Thirty Boston College Students Ill After Eating at Chipotle

The restaurant says: "There are no confirmed cases of E. coli connected to Chipotle in Massachusetts."

Mike Mozart | Flickr Creative Commons

Several news outlets reported Monday that 30 Boston College students, including members of the university’s men’s basketball team, are suffering from gastrointestinal distress after eating at a Chipotle restaurant over the weekend in Boston’s Cleveland Circle neighborhood.

Sports Illustrated says eight members of the BC men’s basketball team are “sick with E. coli” after dining at the Chipotle at 1924 Beacon Street in Brighton, in a statement confirmed by the college.

Michael Sullivan, sports editor of the Boston College student newspaper The Heights sent out this tweet on Monday:

The Boston CBS affiliate is reporting that the Brighton Chipotle restaurant has been shut down, and that the aforementioned statement released by BC reads: “Students who are experiencing these gastrointestinal symptoms are encouraged to seek medical care either at BC Health Services or from their own physician.”

CBS also quotes a statement from Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.:

“The safety and well-being of our customers is always our highest priority, so our restaurant at Cleveland Circle in Boston is temporarily closed while we work with local health officials to investigate a number of illnesses among Boston College students. We do not have any evidence to suggest that this incident is related tp the previous E. coli incident. There are no confirmed cases of E. coli connected to Chipotle in Massachusetts.”

As Inverse has previously reported, 45 people in several states (26 in Washington, 13 in Oregon, two in Minnesota, two in California, one in Ohio, and one in New York) have been infected with an identical strain of E. coli—and 96 percent of those people report had eaten at a Chipotle prior to their advent of their illness—as of November 19.

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