'Wayward Pines' Is Getting Season 2 Despite Season 1 Ending Weird

Fox is going back to that creepy mountain town. 

Fox Networks

The first season of Wayward Pines, an adaptation of Blake Crouch’s book trilogy of the same name, ended on a cliffhanger. The kind of cliffhanger you’re more interested in speculating and thinking about than actually seeing. More might be less, but the horror/drama was enough of a ratings hit that Fox has renewed the show for a second round.

The first season starred Matt Dillon as Secret Service agent Ethan Burke on a mission to find two missing agents in a small Northwestern town that’s hiding a secret. Burke’s attempts to uncover the truth takes him down a deep rabbit hole of deception, betrayal, and an uncomfortable reality he’ll have to accept. According to the press statement, which kinda spoils if you didn’t watch the show, the second season will pick up where it left off with “a new arrival in Wayward Pines” that finds him “in the middle of a serious rebellion, as the residents battle over how to preserve the endangered human race.”

Horror director M. Night Shyamalan executive produced and directed the first episode of the adaptation. The press release doesn’t say if he’ll be back, though I think he should be — if nothing else, the first season proved that TV might be a better medium for the former golden boy of horror than movies. If his work in Wayward Pines proved anything it’s that he’s still successful in eerie atmospheres and camera placement.

But hell, the story? Spoilers: Matt Dillon’s Burke is killed and his son wanders the town, which was supposed to have been destroyed, alive and well as if nothing in the season finale happened. The press release’s vague plot makes it difficult to see where in the course of events it’ll pick up, which just further enforces my opinion that wondering how Season 2 plays out is better than actually seeing.

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