LED light on each port is lit in red until your battery is fully charged, at which point it turns green to let you know it’s ready to go.

57. This LED gaming mouse with 7 colors & a unique design

Illuminate your gaming setup with this LED gaming mouse that has a unique design and seven colors that automatically change shades as you play. (If the lights get a little distracting mid-play, you can manually turn them off.) The ergonomic design fits neatly in your palm, and one reviewer raved, “For the price, it is a steal! The colors are beautiful.”

58. This rechargeable hand warmer for eco-friendly coziness

Not only is this rechargeable hand warmer a more eco-friendly option than one-use packets, but it also has three temperature settings, so you can customize the amount of heat you get. With a maximum temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit, it lasts for up to eight hours, and you can choose from seven colors and prints, including pastels, a space pattern, and more. Just as good, it doubles as a power bank, so you can use the warmer to charge your phone.

59. This 1-gallon water bottle with time stamps to ensure you hydrate

With two leakproof lids, a built-in silicone straw, a handy cleaning brush, and time stamps on the side — this 1-gallon water bottle is worth keeping around. The oversized bottle come in seven colors, including two unique ombré options. Plus, reviewers love attaching the durable strap to a bag or looping it around their wrist while on the go.

60. This cleaning gel that clings to dust & comes with a zero-mess container

This cleaning gel comes in a compact sealable container for mess-free storage when you’re not using it. Why does it look like slime? This unique gel material gets into super tiny areas around your house or car (think: your car vents, laptop keyboard, or remote control) where you can’t normally dust. One reviewer who used it on their computer raved, “cleanest my keyboard has been in years.”

61. A trash can for your car that looks way better than a random plastic bag

You know that random plastic shopping bag floating around your car as a trash bag? Pop it in this waterproof car trash can for a more organized driving setup. Plus, this trash can comes with liners and has a hole in the top, so it’s way easier to access than your plastic bag. Available in eight colors and boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after 45,000 reviews, it’s compact and you can strap it to the seats, glove compartment, or center console

62. These car headrest hooks with zero installation

These durable car headrest hooks allow you to hang bags and umbrellas, freeing up floorspace and keeping items from spilling out everywhere. They have smaller hooks on the opposite side that loop onto your car’s headrests with zero installation. (Seriously, it will take you five seconds to snap these on.) Plus, they come in a four-pack, so you have spots to hang bags behind both front seats.

63. These safety bike wheel lights in 10 colors — even rainbow

These LED bike wheel lights are an extra safety precaution for nighttime rides, but they’re also super fun and colorful. They come in your choice of 10 shades, including a unique rainbow option, and long-lasting batteries are included. They’re easy to put on your bike, and reviewers love grabbing two colors to mix and match their front and back wheels.

64. This compact breakfast sandwich maker with a multi-level design

This compact breakfast sandwich maker has two nonstick levels for stacking all your favorite ingredients and cooking them all at once. Once it’s done, you have all of your sandwich layers stacked and ready to go — even the egg pan slides out, so you can easily pop it on your finished sandwich. This gadget is budget-friendly, and all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

65. This key chain with a Lightning cable & bottle opener

These sleek key chains have so much to offer. Each one is complete with a bottle opener and a lighting-to-USB cable, so you can charge an iPhone on the go. The mini carabiner also makes it easy to clip it to your key ring or bag.

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