'Man Seeking Woman' Season 2 Trailer Keeps Absurdity, Hints at Love

Jay Baruchel is back as Josh Greenberg, and he's still figuring things out.

Matthias Clamer/FX

Simon Rich’s FXX show Man Seeking Woman starring Jay Baruchel as a hapless and single 20-something will return for a second season on January 6, 2016. Ahead of its release, FXX has shared a trailer for the season, which includes some positive developments for protagonist Josh Greenberg (Baruchel). It’s still downright absurd, though.

The first trailer reveal is that Josh gets a girlfriend! At least for a little while. Throughout Season 1, however, he dated someone in four different episodes, so it’s almost a guarantee that this trailer love is going to end quickly. The breaking point, it seems, will be a sex toy called the Kyle, which is literally “a big jacked dude that fucks your girlfriend,” as the store employee so kindly explains. So while Rich and Baruchel are not committing to an extended relationship storyline, for now, they are going all in on the surrealism.

Another hint that Josh cycles through partners it that he is seen with several women in the trailer. He even manages to find someone to share nose kisses with. Adorable.

Josh appears to have another new girlfriend in 'Man Seeking Woman' Season 2.


The Season 2 trailer also includes a dirty Santa Claus with whom Josh’s sister Liz (played by Britt Lower) has an affair, and Fred Armisen as Jesus. Considering how Season 1 used historical figures — Josh’s ex-girlfriend Maggie Lee (Maya Erskine) dates Adolf Hitler for a little while — it’s likely that Jesus is hooking up with someone in whom Josh is interested.

Man Seeking Woman looks like it has the potential to live up to the success of Season 1. It takes real world situations to their logical extreme, like when Josh bores a woman to death at a party, or how Josh’s boss cares so little about him that he watches porn during Josh’s job interview. As long as the storylines can keep up with the jokes, FXX should have a solid second season on its hands. And that’s before the Kyle arrives, even.