Producers Mash ‘Star Wars’ Music with Notorious B.I.G.

The music of John Williams meets the mic of Biggie Smalls.


The Otaku Gang has taken a selection of music from the Notorious B.I.G. and remixed it with music from Star Wars movies.

Keep in mind before pumping this at work—the lyrics are as strong and uncut as ever, and if you let the F-bombs and N-words go at full volume while with earshot of others, HR may “force” you in for a reprimand, so go headphones if sharing office space.

As Star Wars is heavy in the air right now, it’s hard not to check out every track released as part of Life After Death Star, the free album download that takes the classical sound of the Star Wars soundtracks and blends it with the gritty and beloved lyrics crafted by Christopher Wallace, AKA Biggie Smalls.

For Otaku crew member Richie Branson, the concept of showing love to the Star Wars universe isn’t an entirely new concept, as some of his first work included the Cold Republic Episode I: The Empire Likes Rap mixtape — which featured Branson rhyming as if he had midichlorians flowing in his veins.

Death Star however is vocally all B.I.G. (save the remix of “BK’s Finest,” also featuring Jay-Z), with Branson and fellow Otaku Gang member Solar Slim working behind the scenes on this mix.

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