Ten Clues In the CW's 'Legends of Tomorrow' Poster

The crossover series between 'The Flash' and 'Arrow' is going to be busy. And pricey.

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As the Arrowverse heads toward the midseason break for Arrow and The Flash, the crossover series Legends of Tomorrow has a busy new poster. It offers a salad of Photoshop effects and that trendy teal-orange color scheme. It also raises some questions about the new show.

Here are ten clues this very busy poster offers about the CW show that premieres on January 21:

1.) The heck is Rip Hunter gonna do?

Rip Hunter (toward the top in the center) is a time-traveler from the future and he’s more than capable of handling himself. But compared to everyone else who is armed with lasers and flamethrowers, his puny revolver makes me worry about his safety.

2.) Rip Hunter is the strategist. But is Ray Palmer the “hero”?

Brandon Routh starred as the Man of Steel in Superman Returns, but now he’s being a hero on the small screen as Ray Palmer, a.k.a. the Atom in the DC Arrowverse. His previous Hollywood stardom might be why he’s got such a predominant place on the poster, but does that also mean he’s the Tony Stark of this thing? How much screen time is he gonna take up?

3.) So yeah. Jax is in.

The new Firestorm team composed of Professor Stein and former college football prospect Jax inevitably meant Jax would be in Legends of Tomorrow. But until his introduction in The Flash, only Stein was seen in the trailers. The most recent Legends of Tomorrow trailer featured Jax, but his presence in the poster solidifies he’s a mainstay.

4.) This looks expensive.

Compare Legends of Tomorrow to others from the Arrowverse. Like this one, for Arrow Season 2.

'Arrow' season two poster is relatively low-key.

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Photoshopped? Duh. But does any of this indicate a budget that could rival The Avengers? If it wasn’t known this is TV, Legends of Tomorrow could be mistaken for a huge movie. Supposedly the budget for Legends ballooned to such a degree that there might not be a second season.

5.) White Canary cleans up after being dead.

After her resurrection from the Lazarus Pit, Sarah looks good as new. It’s as if she didn’t die at all. Glad to have you back, Caity Lotz.

6.) Seems like this show is dude-heavy.

It didn’t dawn on me until the poster how much of a sausage party the show shaped up to be. Out of a team of nine, only two women? Hopefully future iterations of the team (if any) can be more inclusive.

7.) But points for diversity!

A black teenager, an old white dude (who happens to be renowned Broadway star Victor Garber), a Latina, Wentworth Miller who is everything, and Arthur Darvill’s charming British self round out what is one of the most vibrant live-action superhero teams I’ve seen.

8.) No emerald archers or scarlet speedsters here.

Actors Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are seen portraying their Green Arrow and Flash roles in the trailers, but their exclusion from the poster makes it clear: This ain’t their playground. It seems they’ll be around enough — like a parent dropping off kids at the park — before they go back to their own primetime hours.

9.) No room for immortal dictators either.

The primary enemy of Legends of Tomorrow is Vandal Savage, an immortal, ruthless dictator who destroys the future which prompts Rip Hunter to assemble a team from the present day. His exclusion from the poster doesn’t diminish his role, but it does show how packed the cast is that even the main villain is elbowed out.

10.) “Their time is now.” Wait, does that mean?

That’s apparently the slogan for the show, but also, you know, the theme song for JOHN CENA. You can’t see him. His time is now.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs January 21st on The CW.

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